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Deed for "Ridgely's Great Park" and part of "Snowden's Range"
Samuel H. Martin, Grantor and Samuel B. Martin, Grantee
dated 13 April 1860

Deed in fee Samuel H. Martin to Samuel B. Martin Received to be recorded on the seventeenth day of April 1860 at twelve oclk N. Sunday, recorded in Liber WWW. No. 10, folio 564 &c one of the land records of Howard County Maryland and examined per W.W. Watkins clk 149 ___ folio 58.

Fee simple deed made this thirteenth day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred sixty by Samuel H. Martin of the city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland.

Witnesseth, that in consideration of one thousand seventy two 52/100 dollars the said Samuel H. Martin doth grant unto Samuel B. Martin of the said city in fee. All that parcel of land lying in Howard county Maryland being part of a tract of land called Ridgelys Great Park and part of a tract called Snowden Range contained within the following metes and bounds courses and distances to wit: Beginning at the large black oak tree, it being a boundary of a tract of land called Bite the Skinner and running thencebinding on said land north 35 degrees east 80 perches thence (2d) north 17 degrees east 37 perches to the beginning of the second part of a conveyance from Dr. Peregrin Warfield to Philemon Warfield and binding on the given line thereof reversely (3d) west 31 ¾ degrees, east 81 ¾ perches to a chestnut three at the end of the sixth line thereof, thence reversely of said line (4th) north 40 degrees east 46 ¾ perches to a stone, thence (5th) south 63 degrees east 82 ¼ perches to a stone near a while oak tree, thence (6th) south 33 ¼ degrees west 14 ¼ perches to the end of the fifty fourth line of “Ridgelys Range” and binding on said line reversely (7th) south 22 degrees, west 60 perches to the end of the fifth third line of said land thence (8th) south 37 degrees west 6 perches thence (9th) south 55 degrees west 49 perches to a stone planted at the beginning of the first part of said conveyance of Dr. Perry Warfield to Philemon Warfield and thence binding on a line of the land of James Meredith (10th) south 73 degrees west 115 perches to the place of beginning containing one hundred six and one half acres more or less all being the same land which the said Samuel H Martin obtained from Thomas Sappington and wife and Richard Dorsey and wife and others by deed dated on the thirteenth day of November one thousand eight hundred fifty six and recorded in the records of Howard County in Liber W.H.W. no. 18 folio 164 &c, and the said Samuel H. Martin covenant that he will warrant specially the property hereby conveyed and that he will execute such further assurances as may be requisite: Witness my hand and seal. Samuel H. Martin (seal). Test Thomas W. Griffin

State of Maryland, city of Baltimore to wit. I hereby certify that on this thirteenth day of April in the year one thousand eight hundred sixty before the subscriber a Justice of the Peace of the state of Maryland in and for the City of Baltimore aforesaid personally appeared Samuel H. Martin and acknowledged the foregoing deed to be his act. Thomas W. Griffin, Justice of the Peace.

Deed Transcript contributed by Sarah Fitzgearld