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Roster of Confederate Soldiers
Wilson County, North Carolina

NC Flag

Company B, 2nd Regiment NC Troops

CSA Infantry Insignia


Please note that not all of the Confederate Soldiers that are listed here were residents of Wilson County. However, the majority were living in Wilson County at the time of enlistment.


Howard, John
Gorman, John C.


Barnes, Bunyan J., 2nd Lieutenant
Barnes, Calvin, 1st Lieutenant
Boyette, Larry Bryant, 2nd Lieutenant
Calder, Robert E., 1st Lieutenant
Fulgham, Garry, 1st Lieutenant
Howard, William, 2nd Lieutenant
Pierce, Joseph C., 1st Lieutenant
Williams, Orren, 2nd Lieutenant

Noncommissioned Officers and Privates

Anderson, W. H., Private
Baitey, E. S., Private
Barefoot, James H., Private
Barnes, James., Private
Barnes, William, Private
Bass, John Hodge, Private
Bass, Jordan, Private
Batts, Joseph J., Private
Batts, William C., Corporal
Begmon, E. C., Private
Bissett, Berry N., Private
Bottoms, George W., Private
Boyett, Joel, Private
Boyett, Ransom, Private
Boyett, Thomas, Private
Boyette, George T., Private
Boyette, Isaac, Private
Boyette, James H., Private
Boyette, Josiah, Corporal
Boykin, Benjamin H., Sergeant
Boykin, Eli J., Private
Boykin, Irvin, Private
Boykin, Plummer W., Private
Boykin, Tobias, Private
Boykin, Wiley, Private
Boykin, William, Private
Boykin, William H., Sergeant
Boykin, William M., Private
Bridgers, Wiley R., Sergeant
Brooks, J. W., Sergeant
Brown, I. P., Private
Brown, S. H., Private
Bryant, G. T., Private
Bryant, Joseph J., Private
Burris, Bennett, Private
Carter, James, Private
Carter, Lewis, Private
Carter, William, Private
Christmas, Nathan C., Private
Clendemer, W. T., Sergeant
Coleman, Henry, Private
Coleman, John C., Private
Coleman, Josiah, Private
Coleman, Wiley, Private
Crocker, Jacob A., Private
Davis, A., Private
Davis, Henry, Private
Davis, Nathan, Private
Davis, Ransom, Private
Davis, Rayford, Private
Davis, Wiley, Private
Davis, William, Private
Davis, Williamson, Private
Deans, Andrew J., Private
Deans, David, Private
Dixon, Wiley Grey, Private
Eatman, Alsey W., Corporal
Eatman, Henry R., Private
Eatman, John, Private
Eatman, Raymond, Private
Eatman, Taylor, Private
Evans, Alfred, Private
Evans, Hartwell, Private
Evans, John, Private
Ferrell, William C., Private
Fisher, H., Private
Flora, John, Private
Flowers, Duncan, Private
Flowers, Eatman, Private
Flowers, Gray L., Private
Flowers, Jacob H., Private
Flowers, James E., Private
Flowers, Ruffin, Private
Flowers, Thomas, Private
Flowers, Wiley G., Private
Flowers, William H., Private
Forbes, Joseph W., Sergeant
Fulghum, James Henry, Sergeant
Fulghum, Rayford, Private
Fulghum, William B., Private
Goodman, D. J., Sergeant
Goodman, P. O., Private
Griffin, G., Private
Griffin, James H., Private
Griswold, John, Private
Hammery, James, Private
Harrell, Asa T., Private
Haynes, J. B., Private
Hinnant, James, Private
Hinnant, John W., Private
Hinnant, Jonathan, Private
Jefferson, Joseph, Private
Joyner, Reddick, Private
Kale, William R., Private
Kelley, Mack C., Private
Kennel, H. G., Private
Kinns, Isaac, Private
Kluttz, W. C., Private
Lamb, Harris., Private
Lamb, Larry L., Private
Lamb, Simon D., Private
Lamb, Spias, Private
Leach, E., Private
Logan, William, Private
McCarty, James, Private
Maddry, Charles, Private
Mann, John, Private
Marshall, George W., Private
Martin, G., Private
Mays, W. T., Private
Mears, William R., Private
Meeks, Henry, Private
Mercer, Henry, Private
Mills, A. W., Private
Moore, Alfred, Private
Moore, Nathaniel, Jr., Private
Moore, Nathaniel, Sr., Private
Moore, Simon, Private
Moose, F. D., Private
Morris, Dempsey, Private
Morris, Wiley, Private
Mosley, J., Private
Murray, John H., Private
Odom, Richard, Private
Osborne, J., Private
Outlaw, Grady, Private
Owens, Hamlet H., Private
Owens, Morrison T., Private
Parker, Josiah H., Private
Peel, Matthew T., Private
Penington, Rufus, Private
Pittman, Cannon, Private
Pridgers, Samuel, Private
Puckett, James H., Private
Puckett, L. H., Private
Redwine, G. A., Private
Renike, John, Private
Renis, J., Private
Rentfrow, John T., Private
Rentfrow, Perry, Private
Retchey, Henry J., Private
Robinson, John, Private
Roe, William, Private
Rose, Haywood, Private
Rose, William T., Private
Roundtree, Thaddeus, Private
Scott, Arnold B., Private
Sherrill, J., Private
Simpson, Benjamin Griffin, Private
Skinner, Jesse L., Corporal
Skinner, Van Buren, Private
Stokes, William, Private
Stott, Addison, Private
Stott, Wiley, Private
Stotts, Bunyan, Private
Strickland, Andrew J., Private
Strickland, Berry, Private
Strickland, Wesley, Private
Tatum, Henry, Private
Taylor, A. H., Private
Taylor, Frederick, Private
Taylor, Jesse M., Private
Taylor, William H., Private
Thompson, J. G., Private
Thompson, Raiford, Private
Thorn, Martin Ramsey, Private
Thornell, Martin V., Private
Todd, Elbert, Sergeant
Todd, Wiley J., Private
Todd, Wilson, Private
Trevathan, Mathew G., Private
Trevathan, Sanders M., Private
Vimmel, J., Private
Watson, DeWitt, Sergeant
Watson, E., Private
Wearet, W. A., Private
Wells, J., Private
Wells, Jesse L., Private
Wells, John G., Private
Wells, Watson, Private
Whitty, H., Private
Wiggs, Ballard, Private
Williamson, Joseph D., Private
Williamson, Levi T., Private
Williford, John T., Sergeant
Wilson, George W., Private
Wilson, John W., Private
Winborn, Stephen, Private
Winstead, Jordan Cofield, Corporal
Womble, John G., Private

Crossed Flags

"A Southern Volunteer"

Yes, sir, I fought with Stonewall,
And faced the night with Lee;
But if this here Union goes to war
Make one more gun for me.
I didn't shrink from Sherman,
As he galloped to the sea;
But if this here Union goes to war
Make one more gun for me.

I was with 'em at Manassas
The bully boys in gray,
I heard the thunderers roarin'
Round Stonewall Jackson's way;
And many a time this sword of mine
Has blazed the way for Lee;
But if this old nation goes to war
Make one more gun for me.

I'm not so full of fightin',
Nor half so full of run,
As I was back in the 60's
When I shouldered my old gun.
It may be that my hair is white-
Such things you know must be,
But if this old Union's in for war
Make one more gun for me.

I hain't forgot my raisin'-
Nor how in sixty-two,
Or thereabouts with battle shouts,
I charged the boys in blue;
And I say: I fought with Stonewall
And blazed the way for Lee
But if this old Union's in for war,
Make one more gun for me.

from The Wilson Times
Tuesday, August 16, 1910

Sons of Confederate Veterans

NC Division SCV

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