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John Grady

John was transported for life with his brother Martin on the ship Mangles 2 in 1822 for Seizing Arms. John was the elder of the too and it is thought he left a wife and family behind

He was assigned to William Howe Esq. at Upper Minto on the outskirts of Sydney

Colonial Secretary Correspondence :
1822 November, on list of convicts landed from the "Mangles" and forwarded to upper Minto for distribution. Reel 6009, 4/3506 page 431
1823 September 4, on list of prisoners assigned Fiche 3290, 4/4570D, page 46

John Grady received his conditional pardon No 41/022, 1 Jan 1840 4/4438 Reel 778. Pardon No 39/133306, 30 Nov 1839 Item 4/4481 Reel 774 Page 045. It appears he was in the Braidwood area with his brother Martin.

Submitted by : Kerrie Metcalfe, Member WFHG, 21 April 2008

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