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Corner of Thurston & Linthicum Roads across from Isaac Davis Farm Thurston, Frederick County line, Md

Many stones are eroded, those remaining:

Davis, Charles Wesley 15 Dec 1849-21 Jul 1850
son of  Isaac & Catherine

Davis, Sarah Emmer 15 May 1848-16 Jul 1850
daughter of  Isaac & Catherine

Davis, Martha S. 1825-1848

Johnson, Eliza C. 8 Aug 1856-16 Sep 1863
daughter of  Benj & Martha House Johnson

Johnson, Mary E. 1843- March 1901
wife of  Rev. Geo. W. Johnson

~Johnson, Our Babies  children of Benjamin & Martha ~

Kinna, David 21 Jan 1756-9 Jun 1835

Kinna, William 26 Dec 1811-1 Feb 1887

(wife) Sarah Ellen 1 Mar 1814-12 Apr 1891

Peters, John 20 Mar 1818-27 Jun 1903
son of  John, was a wheelwright & carpenter of Thurston

(wife) Cassandra Nicholson 1 Jan 1824-21 Jun 1864
daughter of  Asa & Cordelia Nicholson

Simmons, James S. W.

Simmons, John R. G.

Simmons, Mary M.

Simmons, Samuel Gassaway

Simmons, Sarah A.

Simmons, Sarah E.

Simmons, Victor

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