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Cemeteries - Town of Almond


Note: The numbering of cemeteries used for Town of Almond is that of the Almond Historical Society

and varies from the "old" numbering system for the county list.  Almond is #4 on the county list./Webmaster.

1Almond - WOODLAWNOFFSITE -Almond Historical Society
2Almond - Fairview 
3Almond - Merwin or Mill Street 
4Almond - Joseph Rathbun 
5Almond - Tefft 
6Almond - Stephen Major 
7Almond - Matthew McHenry / Ferry
"Perhaps Oldest in Almond"
8Almond - Gary Foster Farm 
9Almond - Lamphere Kaples
Behind Stephens
10Almond - Cottrell/McHenry/Palmer 
11Almond - Stillman
May be Alfred-Stillman Cemetery
12Almond - Bishopville #1- Union 
13Almond - Bishopville #2 
14Almond - Lippincott
From  D.A.R. Archives
15Almond - Bailey Hill 

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