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The following information was submitted by Tina based on an old Souvenir program she has on a program addressing the civil war Centenial in Howard Co., the material contained no copywrite notice. Any questions, please respond to:

(Pages One, Two and Three) (Picture of Ellicott City)

Bouquet Battery Near Replay House. The Relay House is a small railroad station about seven miles from Baltimore, on the Northern Central Railroad. It is of a small population and trade, but its position has elevated it into considerable importance.

Immediately after the troubles in Baltimore this position was seized upon, and General Butler made it his headquarters, and by doing so not only held the control of the railroad to Harper's Ferry and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and Patapsco River, but threatened the city of Baltimore with a strong military force.

The Relay House is romantically situated in a country of exquisite natural beauty. Our sketch shows the battery stationed to command the Viaduct, with the Relay House in the distance.

Behind The Scenes with the Civil War at Centennial

How does a small town find itself in the middle of a reenactment of a Civil War? In a way it "just grew" and yet was the result of forces exerted from many different directions.

The Historical Society, organized a few years ago with Mrs. James Clark as president, has taken upon itself the responsibility of preparing a history of Howard County.

In their headquarters, the former Presbyterian Church which Mrs. Clark purchased and represented to the Society in memory of her husband, Judge James Clark, they are gathering date and materials for a historical exhibit.

As the Centennial of the Civil War approached, Mr. Louis Clark and Mrs. Clifford Shaw began unearthing and preparing a column "The Civil War in Howard County."

In his research, Mr. Clark came across the account of the "Raid of Ellicott Mills" where a secret weapon, a steam gun, was captured from a group trying to get it to the Rebel lines.

The idea, sparked by the notion of developing pride in the history of Ellicott City, grew to focus attention on the Civil War phase with a reenactment. The Historical Society took on the project, formed a Centennial Committee with Roy Peterson as its Chairman, and enlisted the services of many supporting organizations.

So out of the nation's interest in the Civil War, The Historical Society's research and the men and women of PEC who became HEM (of whom you will read more later) sprang the plan to reenact history and use any benefits accrued to help Ellicott City to go forward by looking into its historic past.

A replica of the secret weapon of the Civil War days, Winan's Steam Gun, will be the star attraction in the Civil War Centennial reenactment, "The Raid of Ellicott Mills" May 13. Joe Clark, a member of the Howard County Historical Society reports the replica has been completed and will be on exhibit at the Enchanted Forest, Route 40, prior to the big event.

Mr. Clark concurs with Mr. Dickinson the inventor of the original gun whose description of it includes such phrases as "will strike terror in the hearts of the enemy."

"I certainly would hate to see that thing pointed at me on the battlefield firing up to 500 shots a minute with nothing but a muzzle loader to defend myself!", said Mr. Clark.

"The real test," he added, "in building the replica was in finding something out of which to manufacture the boiler and the armored snout." After spending several days digging through every junk yard within reasonable distance he decided to fabricate the armored section with sheet metal over a wood frame. "I couldn't have done this without the untiring help of Mark Handweirk," Mr. Clark said. This will not be a working model since, in Mr. Clark's opinion, it would be more hazardous for the operators than to the enemy.

A wood cut engraving which appeared in "Harper's Weekly" on May 25, 1861, was the only guide available to produce the replica. Had the steam gun reached Confederate lines and had the gun been the mechanical success claimed by the inventor, it conceivably could have altered history and probably would have become as famous as the Monitor and Merimac. The capture by the Yankees, however, and their inability to figure out how it worked prevented this.

(Picture of three men)

Roy Peterson, Chairman, examines with two to other committee members, Philip Hannon and Charles E. Miller, one of the Civil War uniforms to be used in the Centennial Celebration.

Schedule of Events
Saturday, May 12
1:00 P.M.-
Rifle Match- Yankees vs. Rebels
North-South Skirmish Association
County firing Range, New Cut Road, Ellicott City
Skirmisher's Camp Site- "40 acres" day camp- New Cut Road, Ellicott City- open to the public Saturday and Sunday
Sunday, May 13
1:30 P.M.--Parade--Main Street from Rodgers Avenue to Patapsco River
3:00 P.M.-Reenactment of "The Raid of Ellicott Mills" and the capture of the Cannon.
North-South Skirmish Association. Main Street and Maryland Avenue, Ellicott City

(Advertisements for local Establishments)

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Compliments of The Soroptmist Club of Howard County, Maryland
A Professional and Business Women's Service Club
Mrs. Iva Sutton, President
Mrs. Elizabeth Lehmann, P.P., Vice President
Mrs. Peggy Leidig, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Mary Ridings, Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Esther Burgee, Treasurer
Regional Representatives
Mrs. Gertrude D. Caplan,--Mrs. May Bonsenne P.P.
Mrs. Mary Ridings
Mrs. Audrey Archbold
Miss Marion Ferguson
Mrs. Mary Klein
Mrs. Catherine Linn
Mrs. Doris Miliner
Mrs. Thelma Pikey
Mrs. Lee Williamson
Miss Hilda Shipley, P.P.
Mrs. Margie Stiegler
Mrs. Evelyn Poole
Mrs. Mary Smith, P.P.
Miss Jeanne Simons
Mrs. Dorothy Stauffer
Mrs. Dorothy Tye, P.P.
Mrs. Esther Weigel

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Allview Golf Club Inc.
Daily Green Fees
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Enchanted Forest
Storybook Land of Fairy Tales
Come true
New This Year
Ride in the tea cup
to Alice in Wonderland
1170 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, Maryland
Phone: HO. 5-0707

(Picture of Courthouse)

The Howard County Courthouse, perched high on what was once called "Mount Misery" in Ellicott City has been the seat of local government since 1843. The site, then owned by a Mrs. Deborah Disney who operated a tavern in front of it, was selected October 6, 1840. Construction started early in 1841 and was completed two years later. Since that time, several additions have been made to the building, the last in 1940.

(Picture of the Presbyterian Church)

Situated high above Ellicott City on the same hill with the courthouse--Mount Misery--the former Presbyterian Church is one of the town's outstanding works of stone architecture. The original church was built in 1844 and resembled a square Quaker Meeting House. The structure fell in 1893 when workers attempted to excavate a basement under the building. It was rebuilt in 1894 and served as the home of the Presbyterian congregation until two years ago when it was bought by Mrs. James Clark and presented to the Historical Society for their headquarters.


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Main Street, Ellicott City, Maryland
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McAlpine Pharmacy
Route 40 at St. John's Lane
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M.J. Fitzsimmons
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(Pages Four and Five)

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Adams Gulf Station
Your Neighborhood Gulf Dealer
889 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD
Open 7 a.m.--10 p.m.
Phone HO. 5-9737

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The Glenleg Country School
A Country Day School for Boys and Girls
from Kindergarten through Eight grade
Glenleg, Maryland
For further information
please write or call Edward L. Jones,
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Vote for
M Make sure you vote
On May 15th
X perienced in County Government
L ever No. 13A--Pull it down
E very vote counts
Y our candidate
(picture of Norman E. Moxley)
Know Your Candidate
Norman E. Moxley
*Born on January 17, 1905 on a farm near Ellicott City and had lived here all his life.
*Attended Howard County public schools.
*Married and has four children.
*Learned the trade of plastering and formed his own business and operated it until elected County Commissioner.
*Member of the E.U.B. Church.
*Member of Farm Bureau.
* Past President of the Rotary Club.
*Served as County Chairman of the National Red Cross Drive.
*Served as County Disaster Chairman for American Red Cross.
*Served as Civil Defense Chief of the Howard County observation post.
*Active member Planning Committee of the National Association of County
Commissioners. *Served as Treasurer of the State Association of County Commissioners. *Member of the Baltimore Regional Planning Council.
*President of the Board of County Commissioners for seven years and presently a member of the Board of County Commissioners.
*An Ex-offico member of the Howard County Planning Commission. By authority of candidate

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Taylor Manor Hospital
Established 1907
A Licensed Hospital
For the diagnosis & treatment of Nervous & Mental Conditions
and Drug & Alcohol Addition
Inving J. Taylor, M.D.
Medical Director
HO. 5-3322
Ellicott City, MD.

Centennial Committees
Roy O. Peterson--Chairman
Blue and Gray Ball--Mrs. Irene Rodgers
Rifle Match Committee--Mr. Shelton E. (Ted) Sewell
Civil War Centennial Souvenir Pageant Commemorating the reenactment of the raid of Ellicott's Mills and the capture of the Dickinson Centrifugal Steam Gun--Samuel S. Caplan--Chairman
Souvenir Program: Ads--Mr. Samuel S. Caplan
Historical Committee--Mr. Louis D.--Mrs. Alice Shaw
Main Street Windows--Mrs. Jean Hannon
Industrial Relations--Mr. Walter Henley.
Horsedrawn Conveyances--Mrs. James Clark
Women's Club--Miss Mary Lewin Clark
Men's Club--Mr. Phil Hannon
Publicity--Mrs. Virginia Clark
Parade Committee--Mr. Shelton E. (Ted) Sewell
Legal Committee--Mr. John Clark
Police Coordinating and Parking Committee--Mr. E. T. Clark, Chairman
B. and O.--Mr. Charles E. Miller
Skirmish Committee--Mr. Shelton E. (Ted) Sewell
Gun Replica--Mr. Joseph Clark
Officers of the Howard County Historical society--
Mrs. James Clark, President
Mrs. Lewis Boone--Vice President
Mr. Roy O. Peterson--Secretary
Mr. Benjamin Mellor, Jr.--Treasuer
Members of the Honorary Committee for the "Raid of Ellicott's Mill."--
Honorable J. Millard Tawes, Governor of Maryland
Honorable George l. Radcliff, Chairman Maryland Civil War Centennial Commission
Honorable John Marshall Butler, United States Senator
General James P.S. Devereux, USMC, Retired.
Mr. Leo Butler
Mrs. Jesse F. Hakes, Past President, Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland, Inc. Souvenir Program Committee
Samuel H. Caplan, Chairman
Fred R. Menke
E. Holmes Hawkins, Jr.
Charles E. Miller
William G. Phillips
John C. Lewis
Isaac H. Taylor
Carl A. Baeder
Lee Ramsburg
James E. Conner
Philip A. Hannon
Paul L. Gaa
Benjamin O. Mellor, Jr.
Russell V. Beckett
C. Merritt Hewett
Roy O. Peterson
Shelton E. (Ted) Sewell
William S. Hanna
Joseph H. Clark
Mary Lewin W. Clark
Kenneth G. Fredericks
Davis F. Meyers
Warrant Officer Harold L. Pruitt

A map--Showing parade routes, location of North-South Skirmish Association Rifle Shoot, Civil War encampment and parking areas will be found on pages 28 and 29.

Pictures and material in this Civil War Centennial Souvenir Program were obtained from:
Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly
The Howard County Garden Club brochure
The Baltimore Sun
The Ellicott City Times Centennial Edition
The Howard County Times files.
The Howard County Historical Society
Mr. Louis D. Clark
Mrs. Joseph Clark
Edited by Mrs. Jean Holmes

(Ad #5)
Commercial and Farmers bank Full Bank Service A Howard County Institution Founded in 1934 (picture of bank) A Howard County First Branch Bank Established 1957 (picture of branch) Two locations: 85 Main St. Ellicott City Rodgers Ave. & Route 40 Ample parking "Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation" "Member Federal Reserve System"

(Ad #6) During the Centennial Visit beautiful Turf Valley Country Club Memberships still available Facilities for: Banquets--Meetings--Weddings--Parties Ray Rossetti, General manager Baltimore National Pike HO. 5-1500