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The new pavilion has been the site of our two recent fundraisers:  The Trash and Treasures Sale held in May, and most recently, our Strawberry Festival.  Lee A. Ryan, president, was enthusiastic about the pavilion with its concrete floor:  “I think it gave our Trash and Treasures Sale more class by having it under the cover of the pavilion.  Having the food sale under the adjoining tent, made it much easier and more organized.”  A profit of $1841.88 was realized from the Trash and Treasures, Bake Sale, and lunch.

We were blessed with a beautiful day for the Strawberry Festival!  More than 400 servings were sold, including take outs and those enjoying the evening in the Hagadorn House yard.  It is expected that the profits will total of over $1000. Hazel Bracken and her crew did a marvelous job once again!   Many thanks goes out to all the volunteers who worked all morning and then returned in the afternoon to work until the event was over in the evening. 

Unless you have been involved in either of these two events, you have no idea the amount of hours and energy that folks give for these two fund raisers.  They are successful because of the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.  We hope you will be willing to help next year!  As the old saying goes, "Many hands make light work!"  Join us -- we have a good time in the process!

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