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Northville Genealogical Society

Serving Northville, Canton, Livonia, New Hudson, Novi, Plymouth, South Lyon,

Walled Lake,Westland, and Wixom


Listed below are names and death dates for persons who are Northville residents or have Northville roots. There are obituaries on file.

You may request a scanned copy of an obit to be emailed for a $5.00 fee or a snail-mail copy with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a $5.00 fee. After your check is received, your obit will be sent.

Please address and mail the check to:  Northville Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 932, Northville, MI 48167-0932



Last Name First Name Death Date
O'Brien Catherine 4/7/1993
O'Brien Edgar Gerald "Jerry" 6/19/1996
O'Brien Edna A. 10/2/1999
O'Brien Gerald K, Jr. 4/4/2003
O'Brien Joseph Russell 4/13/1999
O'Brien Mary Lou 10/15/2006
O'Connell David Owen 11/21/1996
O'Conner John 4/19/1988
O'Connor Anna B. 8/23/1997
O'Connor Fred Martin 7/26/1991
O'Connor Roy W. 4/01/1997
Oginski Shirley A 5/15/1996
Oginski Victoria B. 12/07/1998
O'Hanislan Winifred J. 7/21/2002
O'Hare Francis "Dan" 7/2/1994
O'Hare Steven Daniel 12/12/1997
Okasinski Irene A. 12/04/2001
Okopny Philip M. 5/26/1991
Older Louise D.       1/22/1997
O'Leary Frieda E 2/20/2008
Oleszkowicz Dorothy J. Wheeler 12/02/2000
Olewnik Curt Joseph Francis 7/30/2005
Olewnik Eugene N  4/16/1991
Olewnik Eugene N. 4/16/1991
Olewnik Veronica D 4/26/1993
Oliver Joan T 1/29/2007
Olivich John J ca 2/22/1976
Olsen Robert Carl Jr. ca 10/1/1976
Olson Albert J  1/7/1981
Olson Dorothy L. 5/21/2009
Olson John A 5/3/1992
Olson Kevin J. 7/30/2001
Olson Rosemonda M. Jablonski 2/17/2000
Olson Sylvia Marie Priest 2/07/1991
O'Meara Eulalia L. Connelly 11/02/1997
Omiatek Helen ca 8/22/1987
Orlowski Robert H. Sr. 7/4/2008
Ormond Mary M 8/14/1996
Osborn Clayton J 8/20/1993
Osborn Myrlene M 9/18/1993
Osborn Robert E 2/4/2008
Osburn Dale F 8/11/1994
Osebold Mary E. Killeen 4/22/2002
Ostic Mary M. 1/05/2001
Ostrander Emma Elizabeth n/a
O'Toole Isobel Ann ca 6/20/1975
Otton S Douglas 7/20/1994
Ouellette Isabel D. Willgues n/a
Ouellette Margaret E 10/29/1990
Ovenshire Adaline ca 1923
Overturf Zona May 3/1/1956
Owen Ann Elizabeth 2/19/2008
Owen Dorothy A. Haught 10/22/2002
Owen Mary Ratiu 6/05/2006
Owen Orlow G. 12/29/1972
Owen Bessie Idella ca 1/3/1972
Owens Edward M 4/5/1993
Owens Frankie Jeanette (Long) 3/13/1992
Owens Ruth Jerome 5/24/1905
Owings Mildred L. Connelly 4/03/2006
Ozak Sheri A. 11/6/2007
Ozenghar Shirley Leona 10/7/1992