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ANDREW, Henry CHRISTOPHER, Nancy 3 Jan 1853 Gary Christopher
ANDREW, Thomas ALFORD, Louisa 25 Mar 1851 Gary Christopher
BAKER, Elijah CHRISTOPHER, Emily 3 Jun 1865 Gary Christopher
BRADLEY, Thomas WATKINS, Elizabeth 12 May 1849 Adina Watkins Dyer
BUTLER, Levin CHRISTOPHER, Mary 10 May 1854 Gary Christopher
CHAFFINCH, George W.  STREET, Neita 3 Oct 1911 MarilynWright
CHRISTOPHER, Howard E. RASH, Mattie T. 22 Oct 1904 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, Howard W. LORD, Elizabeth 4 Sep 1901 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, Isaiah WILLOUGHBY, Melissa  9 Jun 1865 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, James Robinson CARROLL, L. Velma 10 Sep 1907 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, John F. TOWERS,  Anna E. 3 Jan 1881 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, John Wesley MORGAN, Lucinda Ann 19 May 1842 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, Leonard T. HUBBARD, Madge 1 Jul 1947 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, Lewis Garey BRADLEY, Luanna 12 Jan 1904 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, Silas DUKES, Ellen Z. 23 Oct 1866 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, Thomas E. ANDREW, Domina 25 Jan 1875 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, Victor Thomas COVEY, Eva Louise 3 Jul 1941 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, William STUBBS EATON, Mary 23 Aug 1815 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, William Edmond OLIPHANT, Clara Bell 28 Oct 1908 Gary Christopher
CHRISTOPHER, William R. HOPKINS, Suda 26 Dec 1894 Gary Christopher
COLLISON, Andrew STUBBS, Ellen 30 Nov 1805 Gary Christopher
CONWAY, Paul GAUSLIN, Priscilla 12 Dec 1800 Gary Christopher
CONWAY, John Wesley CHANCE, Anne Marie 9 Jun 1832 Gary Christopher
COX, Daniel Howes JUMP, Clara Eugenia 27 Jan 1879 Gary Christopher
COX, James S. DILLIN, Sarah Willie 23 Jul 1873 Gary Christopher
DAFFIN, Thomas J.  TRICE, Lillie 11 Apr 1911 MarilynWright
DAVIS, William M. K. GOWTY, Elizabeth J. W. 1Jan 1839 Adina Watkins Dyer
DEAN, Shadrack CHRISTOPHER, Sarah 28 Mar 1853 Gary Christopher
DILLIN, John A. ANDREW, Sarah 31 Jul 1850 Gary Christopher
EATON, Beauchamp STUBBS, Margaret 24 Oct 1804 Jan Stockman
EATON, Dennis CHILCUTT, Mary 21 Dec 1802 Jan Stockman
EATON, Jonathan STUBBS, Mary 27 Jan 1807 Gary Christopher
EATON, Joseph PROUSE, Rachel 27 Oct 1797  Jan Stockman
EATON, Peter WILLIS, Rebecca 26 Jan 1802 Jan Stockman
FOUNTAIN, Nehemiah RUSSELL, Lydia 8 Sep 1818 Gary Christopher
FRAMPTON, William STUBBS, Tamsey 30 Oct 1804 Gary Christopher
GIBSON, William WATKINS, Isabella 12 Sep 1815 Adina Watkins Dyer
GOWTY, Abel WHEELTON, Elizabeth 24 Dec 1813 Adina Watkins Dyer
HIGNUTT, David Warner  TRICE, Frances 14 Feb 1882 MarilynWright
HOPKINS, Robert HOOPER, Dorcas 3 Oct 1774 Jill Collins
HUBBARD, Clement EATON, Sarah "Sallie" 2 Jan 1813 Linda Abel
KELLY, George Jr. COX, Nora May 16 Jan 1909 Gary Christopher
LAIN, William H. CHRISTOPHER, Elizabeth A. 11 Feb 1863 Gary Christopher
LYDEL (LYTLE), William KIMMEY, Harriett 21 Dec 1825 Nancy Conrad
NICHOLS, James R. HIGNUTT,  Bessie 27 Nov 1913 MarilynWright
NICHOLSON, William G. FOUNTAIN, Margaret E. 8 Nov 1848 Gary Christopher
NOBLE, Alexander R HIGNUTT, Lizzie Ellen 26 Dec 1906 MarilynWright
PLUMMER, Samuel EWING, Elizabeth 30 Jul 1827 Beverly Startt Genetta
SMITH, Willard TRICE, Mary Elizabeth 1 Jan 1896 MarilynWright
STACK, William Ira CHRISTOPHER, Daisy May 9 Dec 1910 Gary Christopher
STUBBS Richard WATKINS, Esther 4 Sep 1813 Adina Watkins Dyer
STUBBS, Richardson HALL, Roda Mar 1809 Gary Christopher
THORRINGTON, Saulsbury  HARISS, Margaret 28 Jan. 1840 Sandra L. Willis
TOWERS, Aaron CHRISTOPHER, Nicey 16 Jan 1856 Gary Christopher
TOWERS, John STUBBS, Elizabeth 4 Dec 1798 Gary Christopher
TURNER, Thomas Jr. ANDREW, Sarah 13 Oct 1836 Gary Christopher
VENER, Benjamin Joel  PRITCHETT, Mahala 19 June 1832 Garnet Murphey
WATKINS, Jacob HOBBS, Elizabeth 4 Feb 1791
WATKINS, Jefferson FRAMPTON, Mary 17 Dec 1834
WATKINS, John RICHARDS, Elizabeth 20 Dec 1791 Adina Watkins Dyer
WATKINS, Josiah *married 2nd 
Elizabeth J. W.  (Gowty) Davis 28 Jul 1848 
in Sussex Co, DE (she was the widow of 
William McKendree Davis)
WRIGHT, Deborah 27 Dec 1842 Adina Watkins Dyer
WATKINS, Levin ANDREW, Milly 28 Oct 1811
WATKINS, William H. WILLIAMS, Sarah Elizabeth 24 Jan 1843
WATKINS, William H.(not the same Wm. H. above) DAVIS, Amanda Marie 22 Dec 1856 Adina Watkins Dyer
WHITE, Henry NICOLS, Jane A. Nicols 2 May 1846 Lillian White Forry
WILLIAMSON, John CHRISTOPHER, Martha 19 Jun 1861 Gary Christopher
WILLIAMSON, Raymond COX, Mary E. 20 Dec 1916 Gary Christopher
WRIGHT, Kennerly R. WATKINS, Mary E. 4 Jan1836

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