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3rd Quarter 2002

Donna B. Ryan, Editor 54 Main Street, Almond, NY 14804 (607) 276-6760

Jeff Ryan, Assistant Editor, The Ryan Agency, Hornell, NY 14843

The Ledges
"Midway along the eastern boundary of Allegany County, New York, where some of the westernmost tributaries of the Susquehanna River start their journey to the sea, lies the Town of Almond. " so begins the descriptive narrative of our beloved hometown.
The Almond Fire Company
For 125 years, men and women in the Almond Volunteer Fire Company have been committed to the protection and safety of life and property. Read more about the history of the Fire Company and how you can help.

September Meeting & Future Meetings…

September Meeting

Board members Hazel Bracken and Betty Kellogg held the ribbon which Kitty Baker officially cut.

One of the highlights of the September Open House was the official ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of the newly remodeled meeting room.

Local contractor David Gillette created the room in the area formerly used as a garage by the Hagadorns and later for storage by AHS. One of the two new windows will slide sideways, and will be utilized as the take-out window during the annual Strawberry Festival. The walls of the room are painted off white, with berry and blue tweed carpeting on the floor. A portable ramp, which allows wheelchair access to the museum rooms, is also available. A large wooden ramp adjacent to the parking area provides access at the new back door. The large open area will accommodate between 35 and 50 chairs, permitting an unobstructed view of the speaker during programs.

Board members Hazel Bracken and Betty Kellogg held the ribbon which Kitty Baker, president, officially cut. “We are dedicating this to all the people who worked so very hard to get this room to fruition,” Kitty said. She explained that the lack of adequate space for programs had forced the AHS to host programs off-site, causing attendees to leave without coming back to Hagadorn House for refreshments and viewing Mary Ellen Westlake’s unique displays. “Now we have our own room for meetings. This is our room. Good job!” she stated. She gave special thanks to Betty and Wayne Kellogg and Hazel Bracken for all their work, as well as David Gillette.

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony and business meeting, Jim and Agnes Comes, owners of Comes Greenhouse in Almond, presented a program on gardening. Several varieties of green and flowering plants, both perennial and annual, were on display, with Mr. Comes describing their features and care. Mrs. Lorraine Crandall of Hornell won the door prize, a basket containing a variety of green plants.

The Linn Phelan Gallery featured an exhibit of gardening items and plants, put together by Mary Ellen Westlake. Interesting containers, such as a children’s vintage wheelbarrow, and an old watering can and faucet created an excellent display. Also on loan were some of Blacksmith Bill Banker’s iron works, including a shepherd’s hook and weathervanes.

Those in attendance were very enthusiastic about the meeting, as evidenced by a letter received from members Pat and Ann Quackenbush: “If the weather had cooperated, I think we’d have gone straight to the garden after the meeting today. We really enjoyed Mr. Comes’ presentation and mused that there’s barely a plant or floral that they don’t know about. Great program!” Refreshments were served by Hazel Bracken and Kitty Baker.

Future Meetings

The next meeting in the new room will be held on Sunday, November 3, at which time Barbara Bernstein will present her program, ““This Crazy New York State.” Barbara, who volunteers on Fridays in the archives room and who is a proficient genealogist, shares this about her topic: “New York State was the site of a lot of movements in the 1800s: spiritual, socialistic, inventions, and even women’s rights.” It sounds like a very interesting program – better plan to be there!

Election of officers will also be held during the business meeting, which will be held at 2:30, followed by the program at 3 p.m. The Hagadorn House will be open from 2 to 5 p.m, and tours will be available.

Refreshments will be served after the program by Kitty Baker.

You won’t want to miss the annual Christmas Open House and musical program scheduled for Sunday afternoon, December 8 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Hagadorn House. The musical program will be held at 3 pm. in the sanctuary of the Almond Union of Churches, adjacent to the Hagadorn House. A children’s choir, directed by Mrs. Curtis Corkey, accompanied by Donna Ryan, will perform. Children who are interested in singing may contact either Mrs. Corkey or Mrs. Ryan prior to November 10, when rehearsals will begin.

Once again, the house will be decorated by Mary Ellen Westlake, who has chosen the theme: “Snowmen Melt Our Hearts.” Mary Ellen uses strictly natural materials for her holiday arrangements, and will intersperse these with snowmen from various collections.

The Alfred Almond fourth graders have also been invited to make decorations for the parlor Christmas tree. Refreshments will be served by Harriet Jay and Velma Sherman.


Sunday November 8th

Barbara Bernstein


This Crazy

New York State

A proficient

genealogist shares about the Spiritual,

Socialistic, Inventions and Women's Rights Movement

in the 1800’s.

Election of Officers held during this 2:30

Program at 3:00

Hagadorn House open from 2-5pm

Refreshments Served by Kitty Baker

Christmas Open House

December 8th 1-5pm

Musical program at

3 pm in Sanctuary of Almond Union of Churches.

Hagadorn House to be decorated by

Mary Ellen Westlake

Theme: “Snowmen Melt Our Hearts””

Refreshments by

Harriet Jay and

Velma Shermann

Our Condolences to Families of Friends Lost……

Gertrude Palmer, widow of the late Al Palmer, who died at the age of 91 on September 14, 2002. She was a charter member of the Almond Historical Society, and was active at St. Brendan’s Church. She her husband owned and operated Palmer’s Sporting Goods Store in Almond for many years.

Leland (“Zip”) Kernan, who died October 8, 2002 at the age of 78. A graduate of AACS, he served in WWII with the 117th Chemical SV Company. “Zip” worked as a bartender at Coslo’s, and also at Alfred University and Alfred Atlas Sand and Gravel, and he enjoyed hunting and fishing.

Bill Snyder, who died August 13th, 2002 at the age of 59. A lifelong resident of Almond who served in the Almond Fire Company for 41 years. After graduating from AACS, he worked with his father in the family business, Snyder Electric, continuing the business to the present day with his son, Bryan.

Welcome New Life Members-Membership Report

We want to say a special thank you and welcome to our newest life member, Ward Votava. Thank you for your support!

Doris Montgomery, reporting for the membership committee, notes that to date we have 397 members, 70 of them Life Members. This would be a good time to give memberships to your family and friends for Christmas! Cost is $5 per individual, $8 per couple, $10 per family, $100 for a life membership. Send name, address and check to Lee A. Ryan, PO Box 236, Almond, NY 14804.

Congratulations to Joyce Hollister, who was the first one to call and identify our WWII newlyweds from the last issue: Wayne & Betty Kellogg!