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Wright Marriages
Caroline County, Maryland

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WRIGHT, Charles E. TRICE, Manie 25 May 1882
WRIGHT, Charles G. CREMENE, Mary Jane 4 Jul 1860
WRIGHT, Elisha TODD, Mary 8 Jan 1831
WRIGHT, Horatio BEAUCHAMP, Sarah 29 May 1827
WRIGHT John STAFFORD, Mary 19 Jun 1822
WRIGHT, John Wesley (married 2nd Dec 1894 in Fredericka DE  Manie B. Samson, married 3rd to Janie Reddick) DOWNES, Mary J. 19 Dec 1850 
WRIGHT, Lewis Biard KILLEN, Sarah 2 Feb 1864
WRIGHT, Peter CANNON, Priscilla Ann 19 Dec 1843
WRIGHT, Peter COLLINS, Catherine 14 Apr 1819
WRIGHT, Richard Henry WRIGHT, Mary Ellen 31 Mar 1842
WRIGHT, Truston M. STAFFORD, Julia Etta 5 Dec 1867
WRIGHT, William DUKES, Ellender 6 Jun 1815
COULBOURN, Michael WRIGHT, Anna Eliza 18 Jun 1855
WATKINS, Josiah WRIGHT, Deborah 27 Dec 1842
HORSEY, James H. WRIGHT, Josephine 26 Jan 1869
ADAMS, Thomas WRIGHT, Lillian 17 Sep 1836
TODD, William H. WRIGHT, Mary 2 Feb 1824
CAMPER, Samuel WRIGHT, Mary Ellen 6 Jan 1847
SIPPLE, William Henry WRIGHT, Nicey (Unice H) 17 Aug 1852
MANSHIP, Elijah Andrew WRIGHT, Priscilla 22 Feb 1853 
COOPER, John Clinton WRIGHT, Sarah Ann 13 Apr 1843

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