Quaker or Free Church Cemetery

( Town of Moravia, NY) #138

Located on Lot 74, on S side of raod leading from Wilson’s Corners to Jug Street, not shown on 40, New Century Atlas, Cayuga Co, NY, 1904.
At this date this small cemetery has a set of officers, is well kept, and still occasionally used for burials.

Copied 1953 by Leslie Luther, Moravia, NY
Copies with: NY Genealogical-Biographical Society
Cornell Library of Regional History
Powers Library, Moravia, NY
Sec., Quaker Cemetery Asso.
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The Quaker Church Cemetery on Jugg Street in Moravia, near the
intersection of 38A, and the little Hall Cemetery up the same road have several rows of Slate Stone markers 8-10" in height, in the rear of each Cemetery. These are determined to be very early Quaker graves. The Quakers were not permitted to have inscribed tombstones until 1842, as it was considered to be too worldy, and against their doctrine of plainess. Both cemeteries are close to the location of the 1804 Sempronious Friends Meeting House located on Jugg Street earlier known as the "Quaker Church Road". Hall Cemetery has 35-40 markers, and Quaker Church has over 50."

ANDREWS, Oliver						1823-1904

	Eliza his wife					1827-1905

MALTBIE, James M.    C. Co. 111th Reg. N.Y.S.V.   	1842-1914	G.A.R. emblem

	Adell his wife					1853-1926

ASPELL, Walter F.					1810-1879

	Mary J.						1860-1915

	Caroline C. w of Van R. Aspell			1851-1884

AUSTIN, Joseph						d. July 20, 1846 ae 56y 10mo 5da

	(replaced by modern marker Joseph Austin  1789-1846)

	Abigail his wife				d. Aug. 31, 1859 ae 67y 7mo 20da

	(replaced by modern marker Abigail, w of Joseph Austin 1782-1859)

AUSTIN, Damie  dau of Joseph and Abigail and wife of N.W. Campbell

							d. Dec. 16, 1861 ae 34y 20day

AUSTIN, Jared						d. May 1, 1890  b. Feb. 23, 1829

	Jane L. his wife				d. Feb. 25, 1892 b. Aug. 1, 1830

AUSTIN, Edwin						d. May 9, 1909   b. Nov. 11, 1850

	Adelaide					d. Apr. 29, 1936  b. Dec. 10, 1854

	Phebe wife of Ward Austin			d.Oct. 16, 1844 ae 24y 2mo 4da

AUSTIN, Henry R. W.					d.July 4, 1864  b. May 3, 1829

	wonded at Cold Harbor, VA - died at David’s Island Hospital

					“He gave his life for his country”

BURGESS, Julia T.					d.Oct. 1, 1903 b. Nov. 2, 1828

AUSTIN, Ward W.						1861-1900  (illegible)

BABCOCK, Emma						1861-1923

BRADLEY, Pamela dau of Micah & Susannah			d. Aug. 4, 1827 ae 10y 5mo

BROKAW, John G.						d. Dec. 25, 1884 ae 71y 1mo 5da

	Diantha his wife				d. June 25, 1863 ae 42y 10mo 2da

BROKAW, Spencer R.					d. Apr. 22, 1899 ae 56yrs



BURLINGHAM, Samuel					d. Nov. 16, 1870 ae 79y 11mo 15da

	Esther his wife					d. May 14, 1871 ae 75y 5mo 17da

BURLINGHAM, J.L.					d. Oct. 18, 1906   b. May 31, 1833

	Dorlisca A. his wife				d. Apr. 16, 1899  b. Aug. 22, 1830


CHURCH, Arthur E.					1868-

	May A. his wife					1868-1944

CHURCH, Allen						1820-1898

	Betsy Wade his wife				1828-1898

	Mary their dau					1852-1864

	Emma their dau					1856-1860

CHURCH, James						d. Aug. 6, 1855 b. Apr. 17, 1793(8)

	Deborah Wood his wife				d. June 30, 1845 b. Aug. 17, 1786


COLEMAN, George D.					1845-1926


CONKLIN, Michael L.					1840-1905

	Ellen E. his wife				1843-1911

	Vada Bell their dau				1884-1901

CONKLIN, Charles					1871-

	Ethel his wife					1879-1922

	Laura F.					1901-1902

	Hazel M.					1905-1905

	Eugene						1862-1863

	Two infant sons

CONKLIN, James M.					1869-1942

CONKLIN, Sarah C					1882-1942

	(No surname, but next to this lot:

	Albert H.					age 5 months

	William H.					age 5 years 10 mo

CRUTHERS, ?ellie Sophia dau of Leander and Anna Cruthers

							d. Oct. 20, 1863 ae 3y 6mo 20da


CURTIS, Fidelia w of Calvin J. Curtis   		d. Apr. 4, 1868 ae 42y 18da

DECKER, Wilson son of John E. & Naomi   		d. Feb. 28, 1840 ae 1y 9mo 22da

	George T.   “    “    “     B. “   “		d. Dec. 8, 1846 ae 5y 4mo

DECKER, John B. son of ? & ? Decker			d. Mar. 26, 1850 ae 2y 8mo 16da

DERBYSHIRE, James					1811-1900

	Hannah Newland his wife				1813-1892

NEWLAND, James						1787-1862

	Sarah his wife					1792-1861

DERBYSHIRE, Mary A.					1844-1901

DERBYSHIRE, Eliza J.					1847-1907

DEVOE, Eva						d. Sept. 10, 1895 ae 20 months


EDDY, Henrietta E.					d. July 17, 1872 ae 19y 4mo 10da

EDMONDS, Andrew						d. May 24, 1859 ae 62 yrs

	Mercy wife of Andrew				d. Oct. 18, 1841 ae 43 yrs

	Nancy wife of Andrew				d. Feb. 2, 1883 ae 81 yrs

GOODRICH, Naomi						d. Nov. 8, 1875 ae 80 yrs

EDMONDS, Lyman						d. Oct. 23, 1896 ae 67 yrs

	S. Amanda his wife				d. Apr. 20, 1897 ae 65 yrs

FOWLER, Byron S.					1850-1899

	E. Adell his wife				1851-1935

RICHARDSON, James G.					1865-1841 ?

	Leah M. his wife				1875-1924


FRITTS, Wm. 						1816-1892

	Sophia his wife					1822-1893

	Libbie						1851-1866

also hs Libbie						d. May 9, 1866 ae 15y 1mo 20da

	infant son of Wm & Sophia			d. Mar. 21, 1850 ae     1mo 13da

GARDNER, Willett					1775-1856

	Abigail wife of Willett				1777-1852

GARDNER, Benjamin H.					1805-1871

GILBERT, M? YP wife of J.C. (orG.)			d. July 31, 1854 ae ?

note:  Willett & Abigail Garner (above) were parents of Harrison G.O. Gardner who went

from Moravia to Wickford, R.I., and in the 1880’s had many letters published in the

Moravia Republican of early days in Moravia.

GODFREY, E.B.						d. June 27, 1884 ae 73 yrs

GODFREY, E.M.						d. Mar. 28, 1861 ae illegible


GOODRIDGE, Daniel					d. June 14, 1843 ae 73y 9mo 21da

	Nancy his wife					d. Feb. 19, 1844 ae 51(?)y 6mo 17da

GOODRIDGE, Emma E.					1858-1908

GOULD, Sibyl w of David L. Gould			d. Feb. 1, 1858 ae 20y 6mo 25da

HAILE, William B.					d. Jan. 17, 1891 ae 79yrs

	Caroline his wife				d. Apr. 3, 1887 ae 71yrs

	William H. killed in battle at Spotsylvania, VA	May 10, 1864 ae 19yrs

	Mary A.						d. Sept. 11, 1863 ae 16 yrs

SWEET, Carrie A.					d. May 12, 1882 ae 40 yrs

	children of Wm & Caroline Haile

HAMLIN, Keziah wife of John Hamlin			d. Mar. 31, 1881 ae 40y 9mo 12da

HARTER, Henry P.		b. Sept. 7, 1796	d. May 15, 1875-m. Mar. 11, 1816

	Nancy (nee Schell) w of “ b. Feb. 17, 1797	d. July 24, 1868

HAWK, Lucy Vestalin w of H.D. Hawk			d. May 7, 1861 ae 22y

HINMAN, Fred. J. son of John & Estelle			d. Nov. 12, 1876 ae 3y 7mo

	Harold           “       “           “		d. Nov. 24, 1876 ae 11y 10mo


HUNT, Jeremiah						1812-1899 (parents of Etta


	Eliza G. his wife				1818-1899

HUNT, Jay L.						1853-

	Ella H. his wife				1856-1888

HUNT, Albert W.						1871-1927

	Arcelia A. Wildey his wife			1871-1937

HUNT, Hiram						d. May 22, 1891 ae 88y 9mo

	Rebecca his wife				d. Aug. 21, 1902 ae 97y 10mo

DOYL, Elizabeth						d. May 27, 1881 ae 88y 6mo


LEE,  George W.						1861-1918

	May L. his wife					1869-1943

	Wayne Shepard son of above			b. Mar. 21, 1895-d. Aug.5, 1907

LEFEVER, ?      dtr of K.J.(?) &D.F.(?) Lefever		d. Aug. 24, 1857(?) ae 2y 11mo(?)

LESTER, James						d. Feb. 10, 1886 ae 78 yrs

	Deborah his wife				d. Feb. 20, 1885 ae 62 yrs

LESTER, Abram						d. July 1, 1874 ae 71 yrs

LESTER, Pauline S.					b. Oct. 26, 1817-d. Oct. 26, 1891

LESTER, David						d. ? 28, 186? ae 58 yrs

	Calista his wife				d. Mar. ?, 1850 (or 1830)

	John E. son of David & Calista 			died -illegible

LEWIS, Mary E. 						1838-1909

LYON, Beatrice Jennett					1902-


MALTBIE, Lydia Estella dtr of James M. & Adell Maltbie	d. May 16, 1875 ae 1y 9mo

MALTBIE, Grace Elizabeth				b. May 10, 1882-d. Aug. 4, 1884

MARRS, Dean B.						1910-1934

MCNAMAR, Patrick					1838-1913

	Helen his wife					1843-

	4 infants

MILLER, Joseph B.   “A Soldier of the War of 1812”	d. July 26, 1866 in his 81st yr

	Abigail S. his wife				d. Jan 15, 1861 in her 75th yr

MOFFIT, Esther dtr of John & Heada(?)			d. July 17, 1847 ae 6mo 17da

MOREY, Doar M.						d. Jan. 20, 1895 ae 1mo

	Theresa A					d. June 13, 1898 ae 1y

	children of G.M. &  J.(?).E.M.

MOSS, Oscar S.						1860-1909

	Mary E. his wife				1865-1900

MOSS, Frank S.						1897-1911

MOTT, Jeremiah						d. Aug. 13, 1830 ae 38y 6mo 8da

	Lydia Francis					d. Apr. 15, 1874 ae 72y 10mo

MOTT, Laura M.						d. Mar. 1, 1815 ae 22y 8mo 20da

WILLIAMS, Minerva J.					d. Feb. 28, 1889 ae 68yrs


NEWLAND, Juline						1811-1888

	Victor her son					1847-1890

PAINE, Mary						illegible

PEACOCK, Jesse J.					1863-1933

	Phoebe Curtis his wife				1861-1943

	Harold C.					1899-1901

	Homer						1902-1902

	(also a hs Harold C. son of J.J. & P.L. Peacock) d. Feb. 22, 1901 ae 1y 2mo

PEARSALL, Rev. Geo. A.					1846-

	Martha  A. his wife				1849-

PEARSALL, Wait						1813-1889

	Polly M. his wife				1822-1890


POWERS, Isaac						d. Nov. 5, 1868 ae 84yrs

	Chloe w of Isaac Powers				d. Apr. 5, 1861 ae 67yrs

	Phebe J. dtr of Isaac & Chloe 			d. Nov. 26, 1855 ae 17y

	William son of   “           “			d. May 29, 1857 ae 22y 6mo 29da

POWERS, Dwight W.   Co. E. 3rd Rgmt. N.Y.Art.		1842-1930


PULLEN (No kelsey inscriptions on monument PULLEN * KELSEY)

	Leo N.Y.Wagoner, 527 Inf. 82nd Div		b. June 2, 1899-d. July 17, 1945

	Myrtle Kelsey wife of Leo			1901-1922   Rebecca Lodge emblem

REYNOLDS, Benjamin					d. Sept. 2, _____  ae 85y

	“A Vetron of 1812”  (G.A.R. emblem)

RICE, Caroline 						1805-1885


RIGHTMYRE, Sarah G. w of Nelson Rightmyre		d. Sept. 17, 1869 ae 63yrs

ROSECRANS, Hervert R.					1885-1947

	Maude L. his wife				1877-19__

ROUNDS, Sarah F.					1834-1904

BURLINGHAM, Orange					1815-1888

ROYCE, Alexander					d. Aug. 30, 1850 ae 47y 8da

	Abigail B. his wife				d Feb. 16, 1849 ae 27y 25da

SANFORD, Isaac						d. Jan. 23, 1861 ae 76y 5mo 20da

	Rachel w of Isaac				d. Feb. 8, 1842 ae 55 yrs

	Martina w of Isaac				d. Nov. 27, 1855 ae 33y 6mo 21da

SAVAGE, Mr. Abrm (one field slab)			d. Apr. 18, 1812 in the 56th yr of age

	Rebecca w of Asahel Savage			d. Oct. 25, 1841 ae 52y 9mo 2da

SCHOONMAKER, Alma w of Francis Schoonmaker   		died  (illegible)

from Moravia newspaper clipping


wife of Frank D. Shimer

died at her home N of this village

(Moravia) Sunday evening at 10:15 pm

of an epileptic fit.  She was 18 years

old.  Funeral at the home today 

at 3 pm.  Burial at Quaker Church cemetery.

SHAVER, Abram						d. Aug. 10, 1895 ae 75yrs

	Sarah A. his wife				d. Sept. 2, 1882 ae 60yrs

SHAVER, Celia w of George D. Coleman			d. May 16, 1887 ae 38 y 10mo

SHAVER, George   Co. F. 160th Reg. N.Y.V.		1827-1868	G.A.R. emblem

SHAVER, John A.						1942-1944

SHAVER, C.H.						1867-1922

SHAVER, Theodore					1841-

	Anna his wife					1843

	Alta E.

SHAW, John H.  Co. K, 2nd N.Y.H. Art. G.A.R. emblem	d. June 26, 1883 ae 36 yrs 


SHIMER, Frank B.					d. Sept. 6, 1903 ae 32 yrs

	Alma A. Conklin his wife			d. Aug. 23, 1896 ae 18 yrs

SHOVE, James F. son of E.W. & S.A. Shove  	 	d.Mar. 20, 1865 ae 19y 7mo 15da

STANNARD, Abel						d. May 29, 1838  ae 85y 8mo 12da

STANTON, Benjamin					d. May 10, 1838 ae 84y

	Sarah his wife					d. June 1, 1854 ae 86yrs

STANTON, Elizabeth					d. Feb. 17, 1832 ae 40yrs

STANTON, Chloe						d. Mar. 24, 1836 ae 27 yrs

STANTON, Joseph						d. Dec. 9, 1861 in his 68th yr

	Hannah his wife					d. Nov. 3, 1852 ae 59 yrs

STODDARD, William B.					d. Aug. 30, 1854 ae 58y 1mo 29da

	Eliza his wife					d. July 4, 1847 ae 48y 11mo 16da

	Mary E. dtr of J.M. & Mary Stoddard   		b. Oct. 18, 1851-d. Oct. 24, 1852

SMITH, Clinton H.					1874-1947


TABOR, Mary dtr of Silas D. & Harriet			d. July 20, 1845 ae 7y 3mo 22da

	also an infant son				d. Aug. 9, 1845

TEED, Daniel						d. Jan. 9, 1881 ae 87y 13da

	Elizabeth his wife				d. Mar. 19, 1877 ae 77y 1mo 11da

	(monument erected by Julia Hitt & Caroline Pritts, dtrs of Daniel and Eliz. Teed)

TIDD, William M. co I. 3rd Reg. N.Y.V.			1819-1901 G.A.R. emblem

	Jane L. his wife				1822-1884

	(field stone  - C. M.TIDD)

VAN FLEET, Catherine Shaver w of Wm Van Fleet	  	b. Nov. 19, 1821-d. Sept 20, 1870

VAN HOESEN, Clark					1886-1950




WHITMAN, Abby A. w of Calvin Whitman			d. Aug. 13, 1876 ae 51y 7mo 3da


WILLIAMS, George W.					b. May 28, 1818-Dec. 12, 1888

	Jane L. his wife				1823-1905

WILLIAMS, Robert					1820-1898

(Note:  In an old scrapbook is an item dated Feb.6, 1873, which tells of the 73rd birthday

of Mrs. Daniel TIDD, and also giving the age of Mr. Daniel TIDD.  Both dates agree with

the above inscriptions.  The article states that Daniel TIDD was soldier of the War of

1812.  Years later TIDD families lived in the locality of this cemetery.  L.L.L.)


WOOD, Allen						d. Mar. 24, 1855 ae 73yrs

	Lucy his wife					d. Mar. 21, 1877 ae 87yrs

	Joseph son of Allen & Lucy			d. Sept. 4, 1852 ae 21y 5mo 23da

WOOD, Watson						d. Apr. 25, 1872 in his 63rd yr

	Mary E. dtr of Watson and Sarah			d. Feb. 10, 1854(?) ae 2y 8mo 

WOOD, John P.						1818-1896

WOOD, Stephen A. 					d. Nov. 11, 1841 ae 31y 5mo 28da

	Eliza						d. Nov. 1, 1865 ae 9y 5da

	Jay						d. Apr. 25, 1863 ae 7mo 25da

	children of Walker and Mary Wood

Thanks to Bonnie Tidd Miller  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

Listed Below Are Copies Of Revisions, Corrections Or Additions
To This Cemetery Listing Received By E-Mail
Subj: Quaker ChurchRecords
Date: 2/26/99 11:50:18 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi, I want to say that the Cayuga Co. genweb site is THE BEST. You guys
have done a great job.
I have a typed copy of the Quaker Church records and I realise that
they have also got the typo on Daniel and Elizabeth Shaver Tidd (Teed
mistakenly on the grave marker) The marker was erected by their
daughters Julia Hitt (wife of Jared Hitt) and Caroline FRITTS ( wife of
Christian Fritts, Jr.) Other children were Rebecca Ann Tidd Powers
Arnold (m.1st Ira Powers; 2nd Corydon Arnold all bur. at Indian Mound);
William M. (m.1st Jane L. Newman; 2nd Eliza leam) Electa (m. Corydon
Arnold both bur. at Indian Mound with Rebecca and Ira); George Day (m.
1st Phebe Holden; 2nd Phebe Rosecrans); and John H. (buried at
I believe that possibly this typo should be changed as there is plenty
of confusion with Daniel& Elizabeth's tombstone being wrongly carved as
Teed's. They are my ggg grandparents. > Rebecca ann m. Ira Powers>
Dwight Powers m. Mary Jane Roderick (Rodrigue)> Charles powers m. Ida
May Rhoads (Shimer)> Anna Matilda Powers m. Walter C. Goff > me ...
**** I forgot to also mention
that Dwight W. Powers 1842-1930 is listed but not his wife Mary J.
1845-1925. There is a double listing for them as they have a large and
small stones. she appears on the typed copy of the records I have but not
on the online records so I guess that is an oversight.

Sharon Goff Garrett

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