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A New Collection of Cemetery Inscriptions and Burial Records In Print

"Howard County Maryland Records Volume IX: Cemetery and Interment Records for Thirty-Two Howard County Grave Sites" was published in March 2001 by the Howard County Genealogical Society (HCGS). Most of the cemeteries were copied during the period 1996-2000. The book contains information on about 1,900 burials, comprising about 575 surnames.

The latest cemetery location information of Howard County agencies was utilized in the preparation of the new volume. The Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning in cooperation with the Cemetery Preservation Advisory Board maintains the Howard County Cemeteries and Gravesites Inventory, which is a list of all known burial sites in the county.

Volume IX of Howard County Records is the final volume of cemetery records that HCGS plans to publish. However it is planning to publish a collective index to the burials in all of the cemetery volumes. With the completion of Volume IX, we believe we have completed our goal of collecting inscriptions from all known burial sites in the county with the following exceptions: (1) sites that were destroyed during construction before recent laws safeguarding them; (2) sites having no remaining stones; (3) certain historic African American cemeteries which have been recorded by another organization for future publication; (4) a few sites at which we were not granted permission to enter private property; (5) the large, relatively recent, commercial cemeteries: Crest Lawn Memorial Gardens, Meadowridge Memorial Park, and Columbia Memorial Park.

The largest cemetery in the new book is Howard Chapel Methodist Protestant Church cemetery, located in western Howard County near Mount Airy. The 390 burials recorded were taken from the church records rather than from the tombstone inscriptions. The next largest cemetery is Jennings Chapel Cemetery, located in Woodbine, with about 280 inscriptions copied. Of special interest is the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur cemetery near Trinity School in Ilchester. It contains about 245 burials, but most of the tombstones list only the religious name of the sister and her death date. HCGS obtained the burial records from the office of the order, which provided the full original name of each sister, her birth and death date, as well as the names of both parents. Although we were not given permission to transcribe tombstones in the large Holy Trinity Orthodox Cemetery near Elkridge, some general information about it is provided in this volume.

Besides these four large cemeteries, the new book contains inscriptions from 28 smaller cemeteries, ranging from one to thirty burials. Of special note are the stones of the Ellicott Family Graveyard at Hollofield, containing names of the family of some of Ellicott City's founders. These are some of the oldest surviving tombstones in the county. The stones were moved in 1974 from their original location near Ellicott's Upper Mills to their present location in the Ellicott Graveyard in Ellicott City. The Simpson Cemetery, near Clarksville, was recorded as a project of Clarksville Middle School students assisted by their resource teacher. Even inscriptions in a pet cemetery, the Rosa Bonheur Memorial Park in Elkridge, are recorded, not those of the animals but of the dozen or so human owners who wanted to be buried beside their pets!

A complete listing of the 32 cemeteries included in Volume IX is as follows:

"Howard County Maryland Records Volume IX" contains 75 pages of cemetery inscriptions and burial records, plus an index of names. A small map is included with each cemetery's description to aid in locating the site. The book also has appendixes with the tables of contents of the previous volumes in the series. The book is soft-cover with a comb binding. It is priced at $11.00, plus $0.55 tax for Maryland residents, plus $3.00 shipping, from HCGS, Box 274, Columbia, MD 21045. You may request price lists for all HCGS publications from

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