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Nebraska Graves Registration Project

In cooperation with the National Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Graves Registration Project, Nebraska has recorded the Civil War Veterans Grave records from the Nebraska State Historical Society, and the Nebraska Department of Veteran Affairs, and submitted them to the National SUVCW Data Base. They are available there along with 460,000 veterans in other states.

Members of the SUV have been walking the cemeteries in Nebraska to determine the condition of the grave sites. To date 400 cemeteries have been walked  of the 1160 cemeteries, and the information recorded in the Nebraska Data Base to verify the records. There has been additional veterans recorded that were not in the original records and some have been deleted as a result of duplications resulting from variations of name spellings. Others were deleted as they were determined not to be Civil War veterans.

 Evidence of neglect and wear due to weather conditions are already apparent in many cemeteries. Damaged and misplaced flag holders are also evident. The result of this project will provide the SUV the information need to improve the condition of the headstones for future years to come. For more information on this project in Nebraska or information on the veterans buried in Nebraska, contact:: Merle Rudebusch Nebraska Graves Registration Officer.

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The counties shaded on the map have been walked, and headstone information recorded and GPS readings taken on the grave sites. For those GPS readings, contact the Graves Registration Officer.

Updated 8/27/2013


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