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We Get Letters

Mervin Babcock says he enjoyed the story on Leland Mosher and M&D Auto Supply.  Attending McHenry Valley country school until eighth grade, Merwin came to Almond High School, feeling like a "fish out of water."  "Lee Mosher was a kind student, and he befriended me, and helped me adjust to the very different setting.  I always appreciated him and respected him," Mervin said.

Edward Sardisco writes from his home in Rochester:  "I have been a member for several years, and have a cabin in Almond located on Sugar Hill Road (the old "Reese" Road).  It would be of great interest to me as well as many others if the history of this road could be traced, as well as old photos retrieved."  Anyone out there know anything about this road?  He requested we gather information and do a story sometime.

Vinniedee McHenry Hippenstell, of Berwick, PA, requests photos of the Henry and Priscilla McHenry and Moses and Margaret VanCampen familes for Ft. McClure Chapter DAR 100th anniversary book.  Priscilla and Margaret were daughters of James McClure, she writes.  Contact her at 907 E 8th Street, Berwick, PA  18603-3432 or call (507) 752-7467.  E-mail:

One of our oldest members, Beulah Harris Henry, writes from her home in Derham, NC, enclosing photos of the Flood of '35 and a picture of the store built for Al Palmer after the fire of 1967.  She expressed enjoyment at receiving the AHS newsletter:  "It is always very interesting, and I seldome read it without learning something new to me about Almond."

Bob and Sue Turner sent this letter of thanks from their new home in Sandy Spring, MD:  "We thank you for the handsome Life Membership certificates.  We surely want to keep in contact with Almond, and enjoy to the fullest your excellent account of doings - past and present.

Jim Thomas of Desert Hot Springs, CA, was back in town this summer, visiting friends and recalling interesting information told to him by Ed Whitikar, Jean Moses' dad, about the early homes in Whitney Valley."

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