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Previous Issues of the Newsletter


[Image]ept 1997

Marilyn Lockwood Remembered

Margaret Karr Story

[Image]ov 1997

Kellogg's Store featuring poem "My Day" written by Clair Kellogg

"The Country Store" by Jennie Hanks Wright

[Image]eb 1998

Leathersich Home, Red Brick House across from AACS

Excerpts from Harold MacMichael's diaries, 1935

[Image]pril 1998

[Image]Almond Library History

[Image]Archives Room

Hagadorn House

[Image]une 1998

Gertrude Bayless' Diary excerpts

1945 Almond Union Church Youth Group at Easter Sunrise

ept 1998

"The World's Famous Horsetrader's Convention"

Recollections of Summers in Almond

ov 1998

Fenner Family, "Memories of My Home," by David Fenner

Ferry Family History

eb 1999

Carol Fenner Williams' Book, "The King of Dragons"

Fenner Memories

pril 1999

Fred Bayless Family History

Hiltonville Chemical Factory

une 1999

"Al Palmer's Store"

ept 1999

"The Old Stone House" by John Reynolds

ov 1999

"Almond's Forgotten Cemeteries" by John Reynolds

Excerpt from Robert Broughton's book, "Dumbest Kid in Third Grade"

eb 2000

"In the Beginning: The Start of AHS"(John Reynolds)

Linn and Helene Phelan Recognized

pril 2000

"Old Clothes Tell a Story" (Susan Greene)

"Almond Memories" by Steve Metzger

New Rose Arbor in Memory of Martha Hanks

une 2000 "The Rest of the Story" by Lee Mosher of M&D Auto

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