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Revolutionary War Veterans

By act of the Maryland General Assembly of 1777, the State lands "Westward of Fort Cumberland " were reserved for Maryland soldiers of the Continental Army. In 1787 Col. Francis Deakins surveyed 4,165 fifty acre lots; 2,575 were already allotted to the veterans, but only two of them (Dudley Lee and Richard Tasker) settled in the Garrett County area where most of the lots were located. However, after the Revolutionary War, among our early settlers were a number of veterans, whose names, so far as we have records of them, are included in the following list:


ENSIGN WILLIAM ARMSTRONG - (1763-1848) - 7th Pa. Regiment. Buried in the McCarty Church graveyard, south of Oakland on Monte Vista Road.  He has a government marker.

WILLIAM ASHBY - Skipton Company.Died 1803.&   Buried on his farm Piney Bottom, (Underwood Cemetery) south of Oakland.  The Ashby family erected a marker to his memory,and that of his wife, Sarah Williams Ashby.  The Ashby family has tried several times to obtain a government marker, but due to lack of proof have been unable to get one.  (According to the Glades Star of 1947 he enrolled at Oldtownin Capt. Coulson's Co. of Maryland Militia).

THOMAS CASTEEL - 1stBattalion, Bedford Co. PA, Militia. Capt. Evan Cessna's Co.  Buried in the Friend Graveyard, Friendsville, Md.  He has a government marker.

BENJAMIN CODDINGTON (1759-1840) - Enlisted in 1776 in Capt. Sear's Company, Essex Co.New Jersey.  In 1779 he again enlisted in a "troop of horse " at Woodbridge,NJ.  He "received three balls " in one of his legs in battle.  After this term of service he volunteered "to go privateering."  His company took a British Brig by surprise, then met and captured a schooner, taking 100 prisoners.  Later, under Capt. Randell, he helped capture an enemy picket of 36 men on Staten Island. In Dec. 1780, he again volunteered and helped to capture and burn a British transport in the Narrows; also a man of war tender and two sloops. Benjamin received a pension of $4 per month.  He is buried on his farm, " Rich Hill " on the Old Morgantown Road east of Selbysport. He has a family marker as well as a government marker.

WILLIAM CODDINGTON- New Jersey Militia. Resided on his farm west of Selbysport.  Buried on his farm. Grave not found, cemetery gone.

ROBERT COMPTON (1768-1856)- Robert served in the Revolutionary War under Gen. George Washington on his memorial expedition in "Crossing the Delaware " and surprising the British with the capture of about 2,000 Hessian soldiers.Being a boy of 8, he belonged to no unit or company and his name was on no roll. He is interned at the Grantsville Cemetery. Grave was marked by the S.A.R.

LT. JAMES DRANE (1755-1828)- Prince George's Company, Maryland Militia. Married Priscilla Lamar.  He is buried in the Drane German Lutheran Cemetery at Accident,MD.  The grave is marked by a fieldstone as well as a government marker.  It was marked by the D.A.R. in August 1967.

CASPER DURST - Capt.Daniel Cresap's Company, Washington County, Md. Born 1732, died 1823. Moved to Maryland before 1790, around the New Germany area.  Ross C. Durst and Mrs. Margaret Cupler proved his service and joined D.A.R. and S.A.R. on him in 1971. Buried in the Old Salisbury, Pennsylvania Cemetery.

SGT. BENJAMIN DUVALL - (1746-1820) - Prince George's County, Maryland Militia.&   Capt.Beall's Company.&  Enlisted 12/4/1776.&  Buried on Frazee Ridge, Selbysport.& His brothers, Lts. Edward and Isaac Duvall, were killed in battle, their Lots were awarded to Gabriel Duvall and passed on to Benjamin.

GEORGE FAZENBAKER -Was from Hesse-Castle, Germany. Was a Hessian soldier hired by the British from the King of Prussia to fight the American colonists. He was captured at Trenton, NJ by the American soldiers, sometime in the 1770's.  He then fought with General Washington against the British. He is buried on the Ezra Michael's farm in Garrett County (Aaron Run Road) near Barton. (Told by Oscar Fazenbaker, who is the fifth generation from Geo. Fazenbaker).Grave is unmarked.

THURMAN FRAZEE - Camef rom Denmark to New York, then to Virginia (WV) establishing 7 miles east of Brandenville in Preston County and from there to Maryland on FrazeeRidge.  He served in the Revolutionary War for 7 years.  (History of W.Va.,Vol II, page 500).He is buried on Frazee Ridge at the Great Crossing Cemeteryand has a family marker.  Born 3/20/1752, died 4/19/1843.  His wife was Nancy and she died 12/24/1878.

CAPT. AUGUSTINE FRIEND - Served in the Sandy Creek Rangers, Buried at McHenry. But his grave is now covered by the Deep Creek Lake. His father, Nicholas, was also buried here. Miss Josie Weimer can remember the cemetery and recalled that as a young girl she had played in and around it. Her mother was Martha Friend, daughter of Israel Friend and Dorcas Willison.

LT. GABRIEL FRIEND (1752-1854) - Sandy Creek Rangers. Buried in the Friend graveyard at Friendsville, MD. He has a family marker as well as a government marker. He married (1) Elizabeth Bonnell in 1787 and (2) Clara Ann Peck in 1810. SGT ABIJAH HERRINGTON - Sandy Creek Rangers. Probably resided on Herrington Run in the Glades. A government marker was ordered for Abijah Herrington in June 1968 and received. It was erected in May, 1977 at the entrance to Herrington Manor State Park.

PVT. JOHN FRIEND (Sr.) - Skipton Company. Buried in the Friend graveyard at Friendsville, MD. He has a government marker. Was born in 1732 and died in 1808. He was allotted Military Lots Nos. 3281, 3281, 3283, which included his settlement on the Youghiogheny. He married Kerrenhappuch Hyatt in Virginia. She died October 13, 1798.

JACOB FROMAN - Skipton Company. Resided on Mill Run.  Moved to Kentucky.

JOHN IRONS - 1st Maryland regiment. Resided at "Pretty Spring" near Steyer.  Buried on his farm.  Grave never located yet.

JOHN JONAS (1754-1815)- Capt. Forman's Co. 4th Battalion, New Jersey.  Buried in Simkins'Graveyard at the Bear Camp. Did no find any marker for him.

DUDLEY LEE - 6th Maryland Regiment. Enlisted 7/1/1778, discharged 4/1/1779, re-enlisted.& Awarded Military Lot 301.  Pensioned 1838. Believed buried on Harvey Farm at White Church. Grave marker erected 9/15/1985. Born May 15, 1759,Belfast, Ireland. Died April 10, 1813. (Probably Scotch-Irish.)

LT. CAPT. JOHN LYNN - 6th Md. Regiment. Awarded Military Lots 2474-75-76-77. Died at McHenry. Buried at Frederick, Maryland.

MOSES McKINSEY - Listedin "History of Cumberland" as having served in the Revolutionary War as well as the War of 1812.  From around the Avilton area.  Maybe St. Ann's Cemetery?

PHILIP MICHAEL (1736-1822)- Pvt. Pennsylvania. His wife, Catherine, is buried in the old Jacobs Cemetery above Barton. We believe he is also buried here. She died7/31/1813.  He has been joined on according to the D.A.R. Patriot Index.

JACOB MILLER - He is buried in the old Jacobs Cemetery above Barton.  His tombstone reads, "d.May 6, 1847, age about 90 years. A soldier of the Revolution."  His wife is here also but no marker.

SGT. AARON PARKER - Skipton Company. Resided at the Bear Camp, Braddock Road.

MICHAEL PAUGH -(b.1751) - 12th Virginia Regiment, July 28, 1777, to close of war. Capt.Wm. Vause's Company. Served at Valley forge in 1778.  Buried at Mt. Zion Church Cemetery near Swanton, MD.  He has a government marker.

DANIEL RECKNOR - Enlisted in 1778 at Allentown, Pa. in Capt. Wm. Oldham's Company, 5th Pennsylvania Regiment. Was in the Battle of Brandywine and the Battle of Manmoth.  Was discharged at Reading, Pa. in 1781.  Received a pension of $8 per month.  Wife's name was Sarah.  He has a fieldstone marker on which is carved: "Here liesthe body of Daniel Recknor, was born 1759, deceased Nov. the 8th, 1829."  Buried on his farm along the Westernport-High Rock Fire Tower Road.

GEORGE REINHART - Capt.Peter Beal's Company, Washington County, Md. Militia. Died in 1840. Buried in the Reinhart graveyard at Sunnyside. Grave unmarked.

DAVID SEIBERT - Servedin the Revolution, Indian, and War of 1812.  He resided near Grantsvilleand died in 1836. Intered on farm NW of Bittinger, Md. Married to Susannah Stall. He has a government marker erected by the Grantsville Legion.

JOHN SIMKINS - "Select Militia" Co. of Washington Co. Md. Died 1827. Married (1) Mary ____(2) Elizabeth Lamar. Sister to Priscilla Lamar, wife of James Drane. Buried at Simkins Graveyard, Bear Camp. Did not find any marker for him.

RICHARD TASKER - MarylandLine. Military Lot 1513.&  Pension No. 34, 2/12/1820, "half pay of a private for life." Buried in the Tasker-Hamill Cemetery, Kitzmiller,Md. He has a government marker.

JESSE TOMLINSON (1752-1840)- Skipton Company.  Buried at Little Meadows near Grantsville.  He has a family marker.  He married Elizabeth Basil.  He was elected to the House of Delegates six times between 1790 and 1814.

CORNELIUS WARD - Capt.Daniel Cresap's Company.  Father-in-law of John Friend, Jr. who married his daughter Elizabeth. Cornelius died on August 11, 1795. Gabriel Friend was the administrator for his estate, and John Friend was paid for his burial.  Believe him to be buried in the Friend Cemetery at Friendsville.  A  government marker was erected for him in 1975.

THOMAS WILSON II (4/5/1740-1824)- Enlisted 4th Company, Frederick Detachment, 4th Battalion,Maryland Troops, 5/2/1782, under Capt. George Richard Byrd.  Interned Wilson Cemetery at Altamont.  He has a government marker which was dedicated on July 30, 1972




(Note: this information was compiled by the Youghiogheny Glades Chapter (Maryland) Daughter's of the American Revolution and permission has been granted to repost it online.)

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