1 3/4 miles s.W. of Port Byron, NY on King Street      Lot 72

These records are taken from th Skilton Collection at Cornell University.  Transcripts are available at the Cayuga County Historian's Office and were transcribed for the Genweb Project in June 1997 by Kathleen Shaw Decker.

CHRISTIAN, JOHN JR.			d. Mar 3, 1848 ae 39y 10m 3d
CHRISTIAN, REUHANNAH                 d. May 27, 1866 ae 53y 1m 22d
MOORE, WILLIAM A.                 b. Apr 3, 1834 d. Feb 1, 1900
MOORE, HANNAH CHRISTIAN   w of Wm.     b. Nov 4, 1832 d. Mar 1, 1918
ROBINSON, EDMUND                 d. Aug 20, 1848 ae 83 yrs
ROBINSON, PHEAR   w of Edmund     d. Feb 25, 1818 ae 34 yrs
(Edmund - Rev. soldier from N.J. Pensioned in Cay. Co.)
TEFFT, JABISH or JABIAH               d. Feb 27, 1854 ae 33y 11m 23d
wife prob. at his side
WETHY, ASA Broken stone
WETHY, JANE d. Apr 6, 1850 ae 44 yrs
WETHY, JOHN C.   son of C.C. & M.R. d. July 12, 1844 ae 1 mo 10 da
WETHY, ROBERT  son of C.C. & M.R.   d. Aug 13, 1850  ae 8 days

Thanks to Kathy Decker for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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