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Will and Last Testament of RICHARD PURNELL of Anne Arundel county,
dated 30 Jan 1754

To wife, Rachel Purnell, personal estate. At her decease plantation to son, Benjamin Purnell. Personal estate to be divided equally between the 3 children, that is to say, Sarah, Benjamin and Berlinder Purnell.

To John Purnell and hrs. plantation called "Harrison Enlargement,Gramor's Chance" Plantation called "Birkhead Adventure" between Richard and Samuel Purnell, Richard to have 12 acres where the house now stands and Samuel, to be equally divided between the 2 brothers and hrs. Give John Purnell 6 acres, down to the pines.

Wm. Journey,
Seaborn Carr,
Walter Carr,
Wm. Jorney, Jr.

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