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Records of Interments at St Louis' Cemetery, Clarksville, MD 1887-1937

NameYearDeath DateInterment DateAge at DeathPlace of BirthCause of DeathRacial NotePriestRemarks
?1901Apr ??babyHoward Co. MdGrippe??
?, William1899Oct (?)?75ParalysisJohn GaynorMass. Church crowded.
Baker, ...1914Howard Co. MdEdw. F. ReillyLow Mass
Baker, Gladys Mary1902Jul 24Jul 268 mosHoward Co. MdS. S. Hurlbut
Baker, Joseph1914Howard Co. MdunreadableEdw. F. Reillyunreadable
Baker, William E.1910Oct 14Oct 1745Mont. CoTuburculosisS. S. HurlbutMass
Baldwin, .....1893Oct 6Oct 83Howard Co. MdDrownedJos. M. Walter
Blay, Charles E.1896Sep 29Sep 306 and 1/2ClarksvillePneumoniaJohn Gaynor
Blay, Mrs. Wm.1893Apr 13Apr 14abt 50Howard Co. MdConsumptionJos. M. Walter
Blay, William1934Apr 19Apr 21Howard Co. MdOld AgeW. Howard BishopMass Apr 21
Boone, Catherine1907Sep 9Sep 1229BaltimoreAbcessS. S. HurlbutMass
Boone, Martin Albert1907May 4May 75 mosHoward Co. MdPneumoniaS. S. Hurlbut
Bruce, Leonidas1929May 10May 13Howard Co. MdTuburculosisW. Howard BishopMass May 13
Bruce, Susie1918Feb 18Feb 21abt 55Howard Co. MdStomach TroubleW. Howard BishopMass Feb 21
Carr, George W.1917Dec 11Dec 1455Howard Co. MdIntestinal NephritisW. Howard BishopMass
Carr, Georgiana1907Aug 25Aug 28ConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Carr, Pauline Susan1891Mar 14Mar 161Howard Co. MdPaul Griffith
Carr, Sophia1902Jan 10Jan 1360Howard Co. MdS. S. Hurlbut
Carroll, Sarah1918May 19May 2174Heart TroubleW. Howard BishopMass May 21
Cashell, Addie E.1923Jun 5Jun 753Howard Co. MdBright'sW. Howard BishopMass Jun 7
Cavanaugh, Catherine1888Oct 31Nov 221Pittsfield, MAConsumptionPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
Chambers, Marjorie1938Jul 2Jul 558Howard Co. MdHeartJ. J. LeayMass
Cissel, Mary Elizabeth1903Mar 14Mar 151 mo.Mont. Co.Pneumonia
Cissell, R. E.1912May 9May 1146Mont. CoBright's DiseaseEdw. F. ReillyLow Mass
Clark, George Hubert1925Sep 28Sep 291 mo 5 daysHoward Co. MdMalnutritionW. Howard BishopNo mass
Cole, William H.1929Jan 2980MdChronic complaintW. Howard BishopMass St. Agnes Woodlawn
Cook, Henrietta1903Aug 29Aug 3178Howard Co. MdOld AgeS. S. HurlbutMass
Cooney, ?1904Nov ?InfantHoward Co. Mdbrain fever
Cooney, Mary E.1890May 1May 31Clarksville, MdPneumoniaPaul Griffith
Cuff, Patrick1893Jul 1Jul 3abt 76IrelandJos. M. Walter
Davis, Mrs.1893Feb 25Feb 2868Fred. Co. MdPneumoniaJos. M. WalterManor Parish
Davis, Susan1905Oct 18Oct 20InfantHoward Co. MdConsumptionS. S. Hurlbut
DeChenbel, Josephine1930Oct 15Oct 18Howard Co. Md (?)Heart DiseaseW. Howard BishopMass Oct 18
DeChenbelle, Peter1911Mar 14Mar 1782Dusseldorf, Ger.PneumoniaS. S. HurlbutMass
Denis, Mrs. Louis1892Apr 6Apr 845Frederick Co. MdPneumoniaJos. M. Walter
Denmead, Adam1906Sep 21Sep 2439Howard Co. MdConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Denmead, Albert1912Jan 29Feb 148Howard Co. MdNot KnownEdw. F. ReillyHigh Mass
Denmead, Henry1907Mar 13Mar 1677Howard Co. MdKidney trouble &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Denmead, Mary1899Sep 28Oct 2HeartJohn GaynorMass
Dennis, Anna1901Jan 14Jan 1620Fred. Co.P...pral feverS. S. HurlbutMass
Dennis, Lewis1900Nov 6Nov 949Fred. Co.Accidental shootingS. S. HurlbutMass
Dennis, Samuel Arthur1907Aug 27Aug 296 mosHoward Co. MdCholera Infantum
Dixon, Bradley1897Jun 27Jun 3072BaltimoreComplicationsJohn GaynorMass
Dixon, Mary1890Aug 12Aug 1490P. G. Co. MdDebility & old agecol'dPaul Griffith
Dixon, Mrs. Bradley S.1892Mar 3Mar 7ComplicationJos. M. Walter
Donahoo, Patrick1888Jul 29Jul 31IrelandCancerPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
Donohoo, Margaret1905Nov 25Nov 2783Howard Co. MdOld Age &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Dorsey, Margaret Ella1903Jan 21Jan 2354Howard Co. MdPneumonia &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Dorsey, Upton W.1907Aug 4Aug 764Howard Co. MdApoplexyS. S. HurlbutMass
Dwyer, Mary Emma1910Oct 7Oct 1030Mont. CoTuburculosisS. S. HurlbutMass
Federline, Leonard1931Howard Co. MdAccidentW. Howard BishopMass
Federline, Sarah C.1929Feb 1177Howard Co. MdHeart AttackW. Howard BishopMass St. Joseph Monestery Baltimore
Federline, William E.1908Jun 25Jun 2764Mont. CoKidney troubleS. S. HurlbutMass
Flora, Edna Irene1904Jun 15Jun 162 daysHoward Co. MdPremature birthS. S. Hurlbut
Flora, Elizabeth1888Nov 1Nov 341VirginiaCancer of wombPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
Ganau, Frank1889Oct 26Oct 2970GermanyAsthmaPaul GriffithDied in Wahsington
Ganau, Mrs. Dinah1892Dec 7Dec 10Insanity & starvationJos. M. Walter
Gardiner, Mary M.1929Dec 10Dec 12Howard Co. MdInternal complaintW. Howard BishopMass Dec 12
Gaylord, Pauline1922Nov 7Nov 11Howard Co. MdParalysisW. Howard BishopMass Nov (?)
Gaylord, Robert1926Sep 9Sep 13CancerW. Howard BishopMass
Gibson, Joseph1912Mar 28Howard Co. Mdborn dead but perhaps baptized in womb
Gibson, Mrs. Thomas1912Apr 5Apr 835Howard Co. MdAfter childbirthEdw. F. ReillyLow Mass
Gibson, Philip1929May 19May 22Howard Co. MdAccidentW. Howard BishopMass May 22
Gilliss, Thomas1938Jun 15Jun 1824BaltimoreT. B.J. J. LeayMass St. Edward's Baltimore
Griffin, Aletha1923May 1May 3Howard Co. MdW. Howard BishopBody brought from Baltimore, Mass May 3
Griffin, Samuel1926Apr 10Apr 1278Howard Co. MdParalysisW. Howard BishopMass Apr 12
Hammond, Richard1926Oct 26Oct 29Howard Co. MdHeart troubleW. Howard BishopMass Oct ?
Hardey, Louisa Ann1908Jul 21Jul 2384MdPneumoniaS. S. HurlbutMass
Hardey, Virginia1927Dec 2Dec 574Howard Co. MdHeart diseaseW. Howard BishopMass Dec 5
Hardy, Irene1894OctOctHoward Co. MdPneumoniaJos. M. WalterHigh Mass
Harris, John1922Aug 2Aug 5Howard Co. MdConsumptioncol'dW. Howard BishopMass Aug 5
Harris, John1891Mar 13Mar 15Abt. 45AlabamaAbdominal Fistulacol'dPaul Griffith
Harris, Thomas James1888Dec 11Dec 1330EnglandPneumoniaPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
Hart, Caroline1896Jul 15Jul 163 MosClarksvilleDeath of MotherJohn Gaynor
Hart, Caroline1896Jun 17Jun 1923DoughreganchildbirthJohn Gaynor
Ireland (?), Henry1903Jun 13Jun 1535Howard Co. MdCancerS. S. HurlbutMass
Jenkins, Louisa D.1912May 19May 2282MdParalysisEdw. F. ReillyLow Mass
Johnson, Elisha1893May 16May 175 MosHoward Co. Mdcol'd
Johnson, Walter1891Sep 8Sep 96 Simpsonville, MdSummer Compiaintcol'dPaul GriffithSt. Louis cemetery
Junghaus, Jas. W.1892Jan 23Jan 263 Mos.St. Louis ParishThrushPaul Griffith
Kavanaugh, Bridget1901Apr 16Apr 1865IrelandPneumoniaS. S. HurlbutMass
Kavanaugh, John1898Feb 10Feb 1363Wicklow, IrelandApoplexyJohn GaynorMass
King, Bertha1900Jan 5Jan 79Howard Co. MdConsumptionJohn Gaynor
King, Mary Virginia1904Sep 14Sep 177 daysHoward Co. Md
Knauff, Edward1931Mat 8May 11Howard Co. MdPneumoniaW. Howard BishopMass May 11
Knight, Daisy May1901Aug 12Aug 134 mosHoward Co. Md"Spasms"S. S. Hurlbut
Knight, Willliam Henry1902Apr 9Apr 11abt 74VirginiaHeart &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Lotleif, Henry1919Jan 22Jan 2556GermanyKnife woundJoseph A. MyerMass Jan 25
Lotleif, Joseph1919Jan 14Jan 1527Howard Co. MdInfluenzaWm. Thos. ConnollyFuneral from home
Malady, Christopher1903Aug 8Aug 10abt 55IrelandAccidentS. S. HurlbutMass
Maloney, Bridget1890Apr 7Apr 968IrelandPneumoniaPaul Griffith
Maloney, John1911Aprabt 98Galway, IrelandOld Age &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Maloney, John Henry1901Feb 6Feb 943Howard Co. MdConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Maloney, Louis1912OctHoward Co. MdKilled by trainEdw. F. ReillyHigh Mass
Maloney, Thomas1912OctHoward Co. MdApoplexyEdw. F. ReillyHigh Mass
Maloney, Walter Thomas1896Jul 10Jul 128 MosDaytonTeethingJohn Gaynor
Manakee, ........1899Aug 24Aug 254 daysJohn Gaynor
Manakee, Hannah M.1904Mar 8Mar 1145Howard Co. MdApoplexyS. S. HurlbutMass
Manakee, Henry D.1888Oct 17Oct 1921 Mos.Clarksville, MdCholera InfantumPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
Manakee, John1927Sep 15Sep 19Howard Co. MdW. Howard BishopMass Sep 19
Manakee, Margaret1921Aug 10Aug 1383Old AgeW. Howard BishopMass Aug 13
Manakee, Mary Catherine1907Jun 8Jun 1023Howard Co. MdConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Manakee, Sarah1918Jan 20Jan 2262PneumoniaW. Howard BishopHigh Mass
Marlow, Francis Cole1933Nov 26Nov 2987Howard Co. MdCancerW. Howard BishopMass Nov 29
Martin (?), Jusie(?)1898??57Howard Co. MdPneumoniaJohn GaynorMass
Mason, Elizabeth1907Dec 13Dec 1625Howard Co. MdConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Mc Crassin, James Bernard1887Apr 27Apr 2919Mont. Co. MdConsumptionPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
McCrassin, Henry1909Oct 4Oct 773Howard Co. MdParalysis &cS. S. HurlbutMass
McHolly, James R., Jr.1896Jan 6Jan 72 WksHoward Co. Md .... troubleJohn Gaynor
Melia, Agnes1889Jun 24Jun 258BaltimoreDyptheriaPaul Griffith
Melia, Michael Francis1889Jun 28Jun 293BaltimoreDyptheriaPaul Griffith
Merson, Ida May1903Apr 1Apr 31 moHoward Co. MdPneumoniaS. S. Hurlbut
Miller (?), ...1914Nov.Howard Co. MdEdw. F. ReillyInsane for years
Miller, Ellen1921Jun 21Jun 23abt 68Howard Co. MdGastritisW. Howard BishopMass Jun 23
Miller, James Nicholas, Jr.1902Mar 17Mar 2012Howard Co. Mdaccidental deathS. S. HurlbutMass
Miller, Kate1911Oct 17Oct 19abt 45Howard Co. MdOf heartEdw. F. ReillyLow Mass
Miller, Margaret A.1898Mar 1Mar 377Howard Co. MdGeneral DebilityJohn GaynorMass
Miller, Nicholas1927Jun 13Jun 1578Howard Co. MdOld AgeW. Howard BishopMass Jun 15
Miller, William1902Nov 17Nov 1860Howard Co. MdConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Mitchel, William1891May 5North CarolinaEffects of fitscol'dPaul GriffithSt. Louis
Mitchell, ...1906JuneInfantHoward Co. Md
Mitchell, John (?)1931DecunreadableW. Howard BishopMass Dec 28
Moore, Philip H.1918Dec 3Dec 939Howard Co. MdInfluenzaW. Howard BishopHigh Mass, ..?..
Moore, William1931Apr 20Apr 22Spinal MeningitisW. Howard Bishop
Morris, Kitty1892Oct 25Oct 2791Lancaster, Pa.Paralysis of BrainJos. M. Walterconvert
Morris, Willliam1904Aug 18Aug 2066Howard Co. MdHeard disease &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Mullen, Edward1913Mar 18Howard Co. MdEdw. F. ReillyHigh Mass
Mullen, Thomas1899Jul 21Jul 2274IrelandCancerJohn Gaynor
Mullin, Bridget1901Feb 13Feb 15abt 65IrelandAccident (fall)S. S. HurlbutMass
Mullin, Theresa1906May 1May 331Howard Co. MdConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Murphy, James1902Jul 3Aug 242Baltimore MdKidneys &cS. S. Hurlbut
Murphy, Patrick Henry1889Apr 12Apr 1312 Mos.Howard Co. MdPneumoniaPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
Nichols, ...1913Howard Co. MdMass
Nichols, Agnes1919Mar 5Mar 779Howard Co. MdParalysisW. Howard BishopMass Mar 7
Nichols, Baby1932Nov 23Nov 24Washington, D. C.stillbornW. Howard Bishop
Nichols, Helen1934Dec 28Dec 3136Howard Co. MdComplicationsW. Howard BishopMass Dec 31
Nichols, Martha P.1910Mar 6Mar 838BaltimoreNephritis of PregnancyS. S. HurlbutMass
O'Donnell, Andrew1902Feb 9Feb 12abt 65Howard Co. MdParalysisS. S. Hurlbut
O'Donnell, Annie1915Dec 2682Mont. CoArterial SclerosisMass Dec 28
O'Donnell, Charles1939Feb 16Feb 2077Howard Co. MdComplicationsJ. J. LeayMass
O'Donnell, Edward1888May 28May 3070IrelandParalysis &cPaul GriffithSt.. Louis Parish
O'Donnell, Hugh M.1909Mar 10Mar 1342Howard Co. MdAcute ...?..S. S. HurlbutMass
O'Donnell, John1910Mar 25Mar 2880Mont. CoOld AgeS. S. HurlbutMass
O'Donnell, Katherine1926Feb 5Feb 8Howard Co. MdW. Howard BishopMass Feb 8
O'Donnell, Leo1910Aug 29Sep 15Mont. CoAccidentFr. Danenhauer
O'Donnell, Mary1897Apr 2Apr 575Tipperary, IrelandOld ageJohn Gaynorv. lg. funeral: Mass
O'Donnell, Mary1890Jan 25Jan 2765Howard Co. MdAsthmaPaul Griffith
O'Donnell, Michael1909Jan 21Jan 2385Mont. CoOld AgeS. S. HurlbutMass
O'Donnell, Mrs. Edward (Margaret)1888Nov 17Nov 2064Tipperary, IrelandPneumoniaPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
O'Neil Eliza Eleanor1917Nov 10Nov 1290Howard Co. MdOld AgeW. Howard BishopMass 11/12, died at Mt. Hope
Poleski, John Herman1903Aug ?2 mosHoward Co. Md
Randall, Louis A.1926Sep 7Sep 94 yrs 11 mosHoward Co. MdW. Howard BishopNo mass
Rannie, John1935Jul 13Jul 1546Howard Co. MdHeart attackW. Howard BishopMass Jul 15
Rannie, William1929Jul 26Blood poisoningW. Howard BishopMass Jul 26
Renehan, Mary Hardey1924Feb 6Feb 966Howard Co. MdCerebral EmbolismW. Howard BishopMass Feb 9
Scheckels, Charles1899Feb 4Feb 654HeartJohn GaynorMass. Very sudden death.
Scott, J. M.1896Nov 7Nov 855AA Co. MdComplicationsnon-catholic, all his family are serving catholics
Sheckels, Bernard1896Oct 29Oct 3129Highland, MdPneumoniaJohn Gaynor
Smith, Enos1916Oct 1Oct 478Howard Co. MdOld AgeJ. L. GenerantsMas Oct 4
Smith, Mary1902Oct 13Oct 1668Howard Co. MdCarbuncleS. S. HurlbutMass
Steaver, Antony1899Dec 9Dec 1181GermanyOld AgeJohn GaynorMass
Steaver, Mary1895Oct 10Oct 1265IrelandParalysisJohn GaynorHigh Mass
Stromberg, ...?...1939May 2May ?81Howard Co. MdOld AgeJ. Kelly RieseMass at Catonsville
Stromberg, Christine1910Sep 15Sep 1787GermanyOld AgeS. S. HurlbutMass
Stromberg, John1932Dec 1Dec 377Howard Co. MdHeart failureW. Howard BishopMass Dec 3
Stromberg, William1899Jun 14Jun 1673PrussiaAsthmaJohn GaynorMass
Thompson, James1904Aug 22Aug 2379BaltimoreOld AgeS. S. Hurlbut
Thompson, Mary A.1919Dec 4Dec 682Bright's & Old AgeW. Howard BishopMass Dec 6
Thompson, Snowden1912May 24May 2686Howard Co. MdOld AgeEdw. F. ReillyBuride Sunday, Mass later
Walters, Mrs. Harriet1892Aug 10Aug 12Paralysis of BrainJos. M. Walter
Walters, Roy C.1899Jan 8Jan 112Washington, DCPneumoniaJohn Gaynor
Walters, William Hardy1904Aug 2Aug 33 mosWash. D. C.
Warfield, Martha Elizabeth1903Mar 27Mar 3070Mont. Co.CancerS. S. HurlbutMass
Weamms, Mrs. Riches(?)1892Apr 24Apr 2769GermanyPneumonia &cJos. M. Walter
Weyrich, George F.1909Jul 8Jul 1033BaltimoreConsumptionS. S. HurlbutMass
Whalen, Margaret1902Jun 27Jun 30abt 75Howard Co. MdHeart &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Whelan, Thomas1895Dec 10Dec 1278IrelandPneumoniaJohn Gaynorpauper
Wieners, Joseph1906Aug 2Aug 475GermanyAge &cS. S. HurlbutMass
Williams, Maude1890Jun 15Jun 161BaltimoreTeethingcol'dPaul Griffith
Wolford, Elizabeth1894May 10May 11abt 78VirginiaHeard DiseaseJos. M. Walter
Woolford, Henry1920Feb 18Feb 20abt 105Old AgeW. Howard BishopMass Feb 21
Zeigler, Maria1917Jun 28Jun 3082Howard Co. MdCerebral HemmorageJ. L. GenerantsMass St.L Parish
Ziegler, George C.1904Mar 27Mar 3060 plusFred. CoPneumoniaFr. Anthony, C.P.Mass
unreadable1909Mar74MdParalysisS. S. HurlbutMass
unreadable1932Nov (?)Howard Co. MdunreadableMass ..?..
unreadable1932Sep13Howard Co. MdW. Howard BishopMass Sep 10
unreadable1906Sep 26Sep 286Howard Co. Md?S. S. HurlbutMass
unreadable1906Sep 29Oct ?85Mont. CoOld AgeS. S. HurlbutMass

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