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All Saints Memorial Gardens Saugatuck Twp.
Allegan County Poor Farm Cemetery Allegan Twp.
Baseline Cheshire Twp.
Benteim Overisel Twp.
Blackman Trowbridge Twp.
Blessed Sacrament Allegan Twp.
Bradley Indian Mission Wayland Twp.
Brookside Heath Twp.
Diamond Springs Overisel Twp.
Douglas Saugatuck Twp.
East Dorr Dorr Twp.
East Holland Dorr Twp.
East Martin Martin Twp.
East Saugatuck Holland
Elmwood Wayland Twp.
Fairfield Allegan Twp.
Fennville Fennville
Germond Wayland Twp.
Gibson Laketown Twp.
Graafschap Fillmore Twp.
Gun Plain Gun Plain Twp.
Henry Clay Alexander Memorial Gardens Saugatuck Twp.
Hicks Watson Twp.
Hill Wayland Twp.
Hillside Gun Plain Twp.
Hooker Leighton Twp.
Hudson Corners Allegan Twp.
Hutchins Ganges Twp.
Indian Cheshire Twp.
Ives Gun Plain Twp.
Jones Dorr Twp.
Lakeview / Ellinger (German Methodist) Hopkins Twp.
Lee Lee Twp.
Lindsley Cheshire Twp.
Loomis Ganges Twp.
Mallory Trowbridge Twp.
Manlius Manlius Twp.
Maplewood (Ohio Corners) Hopkins Twp.
Messer Wayland Twp.
McDowell Casco Twp.
Methodist Trowbridge Twp.
Mill Grove Valley Twp.
Miner Watson Twp.
Mountain Home Otsego
Oakland Overisel Twp.
Oak Grove Clyde Twp.
Oakwood Allegan
Old Overisel Overisel Twp.
Pearl Clyde Twp.
Pearson Cheshire Twp.
Pine Creek Otsego
Plummerville Ganges Twp.
Poplar Hill Monterey Twp.
Richter (Tanner) Dorr Twp.
Riverside Saugatuck Twp.
Riverside Heath Twp.
Round Hopkins Twp.
Rowe Cheshire Twp.
Sacred Heart Church Watson Twp.
Saints Lee Twp.
Saints Cyril and Methodist Catholic Clyde Twp.
St. Joseph Catholic Leighton Twp.
St. Margaret's Otsego
St Mary's Salem Twp.
St. Mary's Visitation (North Dorr) Dorr Twp.
St. Paul's Evangelical (German Lutheran) Hopkins Twp.
St. Stanislaus Dorr Twp.
Selkirk Wayland Twp.
South Martin Martin Twp.
Sproat Dorr Twp.
Salem (Burnips) Salem Twp.
Stephenson Casco Twp.
Stuller Casco Twp.
Swedish Lutheran Watson
Taylor Ganges Twp.
Trowbridge Methodist Trowbridge Twp.
Woodside Gun Plain Twp.

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