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Some Records of Interrment, Bonnie Brae Cemetery, Howard County, Md., 1887 - 1914

NameYear of DeathDate of DeathDate of IntermentAge at DeathBirth PlaceCause of DeathPriestCommentsNotes
Brosenne, Christian F.1903Feb 15Feb 1815Howard Co. MdBlood-poisoningS. S. HurlbutMass
Brosenne, Christian P.1909Aug 21Aug 2458Baltimore Co.Heart failureJohn GaynorMass
Brosenne, John1898Oct 20Oct 234 MosHoward Co. MdCholera InfantumJohn Gaynor
Brosenne, Louise1914Howard Co. MdRheumatismEdw. F. ReillyHigh Mass (Ellicott)
Brosenne, Philip1904Nov. 4Nov 54Howard Co. MdPeritonitisS. S. Hurlbut
Brunsman, Rich. Henry1896Dec 29Dec 3174GermanyApoplexyJohn GaynorDied suddenly w/o Priest
Carroll, Catherine1899Sep 27Sep 3067VirginiaHeartJohn GaynorMass
Carroll, Edward1899Oct 17Oct 1970IrelandComplicationsFr. MahonMass
Carroll, John Lee1911Feb 27Mar 180MarylandOld Age &cMsgr T. F. Lee
Carroll, Mary Ann1888Nov 8Nov 1119New YorkGastric FeverH. F. GriffinSt. Mary's Parish
Cooney, Bridget1910Dec 19Dec 2184Co. Mayo, IrelandOld AgeS. S. HurlbutMass
Maloney, Josephine M.1908Mar 11Mar 1627BaltimoreAcute .....itisS. S. HurlbutMass
McAvoy, Elizabeth1889Oct 18 Oct 2083IrelandOld AgePaul Griffith
McAvoy, Elizabeth1909Nov 18Nov 2074Howard Co. MdPneumoniaS. S. HurlbutMass
McAvoy, Hugh1904Jan 1Jan 463Howard Co. MdMurderedPassionist FatherMass
McAvoy, Mary Ann1887Jul 15Jul 17abt 45BaltimoreTumorPaul GriffithSt. Mary's [Parish]
O'Donnell, Mary1904Sep 2Sep 583IrelandOld AgeS. S. Hurlbut
O'Donnell, William1905Apr 21Apr 2582IrelandOld AgeS. S. HurlbutMass
Plunkert, George1914Howard Co. MdOld AgeEdw. F. ReillyService at home
Renehan (?), Mary1897Dec 5Dec 837Carroll Co.ChildbirthJohn GaynorMass
Renehan, Hannah1888Jan 11Jan 1377IrelandEnyesipilas (?)Paul Griffithof St. Mary's Parish
Renehan, Margaret188730Fred. Co.ConsumptionH. F. GriffinSt. Mary's
Renehan, William1892Paul GriffithManor Parish

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