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Prince George's County History

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Prince George's County was established by the 1695 Maryland General Assembly to be effective on St. George's Day, April 23, 1696, from parts of Calvert and Charles Counties.   As originally constituted, Prince George's included all or part of the current area of Frederick and Montgomery Counties and the District of Columbia.  The county was named for Prince George of Denmark, husband of England's Queen Anne. The county seat is Upper Marlboro.

Probably the best single online source of information about the history of the county is the site of the former Prince George's County Tricentennial Commission, now archived by the University of Maryland.  The site also includes a number of links to other sites and a bibliographic guide.

The following pages have links to additional sites with information about the history of the county.

Community Histories

Online histories of municipalities and other communities that show settlement information or names of early settlers or officials.

Church Histories and Records

This is a list of Prince George's County churches for which there is online information about the history or records of the church.  Predecessor and mission churches may be listed more than once.

  • [Current] links to the church's current homepage.
  • [History] links to a page with historical information, usually the church's own site. 
  • [MSA] links to a Maryland State Archives page with a link to online information about the records of the church. 
  • [Names] links to a page on this site with a list of the names of founders or early pastors, but not current and recent pastors.

Note that this is not a complete list of chrurches in Prince George's County--only those with online historical or records information. 

Other Histories

African American History

Native American History


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