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Publications of the Guilford County Genealogical Society





Abstracts of Marriage Bonds and Additional Data, Guilford County, North Carolina, Volume I, 1771-1840

 Ruth F. Thompson  and  

Louise J. Hartgrove

Latest printing of this important listing of 4,357 marriage bonds, many with annotations on parentage. Softcover. 268 pp. Full-name index.

 $20.00 + $3 shipping.

Abstracts of Marriage Bonds and Additional Data, Guilford County, North Carolina, Volume II, 1841-1868

 Ruth F. Thompson and
Louise J. Hartgrove

More than 4,100 marriage bonds, with annotations. Second printing. Softcover. 309 pp. Full name index.

 $25.00 + $3 shipping.

Apprentice Bonds & Papers, Guilford County, NC  1817-1870 (1996)

 L.E. Jarrell

Abstracts of this important source of information on primarily 19th century apprentices, masters and trades. 103 pp. Full name-index. illustrations. Softcover. 8 1/2 x 11.

 $10.00 + $3 shipping.

Buffalo Presbyterian Church and Cemetery, Greensboro, North Carolina

 Raymond Dufau Donnell

Buffalo Presbyterian Church was established in 1753 by settlers from Nottingham Presbyterian Church in Rising Sun, Penn. (now Maryland). Members of this "Scotch Irish" congregation were prominent in early politics, education and cultural affairs, and were avid Patriots during the Revolutionary period. Includes complete survey of existing tombstones, early church records, private manuscript collections, published material and memories of family members. Softcover. 92 pp.

 $11.00 + $3 shipping.

1790-1800-1810 Population Schedules, Guilford County, North Carolina (revised 1985 edition)

 Ruth Hackney Kirkman

New printing of this popular standard. Softcover. 64 pp. Maps. Index.

 $11.00 + $3 shipping.

1820 Census of Guilford County (1998) 

Mary A. Browning, Compiler

L.E. Jarrell, Editor 

Transcription of entire 1820 census of Guilford County, including all categories. Unique book format duplicates the grids of the original census and its categories. 74 pp. Softcover. Full-name index. 8 1/2 x 11. REDUCED FROM $20.00.

 $15.00 + $3 shipping. 

1830 Census of Guilford County (1997)

  L.E. Jarrell

Transcription of entire 1830 census of Guilford County, including all age brackets of free whites, free blacks and slaves. Unique book format duplicates the grids of the original census and its categories. 228 pp. Softcover. Full-name index. 8 1/2 x 11.

 $10.00 + $3 shipping.


1840 Census of Guilford County (1997)

L.E. Jarrell 

Transcription of entire 1840 census of Guilford County, including all age brackets of free whites, free blacks and slaves. Unique book format duplicates the grids of the original census and its categories. 234 pp. Softcover. Full-name index. 8 1/2 x 11.

$10.00 + $3 shipping.


1850 Census of Guilford County, Schedule 1: Population (2000)

 Jane Smith Hill, Transcriber

Lawrence E. Jarrell, Editor

Transcription of the population schedules of the 1850 Census for Guilford County. The 1850 census is the first census that lists the names of all members of the household and not just the head of household. Unique book format duplicates the grids of the original census and its categories. 337 pp. Softcover. 8 1/2" x 11".

 $10.00 + $3 shipping.


1860 Annotated Abstract of the U.S. Population Schedule of 1860 for Guilford County, North Carolina

 Mary A. Browning  and
Dixie M. Normandy

Full details on real and personal property, literacy, infirmities, with notes on teachers and ministers. Softcover. 325 pp. Full-name index.

 $10.00 + $3 shipping.


Family Burying Grounds and Abandoned Church Cemeteries in Guilford County, NC.

 O. Norris Smith and
Rebecca H. Smith.

Tombstone lists of 90 cemeteries in Guilford and immediate environs. Maps locating cemeteries. Lists source information on 114 cemeteries. 41 pp. Full-name index.

 $12.00 + $3 shipping.

Guilford County Cemeteries, Vol. l, Western Section (1996)

 Mary A. Browning

Grave-by-grave readings, most previously published in The Guilford Genealogist, of 33 cemeteries in the western half of the Guilford County. 295 pp. Full-name index. Maps. Softcover. 8 1/2 x 11.

 $25.00 + $3 shipping.

Guilford County Cemeteries, Vol. II, Eastern Section

 Mary Browning

Contains grave readings of 33 cemeteries in the Eastern part of Guilford County, including: Brick Church (German Reformed); Frieden Lutheran; Coble Lutheran; Mt. Pleasant UMC (Kimesville); Mt. Pleasant UMC (McLeansville); Pleasant Garden and Alamance Presbyterian. 450 pp, 8 1/5 x 11, softcover, full-name index and cross index, two maps.

$25.00 + $3 shipping.

Guilford Co. Court Minutes, Aug. Term 1781 - May Term 1788 (1999)

 Jane Smith Hill   

Abstracted minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for Guilford Co., offering a unique look into the county's daily life during this period. Combines abstracts of court minutes previously published in the Guilford Genealogist. 204 pp. Surname index. Map. Glossary. Softcover. 8 1/2 x 11.

$20.00 + $3 shipping.

Greensboro, NC : The County Seat of Guilford

Ethel Stephens Arnett with Walter C. Jackson
(first printing,1955)
(second printing,1975)

The story of the evolution of a city from "pine barrens" to an expanding network of urban activity in the heart of Piedmont North Carolina. By 1955 it had become a leading agricultural, business, cultural, education, manufacturing and distribution center for the state and nation. "The Gate City," the birth place of Dolly Madison and O. Henry has had a worthy and exciting history.  418 pp, 16 pp full name index, appendex, bibliography, photographs, 3 maps, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4, hardback.

 $20.00  + $3 shipping

The History of Guilford County, North Carolina

 Sallie W. Stockard
(with index by Ruth F.Thompson)

The original photographs from this 1902 work have been included in this new edition. County history and some genealogies. Softcover. 150 pp.

 $20.00 + $3 shipping.

Guilford County, a Map, and Guilford County, N.C., a Map Supplement

 Fred Hughes
(published by Custom House)

The map positions land-owners, mills, schools, churches, roads, rivers & streams and many other features as they existed prior to 1800. The book explores a wide range of historical matters Mr. Hughes encountered as research on the map proceeded. Invaluable. And fun! Map is 23" x 35" and printed on heavy white paper in 3 colors, folded for mailing. The book is 137+ pages. Softcover. Maps and illustrations.

 The set: $15.00 + $3 shipping.

Miller Map of Guilford Co., N.C. 1908 (1999)

 C.M. Miller

78" x 54" map shows turn-of-the-century townships, owner-occupied houses, tenant houses, schools, churches and much more in rural Guilford County. Map folded. A 66-page index booklet prepared by Tom Brawner is included in the package.

 $20.00 + $3 shipping.

The Old North State, 1776

 Rev. Eli W. Caruthers, D.D. (indexed by Ruth F. Thompson)

A reprint with full index of Caruthers' classic 1854-1856 work subtitled "Revolutionary Incidents and Sketches of Character," long out of print. Important tool for researching Revolutionary period in Guilford County and elsewhere in North Carolina: Deep River, Regulators, David Fanning, Greene, Cornwallis and Guilford Courthouse. Softcover. 250 pp.

 $20.00 + $3 shipping.

Something of the Story of Deep River (1999)

 William Wesley Pegg, Sr.

Completed by the author (now deceased) in April 1980. With permission of the author's descendants, GCGS has transcribed this work for a new edition and believe it will be valued for its fondly-remembered depiction of rural Deep River township and its people. 103 pp. Index. Two maps. Softcover. 8 1/2 x 11.

 $15.00 + $3 shipping.

The Wharton,  Donnell, Shoffner  Connection 1780 - 1983 : Alamance and Guilford Counties, North Carolina

Raymond Dufau Donnell
c. 1983

A history of  the Wharton family, the O'Donnell family and the Shoffner family of Guilford and Alamance Counties.

This book tells of the marriages that tied the Wharton, Donnell and Shoffner families to one hundred and sixteen other families in Guilford and Alamance counties since 1870.  36 pp, 10 pp full name index,.paperback.

$10.00  + $3 shipping

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