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You’ll see a beautiful picture of the Hagadorn House furnished by Dick Baker, the September issue of the AHS newsletter online, information on how to join, and a guest book to sign. We expect more features to be added later.

Many thanks to Kelly Taft Krause, daughter of Wendell Taft, and the late Dorothy Lorow Taft Shaw, for creating this website for AHS! Kelly, who graduated from AACS in 1981, makes her home near Ft. Worth, Texas. In addition to being a wife and mother, she is presently pursuing her B.S. in Economics at the University of Texas under full scholarship. She explains her interest in local history this way: "I always enjoyed hearing the stories my family would tell, especially my grandparents, Corny and Carolyn Lorow. I had picked up bits and pieces of information and then in 1996, Erin Lorow (Steve’s daughter), e-mailed me to see if I had any information on our family for a school project she was doing. I went through what I had and realized that I, too, wanted to know more. For the past four years I have been actively researching all branches of my family tree. The genealogy spurred an interest in Almond history since I have many family ties there. Almond will always be ‘home’ to me no matter where I live. My current project researching the 86th NY Infantry from Almond has been very rewarding and hope the book will show the true ‘fruits of my labor.’"

In a recent visit to Almond and the Hagadorn House, Kelly found a packet of letters written during the Civil War by Henry Perry that were given to AHS by Eileen Mitchell. Perry was a brother of Martin Perry, who married Carolyn Swan Lorow’s grandmother, Mary Jane Jones Swan. Kelly is in the process of putting together a book containing these letters, as well as photos, information on the other men from Almond in the 86th NY, and detailed regimental history secured from the National Archives. She is willing to pay all the printing and shipping costs, and will supply unlimited copies to the AHS which we can sell for profit. Sounds like an exciting project, Kelly!

To help her write the book, Kelly is looking for information on these men that she has identified as part of the 86th NY from Almond: Samuel Bole, Lorenzo B. Ackerman, Gideon S. Allen, Henry H. Chamberlain, John Cottrell, Charles A. Hoagley, Samuel S. Karr, David Lane, Alexander L. Litchard, Allamanzo W. Litchard, Marion McHenry, Varanes B. McHenry, Elmer D. McIntosh, Elias Meeks, Ephraim Meeks, George W. Mitchell, Henry Perry (his letters are the ones she is using), Charles L. Prior, William L. Quigley, Walter W. Slingerland, Calvin L. Stearns, Charles E. Stewart, Estes A. Sturtevant, John M. Tenny, Milo Tucker. Anyone having information can e-mail Kelly at, write her at 601 Rockledge Dr, Saginaw, TX, 76179-1841, or call her at 817-847-1527.

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