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The History of Caroline County, Maryland, From Its Beginning, 1920, pp.23-24


       Originally all of Caroline County which lies north and west of Choptank River lay within the bounds of Kent.
        When Talbot County was organized from Kent about 1662 this territory was included.  Again in 1707 this part of Caroline was again transferred when Queen Ann County was formed.
        Within 23 years after surveys began on Kent Island, Thomas Skillington of Talbot had a survey made on the east side of Choptank River in the Frazier Flats section.  This was about March 4, 1663.  Shortly thereafter surveys were made on Fowling and Hunting Creeks as well as farther on up the river.  Cedar Point the site of Melvill's Warehouse and the first Court House was surveyed for John Edmondson of Talbot in 1665.  Likewise were surveys made about the same time in the Oakland neighborhood then designated as the "Forest of Choptank" and the Marshy Hope section between Smithville and Federalsburg.  As indicated elsewhere lands were taken up slowly north east of the Choptank because of the uncertainty of the state boundary line.
        On all lands granted in Maryland by the Lord Proprietor to settlers in his province under his "condition of plantation," he reserved an interest in each grant and stipulated an annual land rent to be paid by the grantee for two purposes; the first was to make the freeholders feel a bond of allegiance to his Lordship, and the second though small in separate changes, yet large in aggregate, - was his source of personal revenue.  The rent was about one shilling (25c) per year on each 50 acres of land granted.  These rents called quit-rents were exacted by the Lord Proprietor's government and paid until 1776.

Patent or Land Grant, or How Land Was Originally Given Out by the Proprietor

        Charles, Absolute Lord and Proprietor of the Provinces of Maryland and Avalon, Lord Baron of Baltimore, Etc.  To the Persons to whom this Present shall come, Greetings in our Lord God Everlasting.  KNOW YE, that Whereas in pursuance of our Instructions to our Governor and Judge in Land Affairs for the Granting of our Back Lands on the Borders of our Province, bearing date the fourteenth of June, Seventeen hundred and thirty three, and Registered in our Land Office, Henry Ennalis, deputy surveyor of the county of Dorchester, that by his certificate returned into our Land-Office certified, that he hath laid out for a certain.......Moore, of said county, a tract of land in said county, on our said borders containing one hundred and thirty acres of said county, a Tract called Calf Path,.........and for which land the said........Moore has paid the sum of Two pounds, and nine pence half penny sterling.
        We therefore hereby Grant unto him, the said........Moore all that the aforesaid Tract or Parcel of Land called Calf Path, lying and being in the county aforesaid, and on our said Borders, beginning, (then following a description of land) according to the certificate of surveyor thereof, taken and returned into our Land-Office, bearing date nineteenth day of October seventeen hundred and forty three, and there remaining, together with all Rights, Profits, Benefits and Privileges thereunto belonging, Royal Mines excepted.  TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto him, the said.......Moore, his heirs, and assigns, forever, to be holden of us and our heirs, as of our Manor of Nanticoke in free and commons Soccage, by Fealty only for all manner of service.
        Yielding and paying therefore, yearly, unto us, and our heirs, at our receipt at our City of St. Mary's......the rent of five shillings, three pence and half penny sterling, in silver or gold; and for a lne [sic] upon every alienation of the said land, or and Part of Parcel thereof, one whole years rent, in silver or gold, or the full value thereof, in such commodities as we and our heirs, or such officer or officers as shall be appointed by us and our heirs, from time to time, to collect and receive the same, shall accept in discharge thereof, at the choice of us and our heirs, or such officer or officers aforesaid, before such alienation, and the said alienation entered upon record either in the Provincial Court, or County Court where the same Parcel of land lieth, within one month next after alienation, then the said alienation shall be void and of no effect.
        GIVEN under our Great Seal of our said Province of Maryland, this eighteenth day of March, Anno Dom. seventeen hundred and forty six.
        WITNESS our trusty and well-beloved Samuel Ogle, Esquire, Lieutenant General and chief Governor of our said Province of Maryland, Chancellor and Keeper of the Great Seal thereof.

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