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McIntosh Family Page


 Thanks to Diane Michell for submitting the photos in this gallery.


1 - Side View of  McIntosh Home - Almond, NY, circa 2002


2 - Almond House, circa 1875




3 - Painting of Almond McIntosh House

by Phyllis Steimel


4 - 2002 Photo of Front - McIntosh Home

5 - Elmer L. McIntosh, holding baby Carl, and Flora and their children Ione and Elmer Daniel 2nd was taken in 1905.  My mother wasn't born until 1911.


6 - Elmer LeRoy McIntosh (my Grandfather), holding Ada, (my Mother)


7 - Portrait of Elmer LeRoy McIntosh, My Grandfather


8 - Portrait of Flora McIntosh, My Grandmother


9 - Grandfather Elmer, Grandmother Flora.

Front Left - Elmer Daniel McIntosh 2, aka "Mickey";

Front Right - Carl McIntosh; Center is Uncle's Friend, unknown. 


10 - Portrait of My Mother, Ada, when she was young.


11 - Back row: Carl McIntosh (center, without hat); man on right (in hat) looks like William Bradshaw, my grandmother Flora McIntosh's second husband
Front row:  Ione, Ada & Flora McIntosh (respectively, my aunt, mother & grandmother)
Photo must have been taken about 1926


12 - Elmer D. McIntosh 2nd (aka Mickey) - employed as a taxi driver in Florida


13 - Brothers Elmer ("Mickey") and Carl McIntosh


14 - Carl McIntosh (don't know who the women are but don't you love those hats?)


15 - Carl McIntosh (looks like it must have been taken in Brooklyn)


16 - Elmer "Mickey" McIntosh (looks like this was taken in the Almond area)

17 - The Wrights and McIntoshes

Elmer ("Mickey") McIntosh was a third cousin once removed to Luella Westlake and Mayo Wright.  Angus McIntosh was Mickey's 3rd great-grandfather and Luella's and Mayo's 4th great-grandfather. 


18 - Taken in 1951

Back row:  Charles Wright, Roy McIntosh, David Wright (David & Charles were cousins. Their fathers, were
brothers.  Charles' father was George (aka Stubs) Wright; Dave's was Mayo Wright.
Front:  Billy & Donald McIntosh and Diane Wright (Dave's sister)  The 3 McIntosh boys were sons of Elmer & Margaret


19 - Grace and Stub's wedding

(George Wright - Grace Buck)


20 -

Standing:  Luella Westlake, daughter Carolyn, mother Ione Wright and brother George Wright
Front:  Melvin Westlake and son Johnnie 
Circa 1936


21 - Mayo Wright and his children (1944)










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