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Tutorial as defined by is : "Computers : programmed instruction provided to a user at a computer terminal, often concerning the use of a particular software package ......"

This page seeks to provide some simple tutorials to help members who are not that familiar with computers improve their skills and get more out of their machine than they currently do. Each tutorial will show you step by step how to do a particular task and you will see the cursor going around the screen doing the task. Depending on your internet connection's download speed, it should take between 1 and 3 minutes to download each tutorial.

These tutorials should generally operate on most machines. They require the Flash plug-in to operate. If you don't have Flash installed you can download and install it from here. (Flash is reputable and safe to install).

Any feedback you care to give will be appreciated plus we are interested in hearing about tutorials you might like us to produce.

If you are using Internet Explorer v6.xx, you may have to click on the tutorial's first arrow twice.
Single clicks only are required after that.
All other browsers only require a single click at all times (It's strongly recommended you update IE to the most recent version).

Once the tutorial has downloaded, if you can't see a green arrow pointing to the right, press the F11 key to enlarge the screen.
Press F11 again when finished to reduce the screen back to its normal size.

Click on a link to select that link's tutorial

Tutorial : Downloading a file from the Internet    Shows the steps necessary to download a file from the internet.   Software Downloads to try

Tutorial : Change Folder Icons    How to change the icon displayed on a folder   

Tutorial : Change the Screen Resolution (Screen Width)    How to change the resolution of the screen

Tutorial : Change Windows Toolbar    How to add or remove one-click icons from the Windows Toolbar. If you don't know what the Windows Toolbar is, this tutorial shows you.

Tutorial : Email Attachments    How to attach file(s) to an email

Tutorial : Save Email Attachment(s)    How to securely save attachments received with an email

Link : Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Tutorials. This is a series of tutorials on how to use PAF. There are a large number of tutorials which are broken into the following sections : Introduction (4); Installing PAF (2); Setting Up Preferences (2); Create/Edit Individual (6); Create/Edit Marriage (2); PAF Views (3); Printing (3); Backups (2); Help (2); GEDCOMs (2); Filters (2); Export to Temple/Ready (2); Match/Merge (2); Focus List (2); Advanced Features (5); Additional Preferences (7) and Pedigree Resource File Submission (1). They appear to be quite good although the navigation buttons (Play. Pause, Stop, etc) are a bit difficult to operate consistently.

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Some net abbreviations you may come across in Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, etc. are :

AFAIK : as far as I know
BTW : by the way
FWIW : for what it's worth
FYI : for your information
HTH : hope that helps
IMHO : in my humble opinion
IMO : in my opinion
KWIM : know what I mean
LOL : laugh out loud
ROTFLMHO : rolling on the floor laughing my head off.
SKS : some kind soul
TIA : thanks in advance
TY : thank you
YW : you're welcome

Updated : 17 Mar 2010