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Welcome, you have indicated an interest in joining with the members of the Nebraska Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

You have several categories and choice of camps in applying for membership in the SUVCW

The Categories are Member      (14 yrs & Older, Has Lineage)

                                    Associate   (14 Yrs & Older, No Lineage)

                                    Junior  Member   (6 - 14 Yrs, Has Lineage)

                                    Junior Associate  (6 - 14 Yrs, Has no Lineage)


The SUVCW also has an Auxiliary for the female members, (wives and daughters) more information is available from the Camp Secretaries.

Camps:            Victor Vifquain Camp # 1    (Omaha Area)  

                          Shiloh Camp # 2                   (Lincoln Area)

                          Welstead Camp # 3             (Fremont Area)           

                          Harrison Camp # 52-2          (northeast Nebraska)

                          John M. Thayer    (Camp at Large which includes all of Nebraska

                                                                           and other states)


New membership one time Fee is $10.00

Annual dues are $36.00, for new members they are prorated on a quarterly basis, so each quarter the dues are reduced by 1/4 every 3 months. New members in January would be $46.00, April $37.00 July $28.00, October $19.00

Dues checks should be made out to: (Camp name, SUVCW)

Application forms to be sent to Camp Secretary/Treasurer

Victor Vifquain Camp,  Gage Stermensky,3533 Hartley Circle, Lincoln, NE 68521 ,

Shiloh Camp, Merle Rudebusch, 4438 Sherman, Lincoln, NE 68506, 

Welstead Camp, Richard Vitters, 1034 Skyline Drive, Fremont, NE, 68025,

Harrison Camp, Norm Weber, Box 203, Wisner, NE 

John M. Thayer Camp, Merle Rudebusch, 4438 Sherman, Lincoln, NE 68506, 

Download and complete this form as directed: Camp Membership Form


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