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Administrative Account of John Ziles of Baltimore County, 1882

The following is a transcipt of the accounts of John Ziles estate, made by Eliza Zile, adminstratrix of the estate. This transcript was provided by Jennifer Shipley, who also indicates in the bracketed information data from the 1880 census records, on the persons who paid or are owed by the estate

Baltimore County, Maryland
Register of Wills
Administration Accounts
Year 1882
Folio 133, Book 9

John Ziles, 1st Admin Account
Baltimore County Secretary
The first account of Eliza Zile administratix of John Zile late of Baltimore County deceased.

This accountant charges herself with the inventory of the personal estate of said deceased returned to the court. Amounting to $484.20. Increase of sales over appraisement $44.59
With the following collections:
The sale of milk $55.25
Note of C. N. Reese $56.30
[Charles Reese, 1880 District 4/231 Balto., age 28 b. MD wife Agnes, famer]
Note of William Gingrich $162.07 [?]
Mrs. Lee open account $1.00 [?]
Mrs. Gingrich ditto $2.00 [?, both a Sarah & Susan Gingrich b. PA wives of Christian and George]
John Logsdon $1.11 [John T. Logsdon, 1880 District 4/230 Balto Co., age 44 b. DE, works at carpentry]
Whole amount of receipts $806.82

And she craves an allowance for the following
Payments and disbursements
Cash paid registers fees at various times as per receipts filed $10.95
Edwin D. Selby funeral expenses as per receipts filed $48.70, [Edwin D. Selby, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 39 wife Cecelia, cabinet maker]
D. J. Shook digging a grave $4.00 [Daniel J. Shook, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 39 b. MD, works on tombstones]
Joseph Passano materials furnished $4.59, [Joseph Passano, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 41, keeps a general store]
F. M. Meads tombstones $83.00, [?]
Dr. J. N. Dickson medical services to deceased $5.00, [?]
Dr. James Gore $35.00 [James Gore, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 33 son of Elizabeth, physician]
B. H. Scott publishing notice to creditors advertising sale and printing sale bills as per receipts filed $7.00 [Benjamin H. Scott, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 26 b. VA, works in publishing]
George W. Stocksdale auctioneer $5.00, [George W. Stocksdale, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 32, Constable & Collections]
George B. Gingrich clerk at sale $5.00 [George Gingrich, 1880 District 4/231 Balto., age 54 b. PA, farmer]
Edward N. Rich for services in suits before JP $7.50 [Edwd N. Rich, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 21 son of Arthur, lawyer]

she craves and allowance for the following payments and disbursements as per accounts prove in and passed and receipted filed:
J. V. Brown repairing and making milk cans $3.75, [Joshua V. Brown, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., age 32 b. MD, tinner, wife Mary]
P. G. Zouck fertilizer $10.14 [?]
H. E. Waggoner saddle $2.60 [Henry E. Waggoner, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., b. 1844 TN, saddle & harness maker]
John Morrow fertilizer $10.82 possibly Joseph Morrow, 1880 District 4/230 Balto., age 50 b. MD, works on farm]
Perry F. Lowe pasture $20.15 [Perry F. Lowe, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., b. 1831 MD wife Hellen, farmer]
Henry Nelson hay $6.00 [Henry H. Nelson, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., age 39 b. MD wife Susan, work at carpentry]
H. Morrow rye $1.50 [possible William H. Morrow, son of Joseph Morrow]
George W. Sentz labor $8.93, [George W. Sentz, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., age 36 wife Alice b. MD, general laborer]
Annie E. Morrow store account $1.08, [? Possible Catherine Morrow wife of Joseph Morrow]
George Kephart hay $10.02 Geo Kephart, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., widow age 69 b. MD ,farmer]
Jacob Ritter labor $2.58 [Jacob J. Ritter, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., son of Henry Ritter, works at Plastering]
B. F. Groff feed for cattle $27.22, [Benjamin F. Groff, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., Grist Mill Proprietor age 46 b. PA]
Noah Striewing rent a $87.25 , [Noah Striewing, 1880 Dist 4/230 Balto., Farmer age 35 b. MD]
L. D. Stockard labor and blacksmith bill $6.60 [?]

(age 134 missing)

This will was provided by Jennifer Shipley, -j_e_shipley at

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