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Doctor's Office Restored

September 1999 Newsletter

Donna B. Ryan, Editor

There's a new look on Main Street! Rick Carlo and Rex Simpson, partners in the Simpson/Carlo architectural firm, have restored their little office building opposite Coslo's. Believed to have been built around 1905, it probably served as offices for Dr. Z. Dildine, Dr. Chauncey Bowen, Dr. William Priddle, and Dr. Charles Rose. After the mid-40's, it became a beauty shop for many years.* During the process of restoration, they have installed new wall material, flooring, carpet, and replaced the foundation, which was filled with flood mud and road construction debris. The structure has been painted taupe and trimmed in teal, brick, and cream. "Gingerbread" brackets at the roofline nearly match those of the doctor's home next door, and have been accented in brick, aqua and gold. A thick rectangular stone about 3 feet long was discovered near the building, buried under considerable flood mud. At one time the road level was much lower than the building, necessitating the use of this stepping stone into the doorway. This stone is now set in an upright position beside the professionally landscaped entrance.

During the restoration process, they discovered Charles Rose's name. Layers of thick dust had covered the disintegrated stenciling, leaving a silhouette of the lettering: a reminder of days past.

*Note by Kelly Taft Krause: I spent many days in that building when my mother, Dorothy Lorow Shaw, operated her beauty shop in the building during the late 70's, early 80's.