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Comments On Our Homepage

Kelly Taft Krause, our webmaster, is doing a great job on this ever-changing site. There you’ll see the 1850 Almond census, an 1869 map of Almond, photos of the Christmas open house, AHS history, back issues of the newsletter, an article about John Reynolds, and other super information.

It is fun to go into the site and check out the guestbook.

Stephen Lorow, former resident and Kelly’s cousin, noted that “my family have been lifelong residents of Almond until the lure of Florida and the warm weather got to some of us. . .”

Richard Hanks, one of our members, signed in from California, and wrote that his great great grandfather, Allan Barber, came to Almond in 1812.

Gerald Woolever of Hornell, left this message: “Almond is special to me because I basically spent the first five years of my life in my grandparent’s home in Washburn Hollow.”

Andy Stevens, now living in Center, TX, said: “Perhaps you remember my grandmother who sold Avon for more years than I can count.” Andy also sent an e-mail with some interesting tidbits of McHenry Valley history. . .

Bob Walker of Wauconda, IL, stated his connection to the Vincent, Taylor, Stillman and Rose families, and gives this information: “In the 1850’s the David Vincent family was the largest family in Almond. I am also interested in information on David and Freegift Vincent and their sixteen children from Almond..”

Mary Monaghan Zimpfer of Bay Village, OH, comments: “Very nice website. I recognize many names that my grandmother, Myrtle Prior Monaghan talked about when she lived and worked there as a child/adult.”.

Valerie Vincent McKenzie of Arvada, CO, makes a connection with Moses VanCampen, a “5x great uncle. This is a great site. You have done a beautiful job. Thank you.”

Dorothy Honadel of Spearfish, SD, was happy to find the site in her genealogy work, as “the Stearns family has been my roadblock in NY” and she was able to glean information from the 1850 census.

Linda Davis Turri of Rochester, who lived at 46 Main St, the former telephone office, with her folks, Helen and Walt Davis, twin sister Pat and sister Joan, writes: “I grew up in a wonderful town. I consider myself to be a lucky person to have had that experience. I will treasure it always. The web site is just great. Keep up the good work.”

Log on to the site and sign the guestbook -let’s encourage Kelly!