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Queries for Jan, February and Early March 1997

Ron Peeples Wed Jan 8 16:41:20 1997
Seek all available information on relatives of Johann WOERNLEIN or WORNLEIN (umlaut on letter O) from northeastern Baltimore County and Baltimore City, mid-1800s to present. Originally from Bayern (i.e., Bavaria) in what is now Germany c.1848, married Josephina SCHELLENBERG about same time. Also seek information on PEEPLES and HARRISON families from Western Baltimore County near Ellicott City, MD late 19th/early 20th century.

Lee Tue Jan 14 20:16:26 1997
Looking for Information on the PEDDICORD family. They intermarried quite a bit with the HOBBS family. I still am unsure of the linage of the PEDDICORDS in the early-mid 1800s. A number of them lived around Lisbon.

Doug Mann Sun Jan 19 21:25:23 1997
I am looking for more information about Reverend Levi Mann and family located around the Washington-Frederick Counties during 1844. I would like to know when he was born, where he was born, who were his parents and anything behind 1844. It would be much appreciated. E-mail me anytime.

Ruth McConigly Wed Jan 22 21:41:14 1997
Benjamin WAILES (WALES) of Prince George Co. MD b. 1727 d. 1789 married Sarah HOWARD probably in Prince George Co. or surrounding counties in 1751. Trying to find information on her family. If she related to other HOWARDs of Anne Arundel or Howard County? Their son, Edward Lloyd WAILES married Sarah Biggs Oden in Prince George Co. 3/22/1780. Trying to find information on the BIGGS or ODEN families. Also, may be related to COVINGTON family. Any assistance would be greatfully appreciated.

Rose Louise Sweeney- Hardesty Sun Jan 26 09:44:59 1997
I am researching the Familily of John A Sweeney born about 1822 in Maryland m. 1850 to Caroline Ridgely. Seeking information as to parents and siblings

Robert J Becraft Mon Jan 27 19:39:05 1997
Researching any Becrafts and related lines in Maryland.

Robert Doenges Thu Jan 30 19:06:28 1997
Seeking any and all info re DOENGES (Prussia --> Baltimore --> Cambridge) SCHOTT (Hesse-Darmstadt --> Baltimore --> Cambridge) BROMWELL (Tobacco Stick/Madison --> Cambridge) Engle (Preston --> Cambridge)

James T. Trainor Thu Jan 30 12:39:45 1997
My grandfather was raised in the Sharpsburg, Md. area by John and Elizabeth Shay. I would like any information on the Shay family who lived in Frederick Co. Md. about 1871.

James T. Trainor Fri Jan 31 06:49:24 1997
I am trying to research my Grandfathers family who lived in the Maryland area. Only information I have is as follows: Robert Lee Trainor born 1-14-1871 in Baltimore Co. Md. Father was James R. Trainor Mother was Mary Elizabeth McDaniel Information I have is Robert lee Trainor's mother died when he was eight months old. He was raised by a John & Elizabeth Shay who I assume were relatives. I need any info on Roberts parents and the Shay family who is believed to have raised him in Sharpsburg, Md.

James T. Trainor Fri Jan 31 07:05:00 1997
Am looking for any information concerning following subjects: John Richard Pursell-born in Charles Co. Maryland 1-7-1846 Need parents if possible Olivia Ann Simpson-born in Prince George Co. Md. 6-23-1850 Need any informamtion I can get on these two people who were my great-great grandparents.

Allan Griffith Sat Feb 1 19:29:58 1997
GRIFFITH, CROZIER; I am searching for any information on either of these 2 surnames. Specifically I am looking for any information on Philip GRIFFITH, b.1779, and Elizabeth CROZIER, b.1784; These 2 were both born in Maryland, and married 1803 @ Steubenville, OH. I do know there was a Philip GRIFFITH in Frederick Co, MD in the late 1700s, but I cannot make the connection to my own Philip GRIFFITH. Can anyone tell me if they have details on these people? Or could you foreward my notes to anyone who might have leads.

Allan Griffith Sat Feb 1 19:46:31 1997
CROZIER; Searching for family of Elizabeth CROZIER (CROSIER?), b.1784, somewhere in Maryland. I once thought this name originated in France, but recently have been told is Irish. I can find CROZIER names in Maryland in the late 1700s, but I cannot find connections to my Elizabeth. I am certain she migrated to Eastern Ohio by 1803, as she was married in Steubenville, OH to Philip GRIFFITH in 1803. Can anyone write me or foreward my notes on to any possible contacts.

Lori Whitwam Sat Feb 1 22:31:15 1997
Seeking birth record for George Gillingham. Believed born in Baltimore. In 1885 he was in West Virginia, married and the father of several children. Suspected birth date 1845-1865?

David Jenkinson Sun Feb 9 09:15:44 1997
Any information on Francis Jenkinson, born in Maryland in or about 1794.

Laura McGurk Sun Feb 9 09:50:45 1997
Looking for family of Meshach and/or Shadrach KING, who were born circa 177 & 1779 in MD. Possible father is Thomas KING. 1800 Washington County, PA 1810 Ohio County, WV

John Buschman Sun Feb 9 12:07:06 1997
Looking for the parents of Henry S. HIPSLEY b.3 Oct 1818 d.19 Jul 1866 m.3 Dec 1841 to Martha E. GENT b.7 Feb 1817 d. 25 Mar 1888, they buried at Grace Church BC, Md.

Jason Conklin Mon Feb 10 16:36:24 1997
I am looking for all available records for on the person Orville Rascoe Conklin specifically all relations.

George M. Goldring Sat Feb 15 21:53:32 1997
Archibald HASTY 1700 to 1781? may be more than one? May have come from Ireland? Any info appreciated, will exchange. All Counties. Thanks

Taff Small Sun Feb 16 07:51:31 1997
I am trying to link (if one exists) the Maryland WARFIELD surname with the WARFIELD's from SOMERSET/BRISTOL in the United Kingdom. Some of the family are believed to have emigrated to the USA to work on the railroads and some say the pony express !! Can anyone help ?

Arlene Brown Sun Feb 16 09:42:44 1997
I am looking for a Drucilla Richards and Josiah James. Drucilla was born in Maryland in 1803. I located her in Roundhead Ohio married to Josiah. Josiah may be from MD. too. I have no idea what county.

Dominic E Noel Sun Feb 16 21:40:39 1997
Looking for a Adam Noel plus and minus 1800. His four sons were Adam P., John, Peter, and Joseph. They went to Davenport, Iowa in maybe 1832 or sooner, Adam P staying there. Joseph married Margaretha Griffith and died in Westmoreland County, PA about 1842.

Jill Licata Mon Feb 17 19:27:39 1997
Looking for ancestors of John Hawkins HOWARD born in Maryland in 1813. His father was John HOWARD and mother was Elizabeth A. HOWARD (maiden name not known). They went to KY (Boone CO) in 1820's. Thank you.

Mollie King Tue Feb 18 19:19:12 1997
These are the surnames I'm working on, all in Maryland: BEHN, BENNY, BENTON, BRENT, BUCHANAN, BURDETTE/BURDITTE, CHENEY, CHILDS, CRYER, DUCKETT, ENGELMEIER/ENGELMEYER, GIBSON, GREENFIELD, HEHNER, HURLEY, JACOB/JACOBS, KING, LAMBRECHT, MARSHAM, MERRICK, MILES, MILLAN, MORRIS, OWENS/OWINGS, PROUT, RINGGOLD, STOCKETT, SUNDERLAND, VAUGHAN, WARING, WATERS, WELCH, WERNIG, WICKES On some I have a lot of information -- on some a single name. But I'm willing to share. Please contact me at: Mollie King 3744 Roxbury Lane Alexandria, VA 22309

Stella Durham Wed Feb 19 09:01:08 1997
ROGERS ROBERTSON or ROBINSON born 1774, was a carriage builder. Any info needed. Sincerely, Stella Sprouls Durham 4008 Ridglea Country Club Drive #304 Fort Worth, Texas 76126

Davis Young Fri Feb 21 13:40:04 1997
I'm looking for any information about my great grandfather James Bateman Riggs and his brother William Riggs. I have reason to believe that J. B. Riggs was born in the 1840s and it may have been in Maryland. I'm trying to determine his exact birthdate and identify his parents (possibly a Riggs-Bateman marriage?). Both Riggs boys ended up in Delaware by 1870. JBR moved to Philadelphia in the early 1870s.

Susan E. Sykes- Bundy Fri Feb 21 21:14:59 1997
I am looking for any information on the following families that were in Baltimore/Carroll County and I am willing to share all the information I have on them...Thanks in advance for any help. FRANK/FRANCK...STEVENS/STEPHENS/STEVINS...LOUDENSLAGER...DERR... SYKES/SIKES...PLOWMAN...SIAR/SYAR...WARE...MARSH...MILLER... LOVEALL/LOVELL...BRUMMEL/BRUMMELL...HARRIS and TIPTON.

Kate Sherbine Fri Feb 28 20:47:54 1997
The following are surnames being researched in the Howard County area: BROWN, DAY, JOHNSON, SHAW, WARFIELD. Especially interested in Ulysses Johnson b. 1835, Henry Johnson b. 1860 Dayton, Hetti Louise Johnson b. 1896, Sarah Brown b. 1836, Randolph Day b. 1834, Louisa Day b. 1869, and Alberta Warfield b. 1839.

Bob Reynolds Mon Mar 3 09:54:09 1997
Am researching the GEASLEN and THOMAS families of Howard Co. William THOMAS and family emigrated from England in 1842. They settled in Ellicott City and are buried at St. John's cemetery. Harrison and James L GEASLEN moved from Va. in the 1860's. Harrison was in the Savage area, James in Ellicott City Any information?

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