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Maryland was established as a refuge for Roman Catholics from England (under the act of toleration, 1649 to 1654), but most settlers were Protestant. Members of the Society of Friend's were in the Chesapeake Bay as early as 1657. The Anglican church was established as the official church in 1692 and continued as such until 1776. During the 19th century, Methodism was the dominant protestant religion.

The Maryland Historical Society has about 200 indexed transcripts of early church records. The Maryland State Archives also has a complete set of Parish records from the Diocese of both the Western and Eastern Shores. The FHC has some copies of Episcopal records, Friends, and Presbyterian records.

Church Archives

Roman Catholic
Archives of the Archdiocese of Baltimore
320 Cathedral Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

United Methodist Historical Society
Baltimore Conference
2200 St. Paul Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Historical Room
Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware
1313 York Road
Lutherville, MD 21093

Archives of the Maryland Synod Church in America
7604 York Road
Towson, MD 21204

Local Churches in Garrett County

Apostolic Church of Oakland
Rev. Greg Cummings, Pastor.

Crellin Assembly of God
Rev. Bruce Craig, Pastor.

Glendale Assembly of God Church
David P. Goldizen, Pastor.

Rocky Drean Assembly of God
Bray School Rd.
Rev. William C. Skipper, Pastor.

Lakeside Assembly of God,
Rev. Robert Culler, Pastor.

Kitzmiller Assembly of God.
Rev. Samuel Calhoun, Pastor.

Maranatha Assembly of God,
176 Spring Rd., Grantsville,
Rev. Joseph Snodgrass.

Walnut Bottom Assembly of God,
Rev. Christopher Crawford, Pastor.

Hiway Assembly of God,
Star Rt., Kitzmiller.
Rev. Gail K. Hixon, Pastor.

Mt. Top Christian Assembly,
Rt. 135, Mtn. Lake Park.
Rev. David Johnson.

Terra Alta Assembly of God,
Rev. Robert Travis, Pastor.

Deep Creek Baptist Church,
Don Wilson, Pastor.

Ferndale Baptist Church,
Rt. 219, 3 mi. N. of Oakland.

Harvest Baptist Church,
off Rt. 495, Jennings Rd.
Alan Birkby, Pastor.

Little Meadows Baptist Church,
Chestnut Ridge Rd., near Grantsville.
Pastor Rick High, 304-788-2844.

Mtn. Lake Independent Baptist Church,
1005 Broadford Rd.
Dennis L. Leatherman, Pastor.

New Testament Baptist Church,
710 Dung Hill Rd., Grantsville,
Tony Wilburn, Pastor, 301-895-4001.

Pleasant View Baptist Church,
2 mi. S. of Oakland, Rt. 219.
Wally Weeks, Pastor.
Youth Pastor, Mark Watkins, 301-334-8515.

Rush Baptist Church,
1985 Old Morgantown Rd.West,
near Friendsville.
Steven Rose, Pastor.

Victory Baptist Church,
3 miles W. of Oakland ,
Rt. 39, near Crellin.

Oak Park Church of the Brethren,
Rev. Mel Menker, Pastor.

Bethesda Church of the Brethren,
6 mi. S. of Grantsville on Rt. 495.
Rev. Edwin Moore, Pastor.

Oak Grove Church of the Brethren,
Sang Run Rd., McHenry.
Pastor Donald Matthews, 387-7502.

Bear Creek Church of the Brethren,
Brethren Church Rd.,
Tom Wegman, Pastor.

Pine Grove Church of the Brethren,
Swallow Falls,
Owen Preston, Pastor.

Fairview Church of the Brethren,
4 mi. off Rt. 50.
David C. Moon, Pastor.

Maple Spring Church of the Brethren,
Rev. J. Rogers Fike, Pastor.

Mt. Grove Church of the Brethren.
Rev. Curtis Ketterman, Pastor.

Brookside Church of the Brethren.
Rev. Donald Knotts, Pastor.

Gortner Union Church of the Brethren-Mennonite.
Rev. Steven Sauder, Pastor.

Cherry Grove Church of the Brethren,
Chestnut Ridge Rd.
Henry Elsea Jr., Pastor.

Maple Grove Church of the Brethren,
Maple Grove Rd. Rev. Curtis Ketterman, Pastor.

Laughlin Church of the Brethren,
Amish Rd., Grantsville.

Grace Brethren Church,
3 mi. S. of Accident on Bumble Bee Rd.

Laurel Glen Church of the Brethren,
Old Mill Rd., Cranesville.
Berma and Carol Yerkey, Pastors.

Asher Glade Church of the Brethren,
Rt. 42, 6 miles N. of Friendsville,
Sam Moon, Pastor.

Oakland Church of Christ,
Russ McConnell, Minister, 301-334-0710.

St. Matthew's Episcopal,
2nd & Liberty St., Oakland.
"Church of Presidents."
Rev. Chip Lee, Rector.

St. John's Episcopal Church,
Rt. 135, Deer Park.
Rev. Chip Lee,

Our Father's House,
Rt. 135 at Altamont (Summer only).

Faith Evangelical Free Church,
1009 Maryland Hwy, Mtn. Lake Park.,
301-334-4172. Rev. David R. Martin.

Independent Full Gospel Revival Center,
Loch Lynn Hts.

Savage River Full Gospel Church,
Rev. Charles Braithwaite, Pastor.

Loch Lynn Church of God,
Rev. Ivan R. Ackerman, Pastor.

Jennings Church of God.
Rev. Rev. George Plants, Pastor.
Laurel Run Church of God,
(affiliated with Anderson, Ind., and CBH)
Pastor Cathy Harman, 301-746-5320.

Gorman Church of God,
7301 GW Hwy, Oakland.

Sand Spring Church of God.
Fearer Rd., Friendsville,
Nevin Umbel, Int. Pastor

Creation for Christ Min.,
Rt. 219 S.
Glenes Dumire, Pastor.

Freedom Chapel,
Bear Creek Rd. near Friendsville,
Philip Smith, Pastor.

Deer Park Family Worship Center,
Billy Vanhoosier, Pastor.

Emmanuel Family Church,
Mosser Rd., McHenry, MD
John Legeer, Pastor.

First Christian Church,
Galen Beitzel, Evangelist.

Grace Bible Church,
28099 Garrett Highway, Accident.
Larry Glotfelty, Pastor,

Western Md. Christian Center,
827 1st Ave., Friendsville,
Mike Robinson, Pastor.

Mercy Chapel,
Mill Run, 5 mi N of Friendsville.

New Life Christian Church,
3 mi. N of Oakland, off Rt. 219 on Nest Lick Acres
Rev. Richard Sisler, Pastor.

Sang Run Christian Center,
Sang Run Rd.,
Joe Spiker, Pastor.

World Lighthouse Worship Center,
Dewayne Johnson, Pastor,

Zion Tabernacle,
326 Zion School Rd., Grantsville.
Guy Stanton, Pastor.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses,
Weber Rd., Oakland,
N. Oakland Congregation,
Delmus Evans, presiding overseer.

S. Oakland Congregation,
Donald Stull, presiding overseer
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness,
Locker La., Grantsville.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
1022 John Dr., Oakland.
Jackson C. Hamrick, Br. Pres.,
Home: 304-259-5565, Office: 301-334-9552.

St. John's Lutheran Church,
Red House, Rev.
Wm. V. Connelly, phone 334-4778.

Bittinger Lutheran Parish,
Pat Pittsnogle, Pastor.

St. John's Meadow Mt.; Emmanuel, Bittinger; and Zion, Jennings.

St. Mark's Lutheran Church,
6 S. Second St., Oakland.
Mike Robinson, Pastor.

Christ Lutheran Church
David E. Fetter, Pastor.

Zion Lutheran Church (LCMS),
Wilfred Karsten, Pastor.

Accident Evangelical Lutheran Parish,
Roland E. Nairn III, Pastor;
St. John's, Cove; Grace, Friendsville; St. Paul's, Accident.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mo. Synod,
Cove Rd., Accident.
Rev. Douglas Kabell, Pastor.

Cherry Glade Mennonite Church,
4 mi. E.of Accident on Accident-Bittinger Rd.
Oren Bender, Pastor;
Anthony Lehman, Youth Pastor.

Glade Mennonite Church,
Accident-Bittinger Rd. & Rock Lodge Rd.
Alan Kauffman and Chester Yoder, Pastors.

Gortner Union Church of the Brethren-Mennonite.
Rev. Steven Sauder, Pastor.

Maple Glen Mennonite Church,
Pastor Phil Moser.

Meadow Mountain Mennonite Church,
Rt. 495 near Dry Run & Glendale Rd.
Duane Frederick, Pastor.

Oak Grove Mennonite,
Zehner Rd, 3 mi. W. of Grantsville off Rt. 40.
Pastor Tim Fetterly

Church of the Nazarene,
207 S 8th St., Oakland
Pastor Art Evans

Calvary Tabernacle,
Rev.Shirland Hardman, Pastor.

Apostolics of Oakland,
Rev. Greg Cummings, Pastor.

Friendsville United Pentecostal Church,
Rev. Joseph H. Smith, Pastor.

First United Presbyterian Church,
Terra Alta.
John Zuercher, Pastor.

Grace Reformed Church,
Will now meet at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church building at S. 2nd and Liberty Streets, Oakland.
Pastor Robert Bonser

St. Peter's the Apostle Catholic Church,
Oakland, with Masses also in McHenry on Mosser Rd: St. Peter's Lake Center;
Rev. Donald J. Parson

St. Anne's Catholic Church,
Rt. 40, Grantsville;

Seventh-Day Adventist Mt. Top Church,
Between Deep Creek Lake & Oakland,
Gene Melanshenko, Pastor.

Underwood United Brethren Church,
David Kisamore, Pastor

Crellin United Brethren in Christ,

Michael Mudge Sr. Pastor, 301-334-9795,
Tom Crotts, Youth Pastor, 301-334-1563.

St. John's United Church of Christ,

Trinity United Church of Christ,
New Germany,
Rev. Raymond Brown, Pastor.

The United Methodist Church,
Garrett Highland Charge,
Rev. Neil Parsons, Pastor.
Phone: 334-6207.
Services in Crellin, White Church, Deer Park, and Kurtz Chapel.

Bethel United Methodist Church,
Mtn. Lake Park,
Mark Hickman, Pastor.

Bloomington United Methodist Charge:
Rev. Donald Nelson, Pastor.
Services at Mt. Zion, Chestnut Grove, and Bloomington.

Cranesville United Methodist Charge.
Rev. Robert Muller Jr.,
Pastor; William A. Durst.
Parsonage, 304-789-2711.
Faith, 304-789-2332.

Deep Creek United Methodist Ministries:
Rev. R. Samuel Wachter, Pastor, 301-387-6832.
Hoyes Church, Hoyes Rd.;
Paradise Church, Sand Flat Rd.

Friendsville United Methodist
Rev. Robert Milliren, Pastor,
Services at Blooming Rose, Selbysport, and Friendsville

Grantsville United Methodist Charge.
Rev. Brenda Shreve, Pastor,
Services at Jennings; St. Paul's, Grantsville; and State Line, PA.

Kitzmiller Mt. Bethel United Methodist.
Rev. Meredith Ball, Pastor,

McHenry United Methodist Church,
Mosser & Bumblebee Rds.
Rev. Warren Friend, Pastor.

Northeast Garrett United Methodist Charge,
Rev. Stephen E. Lightner, Pastor,
Emmanuel, Pocahontas Rd. & Rt. 40. Services at the Casselman and Mt. Zion at Route 40 & Longstretch.

Otterbein United Methodist,
Rev. Meredith Ball, Pastor.

St. Paul's United Methodist Church.
4th & Oak Sts., Oakland.
Rev. Roger A. Harrison Sr., Pastor.
Ann W. Harrison, Assoc. Pastor.


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