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Northville Genealogical Society

Serving Northville, Canton, Livonia, New Hudson, Novi, Plymouth, South Lyon,

Walled Lake,Westland, and Wixom


Listed below are names and death dates for persons who are Northville residents or have Northville roots. There are obituaries on file.

You may request a scanned copy of an obit to be emailed for a $5.00 fee or a snail-mail copy with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a $5.00 fee. After your check is received, your obit will be sent.

Please address and mail the check to:  Northville Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 932, Northville, MI 48167-0932



Last Name First Name Death Date
Tabaczynski Bernice "Bonnie" 9/15/2008
Tabor Violet 2/5/2004
Taft Ella M Hakes 5/30'
Taft William Guy n/a
Taggart Jack D ca 9/15/1981
Taggert Anna Deming n/a
Tait Alice J Campbell 5/28/1905
Tait Arthur J 3/2/1920
Tait Charles Neason 10/13/1975
Tait Elma Sarah n/a
Tait Emma Sarah Speck 7/1926
Tait Julius 3/7/1944
Talbot Kyle Alex 3/03/2006
Talbot Richard Crockford "Dick" Sr. 2/27/2009
Tamblyn William K. 4/02/2001
Tandy Mary Ellen 3/23/1992
Tank Margaret M 10/25/1988
Tapner Shirley N. 7/08/2000
Tappen Bernard ca 2/25/1983
Tarrow Roland O 1/23/1992
Taylor Ada 7/25/2008
Taylor Alice Mae 12/20/1992
Taylor Cloie Bell 5/20/1991
Taylor Daniel R. 9/23/2000
Taylor Della G. 11/23/1998
Taylor Edison Ford 5/14'
Taylor Fae E. 4/27/2002
Taylor Floyd Ellery ca 2/3/1983
Taylor Harry P. n/a
Taylor Hazel M April 25'
Taylor Hilda O 11/1/1990
Taylor J A n/a
Taylor Lydia Elizabeth Cork 9/9/1920
Taylor Mae Lorraine Spengler 11/29/2004
Taylor Neal Chandler 8/09/2002
Taylor P J n/a
Taylor Robert Edward 10/21/2007
Taylor Russell G ca 10/24/1987
Taylor Sarah C. 2/2/1938
Taylor Susie Mae 5/27/1897
Teichert Adeline 3/06/2002
Tekieli Jane 10/27/2006
Tellerico Frances M. 2/11/2007
Templin Margaret M. Moran 12/17/1999
Tennant Charles A. 10/08/2006
Tennant Jesse J. 4/05/1991
Terrill Mary Esther ca 1983
Tesch William August 7/21/1961
Teshka Mrs. August M. 3/6/1936
Teshka Doris A. Gates 11/23/2001
Teshka Emil W  12/28/1971
Teshka Herman n/a
Tester Largean 3/26/1956
Tews Valta R. Aube-Wolverton 5/07/2001
Tharp Carol L. 5/16/2001
Thayer Louise Bryan 12/2/1972
Theisen Patricia Anne 11/17/2008
Thomas Billie W. 11/01/2000
Thomas Daniel Edward 8/10/1992
Thomas Daniel Patrick 3/16/1994
Thomas Dorothy L. 2/26/2001
Thomas Eltia Mae 2/8'
Thomas Everlyn Gross 4/17/2004
Thomas Geraldine E 6/8/2005
Thomas Glenn E 1/11/1992
Thomas Margaret E. 7/18/2002
Thomas Margaret M ca 12/28/1971
Thomas Mildred(Pat) Cucchetti 4/23/2000
Thomas Robert K 11/16/1995
Thomas Roy E. 7/12/2002
Thomasson Claire I 12/15/1993
Thompson Ellen F New Years Day
Thompson Irene Ella ca 10/26/1978
Thompson Jack 8/23/1997
Thompson James Francis  "Jim" 5/07/1999
Thompson John T. 5/12/1938
Thompson Lee W 2/22/1993
Thompson Lina M. 6/07/1997
Thompson Mrs. W J 10/15'
Thompson Opal C 11/19/1993
Thompson Shirley Y. Schollett 5/26/1991
Thompson Virginia 2/3/1917
Thomson Alta R. Sorenson 5/19/1997
Thomson Gladys A 3/17/1999
Thorman Flora F. Gerst 3/28/1999
Thornton Mrs. Borridel A 1/13'
Thull Donald W. 8/18/2002
Thurman Lawrence John 6/29/2003
Thurman Margaret Louise 2/19/2009
Tiffin Bertha F 8/9
Tiffin Charles
Tiffin Louis Russell 4/26/2008
Tiilikka Larry Richard 10/24/1993
Tillery Carrie E. Long 5/18/1997
Tilley Pierce ca 8/7/1980
Tinham Arabella  Randolph 1/8/1933
Tinker Franklyn L. 6/30/1997
Tinson Ellen Margaret Klocke 7/01/1997
Titus Mildred J 9/26/1993
Titus William V. 11/16/1999
Todd Isabel J 6/4/1992
Todd John Beecher 6/04/2006
Todd Wesley R. 12/01/2002
Tolls David Fri morning
Tomalty Gladys 6/06/2001
Tomasak Josephine F 4/9/2008
Tomaszewski Maria A 2/24/1993
Tomaszewski Zbigniew "Ziggy" 3/19/1994
Tomlinson James William 1/2/1994
Toms Robert H 6/27/2003
Torok Georgia Ann Paolucci 4/29/2002
Torok Glennell G Garno 8/10/2003
Torsch Lauraine B 6/28/1996
Toth Joseph C 3/15/2003
Toupin Elizabeth Derocher 1/27/2009
Toupin Walter D 2/26/2005
Tousey Fred n/a
Tousey William 4/19/1932
Tousignant Gertrude M 7/11/1992
Tower Edwin W n/a
Towne Jacqueline M Campbell 2/17/2007
Towne Lawrence E "Larry" 10/9/1994
Townsend Gordon Lee 3/18/2005
Toy Kathleen A 2/25/1996
Tracy Beverly T. Warren 1/28/2006
Trapp Adolph O 2/23/1977
Trapp Edward H 10/9/2004
Trapp Mamie Emma Ann 5/29/1991
Travis Marie 7/5/1994
Travis Raymond E 4/12/2008
Traynoff Ted n/a
Traynor Joan 8/22/2006
Treat Leah Van Sickle 6/29/1918
Treat Robert 8/16/2003
Tremonti Lawrence P 11/7/1996
Tremor Charles W 7/29/1996
Trenkle Howard R Jr., Col. 6/26/2003
Trew Dorothea Ann Shafer 9/21/1991
Trinkwalder Carol Ann Graves 10/03/2006
Trinkwalder Mildred F. 12/11/1991
Tripoti Fortunto n/a
Tripp Sheryl Khoury 8/30/2006
Tromans William Edward 4/17/2000
Trombley Edwin F. 12/16/2002
Trosst Catherine E. Robinson 12/09/2001
Trotter Gertrude M 7/11/1992
Troup Ruth B 3/5/1996
Trufant John 7/4/1937
Trufant Laura T. Buckley 7/29/1971
Trumbull Anna Deming 3/30/1905
Trumbull Frederick P ca 10/19/1988
Trumbull Katherine 7/14/2001
Trytten Virginia Carolyn "Gin" 9/3/1990
Tsoucaris Bessie Vasilia 5/17/2006
Tuck Donald Frederick 7/3/1996
Tuck Evelyn N 7/25/1992
Tucker Adelaide 6/27/2004
Tucker Beverly Joan Meyers 7/7/2008
Tucker Harry E.B. Jr. 3/6/2009
Tucker June Mary 9/10/2001
Tucker William W "Bill" 3/4/2005
Tufer Marianne 4/05/1999
Turchan Ruzena 2/13/2007
Turnbull Marion L 11/18/1994
Turnbull Mary R. Dedes 5/21/2000
Turnbull Rita M. 5/15/2000
Turner Lina M. Thompson 6/07/1997
Turner Ruth 6/17/1983
Turner Tim 4/14/2006
Turrell Abbie G n/a
Tyler Lessie T 11/27/1990
Tyson Violet L Bogus 1/20/2003