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Possible Corrections

    This page is to list any Surname spelling corrections that anyone  may find that they feel needs correcting  in the 1870 All Name Census Index, without changing the text of the contents of the book.  Several days after the corrected name is posted here, it should be picked up by the Search Engine on the Van Buren GenWeb Home Page.

    E-mail me the name you feel is incorrect, along with the corrected spelling and I'll add it to the list along with your name and E-mail address.    Joan Jaco

Published Surname Corrected Surname Page No. Contact Person
  BLARDEN   BLANDEN       28   Barbara LaClair
  BLOSSEN    BLOSSOM        28   Bob Gereau
  BOTTSFORD    BOTSFORD        8    Barbara Bardin
    BURRILL      BURRELL      43    Joan  Jaco
    CLAUSE      CLOUSE      31   David P. Gorski
     CORRIS      CARRIS      67     Jan Stockton
    CRONON     CRONIN      73
  DeVAMO     DEREMO      81
   DOWLAN      DOWLAND      86     Greg Straley
   EISELAHR      EISENLOHR      95  Karen Clinard 
  GANT      GAUT    111   Hal Gaut
  GERON      GEROW    113   Al Sielaff
  HAROLD   HANNOLD/HANOLD    128   Pam Black
  HARROLD  HANNOLD/HANOLD    130    Pam Black
  JOHNSON      JOHNSTON   156-7    Desiree Roberts
  KIRKE   NOYES   166    Joan Jaco
   LUMIUS     SUMMERS     34   David P. Gorski
  MC KANESS    McHARNESS   187    Wanda Myers
  MC KARNESS    McHARNESS   187    Wanda Myers
  MAGUIRE     McGUIRE   191
  MERRYFIELD   MERRIFIELD    36    Roxann Wilkinson
  NICKOLS    NICHOLS   213    Dale Wilson
  PAPP   POPP    27    Penny Popp
  PROPER   PROSSER, Adolphus   235 Barbara Prosser Wyckoff
  RAWLEY   ROWLEY   237   Jeanne Garrett 
  SAFLER    LAFLER   253     Annie
  STURNEMAN     STERNAMAN    258     Greg Straley
  TRIME   TRIM    295   Donna Comstock
   VANDERVOOST     VANDERVOORT    304    James E. Gilbert
  WHITEFORD    WHITFORD    315    Michalene Cardella

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