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Some Interrments at Private or Other Cemeteries, Howard County, Md., 1887 - 1922

NameYear of DeathDate of DeathDate of InterrmentAge at DeathBirth PlaceCause of deathPlace of BurialPriestRemarksNotes
Bach, Margaret1904Oct 10Oct 1273IrelandTyphoid feverSt. Peter's BaltimoreS. S. HurlbutMass
Baldwin, B. Theresa1888Aug5 mosHoward Co. Mdat LaurelW. S. Caughy
Barger, John Cissell1925Oct 28Oct 307 M 12 DHoward Co. MdCathedral Cem.W. Howard BishopNo Mass
Blaney,1921Dec 28Dec 30InfantHoward Co. MdCathedral
Blaney, Rhode(?)1918Oct55CathedralW. Howard BishopMss Oct 16 body not present
Boswell, Edward1905Oct 23Oct 2580Mont. Co. MdOld AgePrivate GroundS. S. HurlbutMass
Boswell, Mrs.1916Dec 28Dec 3080 (?)Howard Co. MdOld AgePrivateJ. L. GenerantsMas Dec. St.MP
Branton, Davis1887abt 60Howard Co. MdP. TairoSt. Louis Parishcol'd
Brosenne, Mary C.1927Jun 19Jun 21Howard Co. MdTumorCathedral Cem.W. Howard BishopMass June (?)
Brown, Clifford191827Mont. Co.PneumoniaBurtonsvilleW. Howard BishopHouse Mass Oct 28
Carroll, Charles1931Jul 7Jul 958MarylandHeart AttackCathedral CEMW. Howard BishopMass Jul 9
Carroll, Emily1903Nov 19Nov 2173Fred. Co. MdJaundiceUnion Cemetery, Burkittsville, MdHurlbut
Carroll, Harper1915Jan80Howard Co. MdOld AgeCathedralJesuit from WoodstockMass Jan 15
Cavey, Elizabeth1935May 2May 4Howard Co. MdHeart AttackSt. John'sW. Howard BishopMass May 4
Cissel, Vernon1938Feb 28Mar 235Howard Co. MdSuicideEpiscopalian Cem.J. T. LearyNo Mass
Clark, Mrs. Upton1894Apr 1Apr 344Howard Co. MdParalysisProt. Episc. Oak HillJos. M. Walter
Cohen, Kate1920Aug 2Aug 4abt 41BaltoParalysisMt. ZionW. Howard BishopMass Aug 4
Cooler, Christina1900Apr 9Apr 1067Howard Co. MdTumorPrivateJohn GaynorMrs. Agnes Nichols
Corcoran, Ellen1897Mar 14Mar 1780IrelandOld AgeMt. OlivetJohn GaynorWashington
Cross, William1890May 21May 23MarylandconsumptionPvt Cen nr DaytonPaul Griffith
Davis, Samuel1889Oct 23Oct 253 mosHoward Co. MdSpasmsLot nr Mr. Howard'sPaul Griffithcol'd
Deller, Adolphus1904Jun 29Jul 121/2 YrsHoward Co. MdBronchitisSt. John's Ellicott CityS. S. Hurlbut
Donohue, Jas. F.1895Mar 6Mar 837Howard Co. CmBronchitis &cMt. Olivet, Washington, D. C.Jos. M. Walter
Dorsey, Mary Virginia1930May 11May 13Howard Co. MdBrightsLinthicum MethodistW. Howard BishopMass May 13
Fletcher, Robert B.1894Jun 11Jun 1388(?)Howard Co. Md (?)RheumatismWoodstockFr. at Woodstock
Freeman, Katie1898Jan 15Jan 1712Howard Co. MdHeartHoly RedeemerJohn GaynorMass @ Ellicott's
Hackney, Anna1907Jul 19Jul 22abt 68TumorFarm of Mrs. Matthew HammondS. S. Hurlbut
Harding, John1928Jan 1Jan 352Howard Co. MdCancerZionW. Howard BishopMass Jan 3
Hardy, John1911Oct 31Nov 286Howard Co. Mdof Old AgeLoudon ParkEdw. F. ReillyLow Mass
Hart, Charles Lewis1900Nov 7Nov 8abt 55Balto. Co. MdConsumptionColored Cemetery nr Folly QuartersHurlbut
Hebb, John (Dr.)1930Oct 15Oct 18Howard Co. MdHeart AttackSt. James MethodistW. Howard BishopNo Mass
Hebb, John W.1910May 18May 2177St. Mary's CoParalysis &cMount ViewS. S. HurlbutMass
Hebb, Sally192286Howard Co. MdOld AgeEdw. F. Reilly
Hobbs, Ruth1930Mar 22Mar 25Howard Co. MdHeart failureSt. James MethodistW. Howard BishopMass Mar 25
James, Elizabeth1922Howard Co. MdDropseySt. John'sMichael Ryan
Leamners, August1895Nov 13Nov 1640GermanyApoplexyLaurel MdG. F. Vigendied v. suddenly
Linn, Agnes Maude1929Oct 15Oct 1859Howard Co. Mdnot enteredFather Florianbrought from Va. for funeral
Linthicum, ...1899Sep 27Stillborn
Lishear, Mr.1893Dec 8Dec 10???Buried by Mr. Land
Lowman, Florence E. R.1908Apr 7Apr 1027BaltimoreTuburculosisWhite RockS. S. HurlbutMasscol'd
Martin, Thomas1904Nov 18Nov 2170Irelandof heart &cLoudon ParkS. S. Hurlbut
Matthews, Ada1895Oct 31Nov 135Highland, Md.Typhoid FeverWellings Private YardJohn GaynorClarksville
McNichols, Helen A.1919Apr 17Apr 1928Washington, DCBrights & TururculosisMt. OlivetW. Howard Bishopfuneral from J. Igelharts Mass Apr 21
Miller, Joseph1938Jun 3Jun 664Howard Co. MdComplicationsLoudon ParkJ. T. LearyMass Jun 6
Naddy, Catherine1897Jun 4Jun 578Tipperary IrelandOld AgeSt. CharlesP. P. DenisHousekeeper at St. Charles for 48 Years
Nelson, George1889Aug 23Aug 252 mosHoward Co. MdSummer conplaintPrivatePaul Griffith
Nichols, Dr. Jeremiah1892Dec 24Dec 2659Howard Co. MdBrights & Compl'nsIn private graveJos. M. Walter
Noll, Adam1887Sep 9Sep 1189GermanyParalysis & Old AgeA pvt fam Cem on Boswells placePaul Griffith
Nugen, Joshua188920Mont. Co.ConsumptionColored Cem nr Sandy SpringPaul Griffithcol'd
O'Brien, Patrick1890Oct 30Nov 175IrelandDebility & Old AgeEllicott CityPaul Griffith
O'Donnell, James1912NovHoward Co. Md.Brights DiseaseCathedral CemeteryEdw. F. ReillyHigh Mass
O'Donnell, Mary Ann1938May 25May 2881Howard Co. MdOld AgeNew CathedralJ. T. LearyMass May 28
Pelton, Wm.1893Apr 29Apr 30abt 85??Westwood (Prot.),Bur. w/o Priest
Pickett, Marie Schatz1926Mar 28Mar 30CatonsvilleTuburculosisCathedral Cem.W. Howard BishopMass St. Mark's Catonsville
Shipley, Jane1904Feb 16Feb 1871Howard Co. MdPneumoniaMount ViewHurlbutMass
Shipley, Milton W.1906Jan 2074Howard Co. MdDropsy &cMount ViewS. S. HurlbutMass
Shipley, Thomas1901Jan 27Howard Co. MdAccident (in Balto)near McAvoy'sFr. Bakeley
Steffler, Eva1911Apr 8Apr 1078Mont. Co.Old Agge &cPrivate groundS. S. Hurlbut
Stiffler, George1905Nov 6Nov 883GermanyOld AgePrivate GroundS. S. HurlbutMass
Stromberg, Horace (?)1927Jul 6Jul 9?Howard Co. MdHeard DiseaseCathedral Cem.W. Howard BishopMass Jul 9
Thompson, Jane1887Jul 19Jul 2173Mont. Co.TumorA pvt family Cem. nr DaytonPaul Griffith
Thompson, Louisa1889Mar 24Mar 2679Mont. Co.Private nr DaytonPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish, neo conversus
Thompson, Mary Harding1934Feb 2Feb 5StrokeBurtonsvilleW. Howard BishopMass Feb 5
Thompson, Mrs. Moses1888Feb 26Feb 28Cancerous Tumor of LiverSt. John's, Forest GlenPaul GriffithSt. Louis Parish
Thompson, Thomas R.1927Oct 12Oct 1464Howard Co. MdPneumoniaSt. Mark'sW. Howard BishopMass Oct 14
Walters, George Dallas1907Mar 21Mar 2461Howard Co. MdBrights DiseaseSt. Mark's in HighlandS. S. Hurlbut
Warfield, William Kennard1934Nov 247 wksHoward Co. MdSt. Mark'sW. Howard BishopNo Mass
White, John Evan1908Jun 21Jun 2342Howard Co. MdDropsey &cHopkins'S. S. HurlbutMasscol'd
Wolf, Mary M.1921Mar 6Mar 975Howard Co. MdDropseyCathedralW. Howard BishopMass Mar. 9
Wolfe, Joseph A.1916Sep 23Sep 2669Howard Co. MdOld AgeCathedralJ. L. GenerantsMass Sep 26 SLP
unreabable1893Jun 4Jun 51 yrHoward Co. MdFeverSt. Elizabeth's Home, Baltimorecol'd
unreadable1891June?Howard Co. Md?Ellicott CityPaul Griffith

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