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New Book on Civil War Draft in Howard County, Maryland

The Howard County Genealogical Society announces publication of a new book "The Civil War Enrollment and Draft of 1862 in Howard County", authored by Joseph H. Nichols, Jr. and Richard W. Bush. The book is a complete transcription of the original ledgers containing the names of about 1,620 Howard County men who were obligated to register for draft into the Union Army in 1862. The original handwritten ledgers, one volume for each of Howard County's five election districts, are located at the Maryland State Archives in Annapolis. Information recorded for each enrollee includes his name, post office address, age and occupation. There is also a space for remarks such as: exact date of birth (if over age or under age), alien citizenship, whether working for the Federal Government, whether a member of a Union regiment, and if the man had left the county to fight for the Confederacy, the comment "Rebel Army".

To put the 1862 enrollment in historical perspective, the book has an introductory section discussing the southern sentiments of Howard Countians in 1860, the events of the first year of the war, the organization of the 1862 enrollment in Maryland, and the selection of the Howard County enrollment officials. There is a list of the 168 Howard County men selected by the draft lottery held in January 1863, and the names of the substitutes many of the draftees obtained. The introductory section concludes with a description of the rendezvous camp in Maryland where the new recruits reported. The book does not give information on actual military service by the enrollees, unless there is an entry in the enrollment ledger indicating such service.

The 1862 enrollment was followed by additional enrollments of Howard County men in 1863 and 1864. The ledgers for 1863 are at the National Archives in Washington, and the ledgers for 1864 are at Maryland State Archives. The Society hopes to transcribe their information into future books.

"The Civil War Enrollment and Draft of 1862 In Howard County", published in 2001, contains 87 pages, is soft-cover, and contains an alphabetical index of the enrollees as well as a general index. The book is priced at $10.00, plus 5% tax for Maryland residents, plus $3.00 shipping. Order from HCGS, Box 274, Columbia, MD 21045.

RWB 13 September 2001

You can check the index (names) of the enrollees listed in the book below.
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