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NameYear of DeathDate of DeathDate InterredAge at DeathPlace of BirthCause of DeathPriestCommentNotes
??Sep (?)?Howard Co. MdTuburculosisEdw. F. Reilly
Addison, Caroline1894Apr 16Apr 18abt 89St. Mary's Parish, Ho. Co.ParalysisJoseph M. Walter
Ambrazas, Casimir1910Apr 11Apr 13abt 60Lithuanian RussiaPneumoniaL. L. HurlbutMass
Bacon, Randolf188825Howard Co. MdConsumptionH. F. GriffinSt. Mary's Parishcol'd
Barber, John1894Apr 30May 219St. Mary's Parish, Ho. Co.ConsumptionJoseph M. Walter
Barbour, Josephine1908Aug 27Aug 2995Howard Co. MdConsumptionL. L. Hurlbutcol'd
Beaver, Julia1888Nov 23Nov 2464TyphoidPaul GriffithSt. Mary's
Beaver, Richard1893Mar 15mar 18abt 85St. Mary's Parish, Ho. Co.General Decay from ageJoseph M. WalterManor Parish
Blaney, John Irving1902Aug 26Aug 2810 mosHoward Co. MdCatarrh of BowelsJ. A. Lynch
Blaney, Mrs. Thos.1895Mar 2Mar 467IrelandJoseph M. WalterManor Parish
Blaney, Roger R.1899Sep 6Sep 88 mosHoward Co. MdCholera InfantumJohn Gaynor
Blaney, Thomas1903Jun (?)Jun (?)75IrelandOld Age &cL. L. HurlbutMass
Branson, Charles1890Feb 25Feb 2728Howard Co. MdConsumptionR. K. Wakehamcol'd
Branson, Elizabeth1906May 18May 2078Howard Co. MdOld AgeL. L. Hurlbut
Branson, Louisa1910Jun 10Jun 1179Howard Co. MdOld AgeL. L. HurlbutMass
Bruneau [Bruno, Louise]1905FranceDropsyL. L. HurlbutMass [abt 63]
Burgee, John Albert1912Sep (?)Sep (?)8 mosHoward Co. Md
Burgess, Albert1899Jan 6Jan 811Howard Co. MdAbcessJohn Gaynor
Burgess, Anna Louisa1903Jul 26Jul 2815Howard Co. MdConsumptionL. L. Hurlbut
Burgess, Austin1902Jun 8Jun 11abt 75Howard Co. MdConsumptionL. L. HurlbutMass Jun 20
Burgess, Charles, Edw.1912Sep (?)Sep (?)2 mosHoward Co. Md
Burgess, Georgianna1899Nov 5Nov 64 wksHoward Co. MdJohn Gaynor
Burgess, Isabel1924Jan 19Jan 2116Howard Co. MdHeart DiseaseW. Howard BishopMass Jan 21
Burgess, Jesse1906Jun 10Jun 1312Howard Co. MdResult of BurnsL. L. HurlbutMass
Burgess, Nancy E.1897Mar 6Mar 811 mosDoughoreganGrippeJohn Gaynor
Burgess, Sarah Ann ("Tina")1901Aug 3Aug 6abt 50Howard Co. Md"Appendicitis"J. P. Hang (Lang?)Mass Aug 7
Burgess, Watty1895Feb 27Mar 2abt 68Howard Co. MdBronchitisJoseph M. WalterManor Parish
Burgess, William1898John Gaynor
Burgess, Wm.1899Oct (?)Oct (?)28ShotFather Dennis
Butler, Michael1902Apr 8Apr 10abt 80IrelandOld AgeL. L. HurlbutMass
Butts, David1889May 24 (?)May 25 (?)7 daysHoward Co. MdSpasmsH. F. Griffincol'd
Chambers, Catherine1922Apr 16Apr 1970PneumoniaW. Howard BishopMass Apr 19
Chambers, Francis1918Aug 31Sep 26 mosHoward Co. MdToxic PoisonNoneNo Mass
Chambers, John192112/08/18JAN 13abt 26Howard Co. MdPneumoniaW. Howard BishopMass ?..? Body Shipped from France Died Dec 8, 1918
Chambers, William, Jr.1931Oct (?)Oct (?)CancerMichael A. RyanMass
Chambers, William, Sr.1931Oct (?)Oct (?)Howard Co. MdT....??Mass (?)
Chase (?),1903Jul 19Jul 21abt 80Howard Co. MdOld Age &cL. L. Hurlbut
Chase, Joseph1892Jan 4Jan 6abt 90The Manor, Pine OrchardGrippe & Old AgeR. K. Wakehamcol'd
Collins, Joseph Alex.1892Aug 13Aug 146 daysSt. Mary's Parish, Ho. Co.Fr. Dennis
Cross, ....1891Feb 6Feb 83 mosManor (Carroll's)Thrush?col'd
Cross, Caroline Louisa1908Jan 4Jan 69 mosHoward Co. MdMeaslescol'd
Curry, Nancy1892Jan 10Jan 12abt 88The Manor, Pine OrchardGrippe & PneumoniaR. K. Wakehamcol'd
Daly, Margaret A. [Naddy]1900Jun 11Jun (?)85Kilkenny, IrelandInformation from headstone, not interrment record.
Deibel, Louisa1890Apr 15Apr 1718GermanyDropseyH. M. ChapinsDied in Baltimore
Diebel, Infant1889JanJan7 mosSt. CharlesH. F. Griffin
Dorsey,18874 mosHoward Co. MdH. F. GriffinSt. Mary'scol'd
Dorsey, Betty1898DecHoward Co. MdConsumptionJohn Gaynor
Dorsey, Edward1893Jan 6Jan 840St. Mary's Parish, Ho. Co.PneumoniaH. M. ChapinsColored, Manor Parishcol'd
Dorsey, Elizabeth1901Jan 18Jan 20Howard Co. MdAsthmaL. L. HurlbutMass
Dorsey, James188780Howard Co. MdOld Age &cPaul GriffithSt. Mary'scol'd
Dorsey, Susan188770Howard Co. MdOld Age &cH. F. GriffinSt. Mary'scol'd
Flanagan,1906H. M. Chapins
Flanagan, Alice1897Mar 1Mar 31 moMayfield, Md.GrippeJohn Gaynor
Flanagan, John1899Dec 3Dec 443Howard Co. MdDyptheriaFather Berkley
Flanagan, Reba1899Nov 19Nov 2010Howard Co. MdDyptheriaJohn Gaynor
German, Felicie1917Mar 17Mar 2057FranceNeuritisJ. L. GenerantsMass Mar 20 and L..? P.P.
German, Infant1887Jan 26Jan 286 daysHoward Co. MdH. F. GriffinSt. Mary's
German, Thomas Eugene1896JulJul9 mosDoughoreganCholeraJohn Gaynor
Govans, Francis1915Howard Co. MdDouble PneumoniaEdw. F. ReillyAdopted by Lord [Harry W. Lord, Sr.]
Hammond, Louise1918Jun (?)Jun 2616Howard Co. MdW. Howard BishopMass Jun 26
Hammond, Mary1910Sep 20Sep 2276Howard Co. MdHeart FailureL. L. HurlbutMass
Hammond, Wm.1890Aug (?)Aug (?)3 mosHoward Co. MdPaul Griffithcol'd
Hanigan1918InfantHoward Co. MdW. Howard BishopNo Mass
Hanigan, Bridgid P.1918Mar 3Mar 581Tipperary, IrelandOld AgeW. Howard BishopHIGH MASS
Hanigan, James1907Oct 16Oct 19abt 69IrelandParalysis &cP. F. MahonMass
Hanigan, Patrick Roger1903Sep 25Sep 2825Howard Co. MdConsumptionL. L. HurlbutMass
Hannigan, Katherine1900May 27May 2929Howard Co. MdConsumptionJohn Gaynor
Hart, Henry1910Feb 21Feb 2364Howard Co. MdEpilipsyL. L. HurlbutMass
Hennerty, Anita1900Apr 2Apr 410 mosHoward Co. MdPneumoniaJohn Gaynor
Hennessey, Mary Ann1890Jan 8Jan 99Howard Co. MdSpasmsPaul Griffith
Hennessy, Mrs. Pat.1894Aug 28Aug 30abt 77 (?)IrelandDropsyPatrick HennesseyManor Parish
Hicks, Wm. Henry1889Jul 27Jul 281 moHoward Co. MdPaul Griffithcol'd
Hill, Harriette1913Oct 18?Howard Co. MdFr. Laque (?)col'd
Hines, Edward1890Jun 17Jun 1819Howard Co. MdConsumptionH. M. ChapinsDied in Baltimore
Hines, Mary1891Jun 12Jun 1519Howard Co. MdConsumption?Died in Baltimore
Ireland, Edward1897Jan 23Jan 2637DoughoreganPneumoniaJohn Gaynor
Ireland, Emily1889Aug 12Aug 1329Howard Co. MdBilious DysenteryPaul Griffithcol'd
Ireland, Margaret ("Peggy")1901Feb 7Feb 1173Howard Co. MdParalysisL. L. HurlbutMass
Jackson, Clarence1891Sep 12Sep 1315 mosThe Manor, Pine OrchardInflam. of BrainH. M. Chapinscol'd
Jason,18873 mosHoward Co. MdH. F. GriffinSt. Mary'scol'd
Jason, Samuel1921Feb 1Feb 338Howard Co. MdHydro.? of KidneyW. Howard BishopMass Feb 3
Johnson,18873 mosHoward Co. MdH. F. GriffinSt. Mary'scol'd
Johnson, Anna Elizabeth1901Jan 21Jan 225Howard Co. Md"Worms"L. L. Hurlbut(Colored)col'd
Johnson, Arthur1889Dec 17Dec 185Howard Co. MdDyptheriaPaul Griffithcol'd
Johnson, Edward1933Dec 21Dec 2453Howard Co. MdHeart AttackW. Howard BishopNo Mass [post script on copy of record "Mrs. Hopewell's father - black"]black
Johnson, Genevieve1890Jun 6Jun 8abt 35Howard Co. MdMeasles and ChildbirthPaul Griffithcol'd
Johnson, Henry1923Sep 17Sep 20abt 70Howard Co. MdW. Howard BishopMass Sep 20col'd
Johnson, Infant18884 mosHoward Co. MdH. F. GriffinSt. Mary's Parish
Johnson, Infant188810 daysHoward Co. MdH. F. GriffinSt. Mary's Parishcol'd
Johnson, John Henry1922May 11May 1361Howard Co. MdComplicationsW. Howard BishopMass May 13
Johnson, Paul1890Jun 18Jun 1912 daysHoward Co. MdMeaslesPaul Griffithcol'd
Johnson, Philip1918Oct 3Oct 931Howard Co. MdPneumoniaW. Howard BishopMass Oct 10. Body Shpd from Camp Dix, NJ
Johnson, Susan188733Balto. CityPremature ChildbirthH. F. GriffinSt. Mary'scol'd
Joice, Charles1888Dec 4Dec 58Carroll ManorMeningitisH. F. GriffinSt. Mary'scol'd
Jones, Alexander1905Jan 2Jan 468Howard Co. MdApoplexyL. L. Hurlbut
Jones, Charles1891Jun 12Jun 138 daysHoward Co. MdConsumptionH. M. Chapinscol'd
Jones, Eleanora1910Aug 9Aug 112Howard Co. MdAccidentL. L. Hurlbut
Jones, Ernest1925?Mar 2125Howard Co. MdCerebral HemorrhageW. Howard BishopBody Shipped from Syracuse NY. Mass Mar 21
Jones, James1890May 27May 285 daysManor, Howard Co.SpasmsH. M. Chapins
Jones, Julie Ann1917Jan 27Jan 3042Howard Co. MdPneumoniaJ. L. GenerantsMass Jan 30
Jones, Mary1922Jan (?)Jan 725Howard Co. MdW. Howard BishopNo Mass
Jones, Patrick1895Mar 14Mar 167Howard Co. MdHemorrhageJoseph M. WalterManor Parish
Jones, Robert1913Sep 18Sep (?)Howard Co. MdFr. Laque (?)col'd
Joyce, Alice191840Howard Co. MdParalysisW. Howard BishopBody Shipped from Philadelphia
Joyce, Caroline1923Feb 8Feb 10abt 83Howard Co. MdOld AgeW. Howard BishopMass Feb 10
Joyce, Emma1903Oct 8Oct 1015Howard Co. MdConsumptionL. L. Hurlbut
Joyce, George1906Apr 13Apr 1520Howard Co. MdConsumptionL. L. Hurlbut
Joyce, Jesse1899May 2May 42 1/2Howard Co. MdDropsyJohn Gaynor
Joyce, William1921Dec (?)Dec 354Howard Co. MdIntestinal TroubleW. Howard BishopBody shipped from Philadelphia, no Mass
Kennedy, Mary1890Jan 18Jan 1916 mosEllicott CityDropseyPaul Griffith
King, John1899JulFR. Suilbond
Knauff, George1918Oct 4Oct 782?Old AgeW. Howard BishopMass Oct 7
Knauff, Margaret Ann1903Jan 13Jan 1664Baltimore, MdGall StonesL. L. HurlbutMass
Lord, Harry W. Jr.1931Oct 14Oct 1615Howard Co. MdHunting AccidentW. Howard BishopMass Oct 16
Lord, Martha1908Feb 5Feb 66 daysHoward Co. Md
Magruder, Aaron1907Feb 8Feb 9abt 90Pr. George's Co. MdOld AgeP. F. Mahoncol'd
Moore, Anna1898Feb 28Mar 1InfantJohn Gaynor
Moore, Mary1896Jul 30Jul 312Mayfield, Md.DysenteryJohn Gaynor
Mulcahy, Johanna1906Jun 1Jun 412Howard Co. MdAppendicitisL. L. HurlbutMass
NameYearDate of DeathDate of InAGEPlace of BirthCause of DeathPriestRemarksRacial
O'Donnell, Thos. Griffin1893Nov 14Nov 156 mosSt. Mary's Parish, Ho. Co.Congestion of BrainJoseph M. Walter
Oliver, Teresa1923Jul 12Jul 1480Howard Co. MdSepticemiaW. Howard BishopMass Jul 14col'd
Plunkard,1887Howard Co. MdCroupPaul GriffithSt. Mary's
Queen, Mary Howard1924Apr 1 Apr 3Howard Co. MdPneumoniaW. Howard BishopMass Apr 3
Quill, John1891Jan 3Feb 438Howard Co. MdDropseyA Dominican FatherDied in Washington
Quinn, Wm. Edw.1893Aug 10Aug 121 yr 2 moSt. Mary's Parish, Ho. Co.SpasmsJoseph M. Walter
Renehan, Catherine1903Sep 12Sep 14abt 90IrelandOLd AgeL. L. HurlbutMass
Renehan, Stephen1887Jan 26Jan 2860IrelandConsumptionH. F. GriffinSt. Mary's
Rennehan, Patrick1895Dec 20Dec 2338BaltimoreParalysisJohn GaynorLow Mass
Schenkelberg, Sarah1898May 15May 1725Howard Co. MdConsumptionS. S. Suilbond(?)
Sims, William P.1923Sep (?)Sep 298 mosHoward Co. MdMarasenius(?)W. Howard BishopNo Mass
Smith, Dorothy1918Apr 18Apr 204Howard Co. MdDouble PneumoniaW. Howard BishopNo Mass
Stewart, Joseph1905Jan 14Jan 1630Howard Co. Md?L. L. Hurlbut
Stromberg, Charles1898Feb 4Feb 718ClarksvilleAsphysxiationJohn GaynorMass & large funeral
Taylor, Frances Matilda1887Jan5Howard Co. MdBrain FeverH. F. GriffinSt. Mary'scol'd
Th..(?),1901Infant (?)??Buried w/o Priest
Thompson, Josephine1896Jul 28Jul 3017DoughoreganDysenteryJohn Gaynor
Thompson, Mary E.1896Jul 29Jul 307 mosDoughoreganCholera InfantumJohn Gaynor
Turner1906Jul (?)Jul (?)InfantHoward Co. MdP. F. Mahon
West, Stuart F.1892Jan 8Jan 10abt 90The Manor, Pine OrchardBlood PoisonR. K. Wakehamcol'd
Williams, Chas.1901Mar 6Mar 89Howard Co. MdConsumptionNone
Williams, Julia1899Dec 24Dec 2518Howard Co. MdConsumptionJohn Gaynor
Williams, Mary Magdalen1905Jun 23Jun 2516Howard Co. MdConsumptionL. L. Hurlbut
Wolf, Peter1897Apr 17Apr 2080Howard Co. MdLithiasia (?)John GaynorMass


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