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Last Will & Testament of JANE LONG of Baltimore County
Written 7 May 1696

Imprim I will that my daughter Jane Peale be ---------- of my whole personal estate and also to live upon my now dwelling plantation, to manage all my affairs for the good and benefit of my son Thomas, also to keep him at school to learn what he can attain ------ years of nineteen and he to be my sole executor of all my estate.

Item I will that my ---------- & ------------ be paid by my -- ----- as it can be raised out of my estate.

Item -------my daughter Jane Peake have out of my estate as it can be purchased one thousand pounds of tobacco(?). That is to say, out of the crops as ------------ and also out of the stock --------the old stock in full sail------------------ -------in the same manner.

Item I will that my daughter Tabitha Long ---------- paid her out of my estate a before ---------- & twenty------------ pounds as it may be r--------- in, case the ----------- be wed to George Chancey that I give her but one shilling to be her full portion if she married with George Chancey.

Item I will that Lettis Robinson have all my silver spoons marked with M L and in case of her death before her full age then the spoons to fall to Penelope Scudamore.

Item I will my daughter Tabitha Long in case she doth not marry George Chancey, the best feather bed & furniture belonging to it, also the fine hoad(!) of cotton which I formerly gave her with ----------- also a silver cup and porringer, & my silver tankard to my daughter Jane Peake. Also those things went for my daughter Tabitha - if they come--

I will -----------------------------------

I give my grandchild Penelope Scudamore one cow, and one yearling mare colt.

I also give my grandchild Katherine Peake one cow.

I give my grandchild George Peake one heiffer two years old.

I ---- give to Joseph Peake --- shillings to buy him a ring.

I also give my daughter ------------ Jane Peake all my wearing apparell.

I give unto Susanna Robinson two spoons(?).

I give unto Wilkinson a yearling cow ----.

In withness whereof, I set my hand and seal. (balance undecipherable)

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