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 Guilford County Genealogical Society

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On a limited basis the Guilford County Genealogical Society will publish queries in its journal about ancestors who have connections to Guilford County and its immediate surrounding area. Queries should not exceed five (5) lines, about 65-75 words. Type or print neatly a separate query for each family sought. Unless otherwise indicated, we will assume that places mentioned are in North Carolina.

Queries from members are free. Queries from non-members are $5.00 each with funds enclosed at the time of the request.

Note: A query in this case, does not mean that the editor of the Society will perform research for the submitter in order to solve the problem. It merely means that text concerning the problem will be printed in an upcoming edition of the Genealogist. Queries received less than three weeks before publication goes to print may be featured in the next issue of the Genealogist. You may download a query submission form here. Please include your full name, mailing address and email address. Type of print neatly a separate query for each family sought. Mail queries to:

Guilford County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 4713, Dept. W
Greensboro, NC 27404-4713


A limited amount of research may be performed for both members and non-members for $5.00. Type or print your brief question and include a check for $5.00 by mail to the Society address above. Please provide your full contact information including your email address. If your request will require more than a minimal amount of research, a researcher will be in touch with you to determine how you wish to proceed.

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