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Gallery : Australian Convicts

This page is designed to bring to-gether information about Australian Convicts. Members are welcome to contribute to this page whether that be by biographies, useful links, images or anything else. [Convicts' Special Interest Group's next Meeting]

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Members' Convict Biographies

AHERN, Johanna (Member 0023)

BARNES, Sarah (Member 0316)
BRADLEY, James (Member 0316)
BURKE, John (Member 0080)
BYRNE, William (Member 0307)

COTTERDOWN, Julia (Member 0276)
CROSS, John (Member 0359)

DART, Jonathon (Member 0316)
DAVIDSON, Mary (Member 0359)

FIBBINS, James (Member 0023)
FIBBINS, John (Member 0023)
FLOOD, Rose (Member 0359)

GRADY, John (Member 0080)
GRADY, John (Member 0276)
GRADY, Martin (Member 0080)
GRADY, Martin (Member 0276)

HARRINGTON/HANNAGAN, Martha (Member 0276)
HEYCOX, Charles (Member 0080)
HILL, Samuel (Member 0276)
HOLMES, Jane (Member 0327)

KEEVEN, Bridget (Member 0316)
KNIGHT, Mary (Member 0080)
KNIGHT, Mary (Member 0276)

McDERMOTT, Sarah (Member 0080)

PARKER, Mary (Member 0359)

QUINNELL, William (Member 0080)

SMALL, John (Member 0359)

UNWIN, James (Member 0080)

WATKINS, Rachael (Member 0276)
WATKINS, Sarah (Member 0023)
WRIGHT, James (Member 0359)

Useful Convict Sites



Captain Arthur Phillip R.N. was commissioned as the first Governor of New South Wales. He set sail on May 13th, 1787 from Portsmouth with 11 vessels 1st Fleet Convict List
A second fleet of six ships left England - Guardian, Justinian, Lady Juliana, Surprize, Neptune, Scarborough. 2nd Fleet Convict List
The third fleet of 11 ships [Atlantic, William and Ann, Britannia, Matilda, Salamander, Albemarle, Mary Anne, Admiral Barrington, Active and Gorgon] arrived in 1791, with over 2000 convicts. 3rd Fleet Convict List
Return of male and female convicts showing distribution throughout Van Dieman's Land on 31 December 1841 1841 VDL Muster
Archives in Brief 2  This AIB outlines the main sources to be used for convict research. For further information researchers should consult Archives Investigator, Archives in Brief 34, Archives in Brief 100, and the Guide to Convict Records, known as the Convict GuideConvict records
Chronological list of NSW State Records Guide to New South Wales State archives relating to convicts and convict administration Convict Ships arriving at Port Jackson 1788 - 1849 and Item list of the various Papers for each vessel
Convict History and Genealogy Links presented by Jenny Fawcett's Genseek Genealogy Convicts Australia Convict History and Genealogy Links : Jenny Fawcett's Genseek Genealogy
The British Convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database has been compiled from the British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm. You can find details for over 123,000 of the estimated 160,000 convicts transported to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries Convict Database (English Only) : State Library of Queensland
An Australian gateway site for tracing your family history by Cora Num Convicts on CoraWeb
The Convict Stockade is designed to be a Community for researchers of Australia's Convict past. We encourage people to share their research through the tools on this site. Convict Stockade A Wiki Site for Australian Convict Researchers
"Convicts to Australia" is intended to guide, inform and entertain those just starting the hunt as well as the more experienced researcher. Convicts to Australia A Guide to Researching Your Convict Ancestors
The British Convict transportation registers 1787 - 1867 database has been compiled from the British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm. You can find details for over 123 000 of the estimated 160 000 convicts transported to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries - names, term of years, transport ships and more. Convict Transportation Registers Database
Convict A worksheet for recording all information from NSW State Records Worksheet from NSW State Records
This website is all about Crime and Punishment in the UK in the 19th Century. They have a prisoner database with actual prisoner records and case studies for a more in-depth view of the crimes and trials of some of the inmates. Crime & Punishment in the UK in the 19th Century
  Female convicts were transported to Tasmania (then called Van Diemen's Land) from 1803 when the colony was founded, to 1853 when transportation to Van Diemen's Land ceased. Some female convicts transported to New South Wales also made their home in Tasmania. This website is dedicated to all of these women, many of them our ancestors. Female Convicts Research Centre
First Fleet and Early Settlement  This site is joint Project with the State Library of NSW and is under development Documents
Are you researching your family history?
Have you found a Tasmanian convict?
Have you seen their full convict records?
Do you know the story of how they survived and became founders of modern Australia?
If you do, would you like to join Australia’s biggest family history?
Founders & Survivors will become one of the world’s great historical studies of immigration, forced labour and settlement. It will eventually follow convict founders and their descendants over five generations and build a unique portrait of modern Australian society in the making.
We invite you to join this first stage of our quest -- to find Australia’s Founders and Survivors and submit a convict you have researched.
Founders & Survivors

Genealogy Search Australia is a free, non commercial family history and genealogy site for the amateur or professional genealogist. Links to various Convict sites Genealogy Search Australia : Genealogy Australia > Convicts
Governor Hunter's  While researching for my forthcoming publication "Ladies of the Royal Admiral 1792", I came across Governor Hunter's assignment list; this being the Return of Convict women in the service of Officers or other Households 1798 (AONSW ref : SZ767 pps 155 - 157, COD 197).
According to this document, a government order wasissued on 7 November 1798 requesting that "every Officer or other Housekeeper in the colony who may have women servants in their Family "immediately forward the names of such as they employ in their respective Families".
Women Convict Assignment Report 1798
 by Cathy Dunn (.pdf)
The National Archives of Ireland holds a wide range of records relating to the transportation of convicts from Ireland to Australia covering the period 1788 to 1868. In some cases these include records of members of convicts' families transported as free settlers. Ireland-Australia transportation database
A List of Ships Transporting Convicts to NSW 1791 - 1834 Irish Convicts to New South Wales.
The Peter Mayberry Irish Convicts site Irish Convicts to New South Wales 1791-1835
Lesley Uebel's well known Convict site Lesley Uebel's Convict Site Including Claim a Convict.
This comprehensive index of all convicts transported to Tasmania and those who were convicted (through the convict system) in the colony was created by indexing all original records we hold from the beginning of transportation in 1804 until 1853 when transportation ceased. Compiled by the Archives Office of Tasmania. Tasmanian Convicts Index
Transportation to Tasmania continued until 1853 when it ceased. Over a period of some 41 years more than 74,000 convicts were transported to the Island State. Tasmanian Convicts Index : AUS-Tasmanian Genealogy Mailing List
Sources for Convicts and Prisoners; Domestic Records Information. UK National Archives Sources for Convicts & Prisoners

Mailing Lists

rootsweb runs a large number of genealogy mailing lists, a number of which are devoted to convicts. rootsweb Mailing Lists don't charge a fee to subscribe. To subscribe, click on the link below and then forward the email which is generated. Once you have subscribed you will receive an email from rootsweb. Retain this for future reference as it will advise how to send messages, unsubscribe, etc. and you will receive all the messages sent to the list.
Some rootsweb Mailing lists associated with Convicts are :

AUS-CONVICTS : Discussion re the convicts that were transported to Australia
LINCS-CONVICTS : Discussion re Lincolnshire convicts sent to Australia
AUS-PT-JACKSON-CONVICTS : The convicts that were transported to Port Jackson from 1788-1842
AUS-TAS-CONVICTS : Discussion re the convicts in Tasmanian (Van Diemens Land)
IRISH_CONVICTS : Discussion re the convicts transported from Ireland to other areas
AUS-WA-SHIPS-TIMELINES : Discussion re the ships used to transport convicts and settlers to Australia
CROSS-FLOOD-DESCENDANTS : Discussion re the descendants of Charles CROSS and Rose FLOOD who were convicts transported to NSW in 1790 on board the Neptune (Second Fleet)

You can search for a rootsweb list on any topic here

Updated : 1 May 2012