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  Heritage Periodicals         
ALABAMA  AlaBenton Gen. Quarterly, Public Library of Anniston & Calhoun Co., Anniston  1989-1994       
  Natchez Trace Traveler, Nachez Trace Gen Soc., Florence  1991-1993, 2003, 2006      
  Natchez Trace Newsletter, Natchez Trace Gen Soc, Florence  1991-1996, 1999, 2001      
  North Alabama Valley Leaves, Tennessee Valley Gen Soc Quarterly, Huntsville  1992-1995,2002       
  North Cemtral Alabama Genealogical Soc., Cullman  2007-2008       
  Morgan Memories, Morgan County Gen. Soc., Decatur  2000-2004       
  Alabama Family History & Gen. News, North Central Alabama Gen       
  Society, Cullman  1995-2005, 2007-2008       
ALASKA  Anchorage Genealogical Society, Anchorage  1990-2003       
ARIZONA  Desert Dwellers Digest, Tri-State Gen Soc., Bullhead City  1992-2007       
  The Bulletin, Northern Arizona Gen. Soc, Prescott  1987-1995, 2002-2006       
  (AZ GAB) AZ Genealogy Advisory Board Newsletter, Mesa  1992-1995, 2002      
  TheTombstone, Cochise Genealogical Society, Douglas  1993-2005, 1999-2004       
  Gila Heritage, North Gila County Genealogical Soc., Payson  1993-1995, 1999-2008       
  Roots & Branches, Northern Gila Co Genealogical Soc., Payson  9-Apr      
  Desert Dwellers Tri-State Genealogical Soc, Bullhead City  1992-2007       
  Lake Havasu Genealogical Society Newsletter, Lake Havasu City  2004      
  Genealogical Society of Yuma, Yuma  Dec. 2003       
ARKANSAS  Arkansas Family Historian, Arkansas Gen. Soc., Hot Springs  1982      
  AGS, Arkansas Genealogical Soc Newsletter, Hot Springs  1984-1987, 2001-2003       
  The Melting Pot, Arkansas Gen. Soc. Hot Springs, Arkansas  1996-1997       
  Bradley County Roots, Bradley County Genealogical Soc, Warren  1991-1993       
  Clay Co. Genealogical and Historical Newsletter, Piggott  1995      
  Footprints, Jefferson County Genealogical Soc., Pine Bluff  1988-1992       
  Heritage Seekers Quarterly, Heritage Seekers Gen Soc., North Little Rock  1991      
  Seeking Your Heritage, North Little Rock  1991-2005       
  Newton County Historical Soc. Newsletter, Jasper  1991-2007       
  Newton County Homestead, Newton Co. Historical Soc, Jasper  2007      
  The Backtracker, North West Arkansas Gen. Soc., Bentonville  1991      
  The Genie, ARK-LA-TEX Genealogical Association, Shreveport  1993, 1988-1991       
  The Quarterly, Ouachia County Historical Society, Camden  1991-2005       
  Flashback, Journal of Washington Co. Hist. Soc., Fayettville  1995, 1997, 1999-2006       
CALIFORNIA  California Mayflower, Sacramento  1984-1998       
  Desert Diggings, High Desert Gen Soc., Victorville  1999, 2001-2002       
  Genealogical Association of Sacramento Quarterly, Sacramento  1984-1996       
  Kith and Kin, Nevada County Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Cedar Ridge  1995-1999, 2001      
  Yorba Linda Genealogical Society Newsletter, Yorba Linda  1987-1993       
  Yorba Linda Genealogical Society Quarterly, Yorba Linda  1987-1988       
  Nuggets from Paradise, Paradise Gen Soc, Paradise  1996-2004       
  Orange County CA Genealogical Society Journal, Orange  1979-1983, 1986-1987, 1988-1995       
  Orange County Genealogical Society Quarterly, Orange  1979-1983, 1986-1994       
  Newsletter, Genealogical Soc. of North Orange Co. CA (GSNOCC), Yorba Linda  1999, 2001-2004, 2007      
  Paths to the Past, North San Diego Co. Gen. Soc., Carlsbad  1998      
  The Journal of San Diego History, San Diego Hist. Soc, San Diego  1976-1981       
  San Mateo County Genealogical Society, San Mateo  1994      
  The Searcher, Southern CA Genealogical Society, Burbank  1968      
  Whittier Area Genealogical Society Newsletter, Whittier  1987-2008       
  WAGS Family Tales, Whittier Area Genealogical Soc, Whittier  2008      
  Bulletin, San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Soc., Atascadero  1992-2008       
  Diablo Descendants, Contra Costa Gen. Soc., Concord  1995-2006       
  Pastfinder, Hemet-San Jacinto Genealogical Society, Hemet  2003      
  Valley Genealogist, Hemet-San Jacinto Gen. Soc., Hemet  1980-1993       
  Redwood Researcher, Humbolt Co. Historical Soc., Humbolt  1995      
  Genealogical Goldmine, Paradise Genealogical Soc, Paradise  1994-1995, 1998-2002       
  Genealogical Soc. of North Orange Co. Newsletter, Yorba Linda  1993-1995       
  Root Digger, SCGS, Solano County Genealogical Soc., Fairfield  1984      
  Journal of San Diego History, San Diego  1976-1981       
  The Sonoma Searchers, Sonoma Co. Gen. Soc, Santa Rosa  1991-2001       
  Newsletter, Sonoma Co. Genealogical Society, Santa Rosa  1992-2001       
  CSGA Newletter, CA State Genealogical Alliance, Oakland  1999-2008       
  The Nugget, CA Genealogical Society, San Francisco  1997-1998       
  Livermore Roots Tracer, Livermore-Amador Gen. Soc., Livermore  1992-1999, 2002, 2004      
  News & Notes, Southern CA Genealogical Soc., Burbank  2003-2008       
  Calif. Patriot, CA Soc. Of Sons of American Rev., San Diego  1997      
  Rabbit Tracks, Conejo Valley Gen. Soc., Thousand Oaks  1994      
  The Genealogist, Conejo Valley Gen. Soc, Thousand Oaks  1999      
COLORADO  Colorado Genealogist, Colorado Genealogical Society, Denver  1993      
  Pinion Whispers, South Eastern Genealogical Society, Pueblo  1992      
  Colorado Hispanic Genealogist, The Journal of CO Soc of Hispanic Genealogy, Denver  2004      
  San Luis Valley Genealogical Society Newsletter, Alamosa  1984-1992       
  San Luis Valley Genealogical Society Journal, Alamosa  1985-1992       
  Pike's Peak Genealogical Soc. (PPGS), Colorado Springs  2008      
CONNECTICUT  The Connecticut Nutmegger, CT Soc. Of Genealogists, Gastonbury  1968-1979, 1984      
  Connecticut Historical Society Bulletin, Hartford  1968, 1981-1984       
  Godfrey Update, Memorial Library, Middleton  2005      
  Connecticut Genealogy News, CT Soc of Gen., Glastonbury  2008      
  Windsor Historical Society News, Windsor  1998-2000       
  Connecticut Ancestry, Stamford Genealogical Soc., Stamford  1982-1984       
DELAWARE  Delaware Genealogical Society Newsletter, Wilmington  1997-2007       
  Delaware Genealogical Society Journal, Wilmington  1988-1989, 1997-2003       
  First State Genealogist, Delaware Gen Soc Newsletter, Wilmington  2008      
FLORIDA  Indian River Genealogical Soc. Newsletter (IRGS), Vero Beach  1992-1995, 1998-2006       
  County Line, Bay Co. Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Bay County  1992-1995       
  Manasota Genealogical Society, Bradenton  1982      
  The Pen & Quill, Newsletter of the East Hillsborough Hist. Soc., Plant City  1991-1999, 2001-2004       
  The Southern Genealogist Exchange Quarterly, Jacksonville  1982-1993, 1999      
GEORGIA  Georgia Pioneers Genealogy Magazine, Albany  1977-1978       
  Family Puzzlers, Heritage Papers, Danielsville  1990-1992       
  Troup County Georgia and Her People Quarterly, LeGrange  1984-1985       
  The Newsletter, West Central Genealogical Society, LeGrange  1984-1986       
  Ancestors Update, The Gen. Soc. of Henry & Clayton Counties, McDonough  1997-1998       
  Ancestors Unlimited Editiion, Ancestors Unlimited Gen. Soc. & Library, College Park  1983      
  Genealogical Unlimited Society, Georgia Gen. Soc., Atlanta  1994-1997       
  Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly (GGSQ), Atlanta  1994      
IDAHO  Latah County Genealogical Society, Moscow  1993      
ILLINOIS  Central Illinios Gen. Quarterly, Decatur Gen. Soc., Macon Co  1871-1973, 1984-1986, 1993      
  Chicago Genealogist, Chicago Genealogical Society, Chicago  1981-1982, 1991-1993, 1999-2003, 20052007       
  Christian Co. Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Christian Gen Soc., Taylorville  1983      
  Fox Tales, Fox Valley Genealogical Society, Napervillle  1992-1993       
  Illinois State Genealogical Soc. Newsletter, Springfield  1986-2007       
  Illinois State Genealogical Soc. Quarterly, Winnetka  1969-2003, 2006, 2009       
  Past Finder, Journal of the La Salle Co. Gen. Guild, Ottawa  1998      
  Putnam Past Times, Putnam Co. Hist. Soc, Newletter, Hennepin  1992-1997       
  McDonough County Gen. Society Newletter, Macomb  1993-94       
  News from the Northwest, NW Suburban Council of Genealogists, Mt Prospect  1988-2003       
  The Saga of Southern Illinois, Gen. Soc. Of So. Illinois, Carterville  2002-2003-, 2007       
  Genealogical Society Of Southern Illinois Newsletter, Carterville  2002      
  St. Clair County Genealogical Soc. Quarterly, Belleville  1980, 1995       
  Kane County Chronicles, Kane Co. Genealogical Soc., Geneva  1992      
  Cornsilk, Quarterly of DeKalb Co. History & Gen Soc, Sycamore  1991-1993       
  Newsletter of Chicago Genealogical Society, Chicago  1993, 1999-2008       
  Whiteside County Genealogical Soc (Genealogist), Sterling  1996      
  Illiana Genealogist History & Gen Society, Danville  1965-1967, 1971-1975       
INDIANA  Fulton County Folk Finder, Fulton Co. Hist. Soc., Rochester  1993      
  Genealogy, Indiana Historical Socirty., Indianapolis  1974, 1977, 1980, 1985-1986       
  Indiana Historical Society News, Indianapolis  1986-1989, 1992       
  Indiana Historical Society Traces, Indianapolis  1989, 1992-2006       
  The Bridges, Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis  2000-2001, 2006       
  Connections, Hoosier Genealogist, Indiana Hist Soc, Indianapolis  2006      
  Hoosier Genealogist, Indiana Historical Soc., Indianapolis  1981-1982, 1985-1988, 1990,1998, 20012003       
  Indiana Magazine of History, Indiana Hist. Soc., Indiana Univ., Indianapolis 1980-1982, 1992-2006       
  Indiana History Bulletin, Indianapolis  1980-1982, 1985-1986       
  The Preservationist, HistoricLandmarks Foundation of Indiana, Indianapolis  2005-2006       
  Sullivan County Historical Society Newsletter, Sullivan  1993-2005       
  The Seedling Patch, Lawrence Co., Indiana  1986-1989       
  Ripley County Historical Society, Versailles  2002-2005       
  Henry County Huistoricalog, New Castle  1999-2001, 2003       
  Trakker, Miami County Genealogical Society, Peru  1996      
  Indiana Genealogist, Indiana Genealogical Society, Fort Wayne  2000      
  Michiana Searcher, Elkhart County Genealogical Society, Elkhart  2003-2008       
  South Indiana Genealogical Society Quarterly, New Albany  1989      
  Allen County Lines, Allen Co. Genealogical Soc., Fort Wayne  1999-2001       
  Newsletter, La Port County Genealogical Society, La Port  1998-2008       
  Now and Then Historical Society, Muncie Hist. Soc, Muncie  1986-1988       
IOWA  Chicksaw County Genealogical Soc. Quarterly, New Hampshire  1991-2009       
  Genie Bug, North Central Iowa Genealogical Soc., Mason City  1990-1996       
  Gleanings, Lee County Genealogical Society, Keokuk  1991-1992       
  Hawkeye Heritage, Iowa Gen. Soc. Quarterly, Des Moines  1986-1994, 1999-2001, 2008       
  Old Fort Genealogical Society Quarterly, Fort Madison  1989-1994       
  Iowa County Byways, North English  1998      
  Davis County Genealogical Society, Bloomfield  1991-2001       
  Scott County Iowan, Davenport  7-Jun      
  Crawford County Genealogical Society, Denison  1987-1997       
  American/Scnleswig-Holstein Heritage Society, LeClaire  1989-1991, 1993-1999       
KANSAS  Jefferson County Historical Soc. Newsletter, Oskaloosa  1994-1999, 2002-2004, 2006      
  Yesteryears, Jefferson Co. Historical & Gen Soc, Oskaloosa  1992      
  Lost & Found Genealogical Query Newsletter, Wathena  1988, 1993-1995       
  Midwest Historical and Genealogical Register, Witchita  1989-1990       
  News & Views, Topeka Genealogical Society, Topeka  1993      
  The Kansas Review, Kansas Council of Gen. Soc., Topeka  1980, 1989-1990       
  Topeka Genealogical Society Quarterly, Topeka  1980      
  The Seeker, Crawford Co. Gen Soc of S.E. Kansas, Pittsburg  1971      
  The Sunflower, Reno County Genealogical Society, Hutchinson  1992-2005       
  Trails to the Past, Fort Hayes Genealogical Society, Hays  1994      
  The Treesearcher, Kansas State Genealogical Soc, Dodge City  1966, 1982-1983       
  Tree Trackers, Phillips Coounty Genealogical Soc, Phillipsburg  1992-1999, 2001      
  Treebark, S.E. Kansas Genealogical Soc. Newsletter, Lola  1993-1998, 2001      
  Old Fort Log, Old Fort Genealogical Soc., Fort Scott  Spring 1981       
  Rooting Around, Leavenworth Co. Gen. Soc. Quarterly, Leavenworth  1997-1998       
  Heart of America Genealogical Society, Kansas City  1979, 1981, 1983       
  Jacksonian, Jackson County Historical Society, Holton  2005      
KENTUCKY  Bluegrass Roots, Kentucky Genealogical Society, Frankfurt  1984-1994       
  Bulletin of the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort  1992-1995       
  Kentucky Ancestors, Gen. Quarterly of Kentucky Hist. Soc, Frankfurt  1973-1975, 1982-1985, 1987-2000       
  Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfurt  1992, 1995-2000       
  Lines and by-Lines, Louisville Gen. Soc Newsletter, Louisville  1989-1993       
  The Longhunter, So. Kentucky Genealogical Soc, Bowling Green  1991-2006, 2008       
  Traces, Quarterly Pub. South Central Kentucky, Glaskow  1984      
  The Kentucky Review, Univ. of Kentucky Lib. Assn, Lexington  1987-1989       
  Bracken County Historical Society, Brooksville  1995-2005       
  Kentucky Explorer, Jackson  1996-2008       
LOUISIANA  Central Louisiana Genealogical Society Quarterly, Alexandria  1993      
  Kinsfolks, Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Soc, Lake Charles  1994      
(see Arkansas)  The Genie Ark-LA-Tex Genealogical Assn, Shreveport  1983, 1988-1991       
  Friends of Genealogy, The Journal, Shreveport  1996-2007       
  Louisiana Gen. Register Quarterly, LA Gen Soc., Baton Rouge  1995      
MAINE  Downeast Ancestry, Machia  1977-1979       
  Cherryfield Narraguagus Historical Society, Cheeryfield  1999, 2001-2009       
MARYLAND  Speaks, Anne Arundel Genealogical Society, Pasadena  1994-2006, 2009      
  News, Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore  2000-2002, 2006      
  Maryland Historical Magazine, Baltimore  1979-2003, 2005-,2002       
  Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Baltimore  1979-1983, 1998-1991, 2000-2002, 20062007       
  Maryland Magazine of Gen., Maryland Historical Soc., Baltimore  1978-1980       
  The Newsletter of Maryland Genealogical Society, Baltimore  2000-2003, 2007      
  Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, Baltimore  2008-2009       
  Old Pike Post, Genealogical Soc. of Allegany Co, Cumberland  1993-1995, 1999, 2001      
  The Inkwell, The Historical Society of Cecil County, Elkton  2001-2008       
  Maryland Connections Queries, Anniston  2006-2007       
  Cousin to Cousin, Upper Shore Genealogical Soc, Chestertown  2005      
  Old Kent, Historical Society of Kent Co., Chestertown  2005-2007       
  Newsletter, The Historical Soc. of Kent Co., Chestertown  2007-2008      
  Key to Old Kent, A Journal of History of Kent Co., Worton  2008-2009       
  Chesapeake Cousins, Upper Shore Genealogical Soc, Easton  1982-1986, 2005-2009       
  Cecil Historical Journal, Historical Soc of Cecil County, Elkton  2000-2005, 2007       
MICHIGAN  The Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine, Detroit  1996-2007       
  Gratiot Genealogical Group, Ithica  1998-1999       
  Blue Water Family Background, Clair Co. Family Hist. Group, Inc Newsletter, Port Huron  1998-1999       
MINNESOTA  Minnesota Genealogist, Minnesota Gen Soc., South St. Pau  1972, 1974-1975, 1997-1999, 2000       
  MN Families, Newsletter for Minnesota Gen Soc, St Pau  2004      
  Table Talk, Winona Area Genealogy Roundtable, Winona  1990-1995, 1999       
  MGS Newsletter, Minnesota Genealogical Society, Minneapolis  1995-2004       
  Newsletter, Otter Tail County Genealogical Soc, Fergus Falls  1994-1995, 1999, 2001      
MISSISSIPPI  Desota Descendants Gen Soc of Desota County, Hernando  1992-1994       
  Southern Foot Prints, Genealogy and History Magazine for the Southern States, Hattiesburg  2001-2002       
MISSOURI  Area Footprints, The Gen. Soc. of Butler Co., Poplar Bluff  1989-1990       
  Audrian County Area Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Mexico, Missour  1992-1993       
  Lincoln County Genealogist Society of Missouri, Troy  1992-1995       
  Missouri Hist. Review, State Hist. Soc. of Missouri, Columbia  1979,1991-1992       
  Missouri State Genealogical Association Journal, Columbia  1990, 1992-1993       
  Newton County Roots, Gen. Friends of the Library, Neosho  1991      
  Ozark Happenings Newsletter, Texas Co. Missouri Genealogical and Historical Society, Houston  1984-1989, 1991-1995, 2001      
  Ozark Kin, Ozarks Genealogical Society, Springfield  1991-1993       
  St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, St. Louis  1981-1082, 1997-2007       
  The Lawrence County Historical Society Bulletin, Mt. Vernon  1988-1989       
  Collage of Cape County, Cape Girardeau Co. Gen. Soc., Jackson  1989-1990       
  Scott Co. Historical & Genealogy Society, Benton  1999      
MONTANA  The Last Leaf, Dawson Co. Historical and Gen. Soc., Glendive  1991, 1997, Vol III, No. 1-3       
  Root Diggers Genealogical Society, Glasgow  1997      
NEBRASKA  Roots and Leaves, Eastern Nebraska Gen Soc. Inc, Fremont  1991-2006, ,2008      
  The Wagoner, Northwest Genealogical Society, Alliance  1993-1994       
  The Lincoln-Lancaster Co. Gen. Soc. Newsletter, Lincoln  2008-2009       
  Nebraska Ancestree, Nebraska State Genealogical Soc., Lincoln  2003-2007, Vol 24 & Vol 30       
  Newsletter, Nebraska State Genealogical Society, Lincoln  Spring 2006       
  The Pioneer Trail, Quarterly Newsletter of Jefferson Co. Gen. Soc., Fairbury  1999, 2002       
  Tri-Corner Connections, Tri-State Corners Gen. Soc., Humbolt  2001-2006       
  Seward County Genealogical Society, Seward  2008      
NEVADA  Chart and Quill, Northeastern Nevada Genealogical Soc., Elko  1987-1990, 1995-1996, 1998-2000       
  Nevada Historical Society Quarterly, Reno  1964-2008       
  Nevada State Genealogical Society Newsletter, Reno  1982      
  Nevada Desert, Nevada State Genealogical Soc., Reno  1999, 2001      
  Nevada Historical Review, Sparks  1974      
  The Prospector, Clark Co. Genealogical Soc., Las Vegas  1977-1978, 1993-1999, 2003      
  Museum News, Nevada State Museum & Hist Soc, Las Vegas  1989-1991, 1995       
  Sons of Norway, Vegas Viking News, Las Vegas  2002      
  PAFWAYS, Southern Nevada PAF Users Group, Las Vegas  1993-1995       
  Preservation Association of Clark County, Las Vegas  1990-1995       
  Family Legacies, Jewish Gen Soc of So. Nevada, Las Vegas  1998-2006, 2009, Article Index 1998-2003, Surname Index 1998-2003       
  Legasies, Jewish Gen. Soc. of Southern Nevada-West, LV  1998      
  Wagon Tracks, Pahrump Nevada Genealogical Soc., Pahrump  1995, 1998-1999, 2003      
NEW MEXICO  New Mexico Genealogist, Journal of NM Gen Soc. Albuquerque  1993      
  New Mexico Historical Review, Univ. of NM, Albuquerque  Oct 1997, 1998       
NEW YORK  New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, NY Gen & Bio Soc, NY City  1967, 1969, 1972-1974, 1984, 1987-1992, 2007       
  Indexes, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, NY Gen & Biography Soc., New York City  1982-1992, 2006       
  Searchers, Polish Gen. Soc. of Western NY, Cheektowaga  6/1989, 1991, 1993       
  WCGS, Westchester County Genealogical Soc.., White Plains  1992-1999, 2001      
  The Capital, Albany and Rensselaer Co. Quarterly, Rhinebeck  1989-1993, 1995-1998       
  Capital District Genealogical Society Newsletter, Albany  1993, 1995       
  SCHS, Sullivan Co., Historical Observer, Hureyville  2001      
  Genealogical Journal of Jefferson County, Watertown  3/1995, 6/1996       
  The Columbia, Columbia County Historical Soc., Kinderhook  1989-1995, 1997-1998       
  Chautauqua Genealogist, Chautauqua Co. Gen. Soc, Fredonia  Aug. 1994       
  Register, Suffolk County Historical Society, Riverhead  Fall 1987, 1990-1994       
  Journal, Lewis County Historical Society, Lyons Falls  Nov. 2000       
  The Dutchess, Dutchess Co. Genealogical Soc, Poughkeepsie  1997-2002       
  Tree Talks, Central New York Genealogical Soc., Syracuse  1981-1983, 1985-2001       
NORTH CAROLINA  Alamance Genealogist, Alamance County Gen. Soc, Burlington  1993      
  North Carolina Genealogice Journal, N.C. Gen Soc, Raleigh  1980-1981, 1998, 2002-2004       
  Bulletin, The Carolinas Genealogical Soc., Monroe  1988-2007       
  The Carolinas Genealogical Society, Monroe  2007      
  Wilkes Genealogical Society, North Wilkesboro  1994-1997       
  Foot Prints in Time, The Gaston Lincoln Gen. Soc, Mt. Holly  1992-1995, 1998-1999       
  Meklenburgh North Carolina Gen. Soc. Quarterly, Charolette  1984      
  Journal, The Stanley County Genealogical Society, Albemarle  1997-2002       
  Journal of the Genealogical Society of Rowan Co., Salisbury  1999-2002       
  The Journal of Rockingham Co. History Soc, Rockingham Wentworth  Dec. 1998       
  Wilkes Genealogical Society, Wilkes County, North Wilkesboro  1994-1997       
  Catawba Cousins, Catawba County Genealogical Soc, Hickory  1994-1995, 1998-1999       
  Tracks, Genealogical Society of Iredell County, Statesville  1994, 1998-1999       
  NCGS News, North Carolina Genealogical Soc., Raleigh  1998      
NORTH DAKOTA  North Central North Dakota Genealogical Record, Minot  1991, 1994-1998, 2000       
  Red River Valley Genealogical Society, Fargo  1994-1998       
OHIO  Ancestors, Wayne Co. Genealogical & Hist. Soc, Wooster  1992-1995       
  Wayne County Historical Society Quarterly Newsletter, Wooster  1988-1996       
  Matamoras Area Historical Society Newletter, New Matamoras  1992-1995, 2002-2003, 2005-2007       
  The Franklintonian, Franklin Co. Gen. & Hist. Soc, Columus  1992, 1997, 1999       
  Mahoning Meanderings, Mahoning Co. Chapter, Ohio Gen Soc, Boardman  1998-1999       
  The Cross Road of Our Nation, Records & Pioneer Families, Ohio Gen. Soc, Mansfield  1970-1997       
  The Licking Lantern Quarterly, Licking Co Gen. Soc., Newark  1993 & Memberhips Indexes       
  The Report, The Ohio Genealogical Society, Mansfield  1981-1992, 1984-1999       
  The Ohio Genealogical Society News, Mansfield  2002-2008       
  The Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly, Mansfield  2003-2008       
  Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal, Ohio Gen Soc, Mansfield  1997      
  The Cross Road of Our Nation (Ohio Records of Pioneer Families), Ohio Genealogical Society, Mansfield  1970, 1985-1997, Indexes       
  Family Tree, Montgomery Co. of Ohio Gen. Soc., Dayron  1998, 1997-2000       
  Genealogical Aids Bulletin, Miami ValleyGen. Spc,. Dayton  1988      
  Perry Co. Heirlines, Perry Co. Chapter, OGS, Junction City  1999      
  Ohio Genealogical Soc. 37th Annual Conference, Worthington  Apr-98      
OKLAHOMA  Oklahoma Genealogical Society Quarterly, Oklahoma City  1988-1995, 2002       
  Keyfinder, Northwest Oklahoma Genealogy Society, Woodward  1984-1986       
  The Tree Tracers, Southwest Oklahoma Gen. Soc., Lawton  2004      
  The LeFore County Heritage, Poteau Valley Gen. Soc., Poteau  1989-1997       
  Poteau Valley Genealogical Society Newsletter, Poteau  1988-1989       
  Kiowa County Genealogicat Soceity Newsletter, Hobart  1998, 2000, 2003       
  Ottawa County Emproium Historical Newsletter, Miama  1997-1990       
OREGON  Oregon Genealogical Society Quarterly, Lane County, Eugene  1988, 1991      
  Beaver Briefs, Willamette Valley Genealogical Soc., Eugene  1993-1998       
  Timber Trails, Yamhill County Generalogical Soc., McMinnville  2001-2003       
  OCHA Ledger Newsletter, Oregon Historic Cemeteries Assn., Inc Boring  1999      
  The Table Rock Sentinel, Newsletter/Magazine of Southern Oregon Historical Society, Medford  1986-1988, 1992-1994       
  Southern Oregon Heritage, Magazine of So. Oegon Historical Society, Medford  1997      
  The Rogue Digger, Rogue Valley Genealogical Soc., Medford  1995      
PENNSYLVANIA  Schuylkill Heritage, Pottsville  1995-1996       
  Armstrong Co. Genealogical Club Quarterly, Kittanning  1997, 1998       
  Blair County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Hollidaysburg  1992      
  Germantown Crier, Germantown Historical Soc, Philadelphia  1984-1991       
  Pennsylvania Historic Leaflet, Pennsylvania Hist. and Museum Commission, Harrisburgh  #2-#15, #18-24, #27, #31-40       
  Newsletter, Historical & Genealogical of Indiana County, Indiana  1994-1995       
  Indiana County Heritage, Indiana Hist. & Gen. Soc of Indiana Co. Indiana  1984-1985, 1987-1989, 1993-1999       
  Clark House News, Hist. & Gen. Soc. Fo Indiana Co., Indiana  1996      
  Mennonite Research Journal, Lancaster Mennonite Conf. Hist. Soc, Lancaster  1972      
  Mirror, Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Lancaster  1995      
  Mennonite Historical Bulletin, Mennonite Hist. Soc, Lancaste  Jul-83      
  The Historian, Lancaster County Historical Society, Lancaster  1999-2002, 2006-2007       
  Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage, Lancaster  1992-1993, 2001, 2003-2003       
  Pennsylvania Heritage, Quarterly of Penn. Historical & Museum Commission & the Penn Heritage Soc., Lancaster  1985, 1999-2000, 2002, 2004       
  Journal of the Lancaster Historical Society, Lancaster  1993-2007       
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