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Northville Genealogical Society

Serving Northville, Canton, Livonia, New Hudson, Novi, Plymouth, South Lyon,

Walled Lake,Westland, and Wixom


Listed below are names and death dates for persons who are Northville residents or have Northville roots. There are obituaries on file.

You may request a scanned copy of an obit to be emailed for a $5.00 fee or a snail-mail copy with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a $5.00 fee. After your check is received, your obit will be sent.

Please address and mail the check to:  Northville Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 932, Northville, MI 48167-0932

Please contact us by email if you have any questions.


Last Name First Name Death Date
Eachues Jacqueline L. Vermillion 4/03/1999
Eads Anna Marie 9/09/2001
Eagan Margaret V 10/31/1994
Eagan Paul E. 8/29/2006
Eagle Jacquelyn E Riddell 7/18/1984
Earehart Carl Thomas 1/21/1994
Earehart Harry E 4/2/2008
Earehart Harry E 4/2/2008
Earehart Irene Hoskins 7/18/1994
Earl Ann Elizabeth Lien 10/23/1997
Earl Claude O. 10/18/2000
Eastland Clara L 11/14/1992
Eastland Jason K. DDS 1/8/1971
Eastland Ruth E.Anderson 11/12/2002
Eatherly Florance D. 2/3/1916
Eaton Alice Comlossy 11/12/1993
Eaton Ida Marie 5/15/1994
Eaton Ida Rose "Murph" n/a
Eaton Lyman Lindsey 2/1897
Eaton William L., Jr. 7/05/1999
Ebersole Arnold Keith 10/29/2000
Ebert Dempsey B. 10/8/1972
Ebert Irene Elizabeth 8/24/1984
Ebert Irene Elizabeth ca 8/14/1984
Ebling Katherine 6/20/1991
Eckles Frank E 3/3/2008
Eckles Frank E 3/3/2008
Eckles Hilda A 11/16/1992
Eckles Lucy A Hamilton 10/23'
Eckman Catherine D 3/14/2007
Eddy Edna C. Perdew Hoffman 9/09/1997
Eddy Reita W Morey 11/10/2003
Eddy Sandra Kay Brown 2/24/2001
Eden C. Earl, Jr. Rev. 6/11/2002
Eden Doris Marie 2/12/2003
Eden Helen A 10/21/1990
Eden Patricia Ann Graeser n/a
Edge Kenneth M 10/31/1993
Edington Jill E 8/23/1996
Edmonds Irene M. 12/08/2000
Edwards Helen E 1/11/1992
Edwards Lillian 5/24/1929
Edwards Mary K Dodson 9/29/2004
Edwards Pauletta Aline 3/22/1996
Edwards Steven J. 7/30/2000
Edwardson Diane Ruth 11/21/1990
Ehlinger Leaette M. Knoblauch 8/26/1991
Eib Myrtle C 5/30/1993
Eichen Mary Elizabeth Elkington 5/11/2003
Eickmeyer Marie 1/7/1992
Eighmy Robertina Rodgers 6/7/2005
Eis Timothy Peters 7/24/1993
Eisele Edward Albert 6/22/2002
Ekrut Eileen M. 8/03/1991
Elger Viola Noble 10/02/1991
Elias Millicent M 2/13/1993
Elker Robert E. 4/1/2008
Elkington Juanita I 8/26/1984
Elkington Juanita I ca 8/26/1983
Elkington Mary Elizabeth Eichen 5/11/2003
Ellcessor Gilene N. 8/02/2002
Elliott Alvina 2/27/1956
Elliott Esther Safford 10/31/1936
Elliott Harry S n/a
Elliott Mary Parmenter 2/21/1923
Elliott Therese "Toni" 8/20/1992
Elliott Hattie n/a
Elliott Mary Parmenter 2/21/1923
Ellis John Sanford 6/13/2005
Ellis Elizabeth "Betty" 10/25/2001
Ellison Araminta "Liz" 3/17/2006
Ellison Jack D 3/28/2003
Ellsworth Sylvester Wednesday
Elm James D 10/23/1992
Elm Lilly A. 3/18/2001
Elstro Beatrice "Betty" Andre 2/24/2003
Elwin Ruth M 2/13/1996
Ely Cora Murdoch n/a
Ely Genevieve C ca 9/24/1989
Ely Margaret M 10/25/1988
Ely Marguerite L Vroman 2/24/1978
Ely Travis R 1/4/1988
Ely W. V. n/a
Emenheiser Lois R. Kyle 4/27/2002
Emery Charles N 7/25/2004
Emery Ellen Nevius 4/10/1898
Emery Muriel J. 8/21/2001
Emery Vogal M. 8/11/2006
Emsley Todd A. 5/18/2001
Engel Lillian B 4/7'
Engel Robert L 3/22/2007
Engelmeyer Robert L 4/27/2003
Engi Frank Z. 1/25/2001
Engwall Carl E. 5/17/1997
Enochs Michael G 4/11/2004
Entrician Clarissa M 2/25/1904
Entz Katherine W 6/3
Erdman Norma  E. 3/26/1997
Erikson Lester A, Col. 12/9/1992
Ervin Lessie T 11/27/1990
Esch Betty J 9/29/2004
Escher Mary AliceShultz 9/27/2002
Esper Virginia Anne 8/08/2001
Estep Arthur Mac 3/14/1964
Etz Elizabeth June 1984
Etz Elizabeth, Rev. 7/23/1984
Eubanks Geneva A 10/5/2003
Evans Howard "Tad",  Jr. 7/16/2001
Evans Scott 12/03/1999
Evans William George 3/2/1983
Ewbank Greg N 2/7/2008