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The extracted information below is from the book EAST FRIESEN ROOTS that Rev. De Wall published in 1986. Permission has been given to publish a partial list of the names from his book that pertains to Grundy Co., IA. The index of names have been taken from the OSTFRIESISCHE NACHRICHTEN a German language newspaper that was published in Breda, IA by Pastor L. Hundling from 1882 to the time of his death and then by others until the 1950's. Many Ostfriesen [East Friesen] families published their obituaries in the Nachrichten in order to inform their friends and relatives in the 17 other colonies of the death of a family member. The index below is listed when the obituary was published in the Nachrichten, the dates listed are not the death dates. Rev. DeWall will translate the original obituary for a small fee. To get a copy of the translated obituary send a letter to:

The Ostfriesen Ancestral Research Association
Rev. Kenneth H. DeWall
143 Virginia Avenue
Bethalto, Illinois 62010

NOTE: The names in parenthesis are the maiden names.
Remember this is for Grundy Co. only.

©Kenneth H. De Wall 1986
Transcribed by Gail Meyer Kilgore with permissions



Gail Meyer Kilgore

Has the following books for lookups:
East Friesen Roots 
By Kenneth D. DeWall
This is an index of surnames for obituaries that was published in the Nachrichten from the years 1882 to 1916.  The Nachrichten was a newspaper that was published for the Ostfriesens and obits were published in this newspaper so it could reach all 17 of the Ostfriesen colonies to notify friends and family.

Boyken, Ruth and Hans-Georg Wo sind sie geblieben? - Ostfriesen in Amerika -/- Where did they stay? - East Frisians in America - , © 1998/2003 - 
Vol. 1 - 1882 - 1901
Vol. 2 - 1902 - 1908
Vol. 3 - 1909 - 1915
Vol. 4 - 1916 - 1971
Vol. 5 - 1922 - 1926
Vol. 6 - 1917 - 1930

Obit Book from the Titonka, IA area

The books of the German author (Hans-Georg) cover the issues of the well-known newspapers "Ostfriesische Nachrichten - Ostfriesen Zeitung" - being started by Rev. L. Hündling - include for the years between 1882 - 1971 the names of immigrants and their personal data, etc. in obituaries a n d local news. Interesting stories are also included in the original version (German language).

Also, Gail has the following Ortssippenbucher's [OSB's]
These books are the published church records of the churches in the following villages in Ostfriesland, Germany
Uphusen [1727-1900]
Simonswolde [Early 1600's -1900]
Loppersum [1720-1900]
Eggelingen [ 1651-1920]
Twixlum [1706-1900]
Wirdum 1652-1900]
Canum [1729-1900]
Engerhafe [1666-1900]
Grimersum [1698-1900]
Eilsum [1718-1900]
Pewsum [1729-1907]
Greetsiel [