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Will of Zacheus B. ONION, dated 3 Nov 1781, proved 4 Dec 1781

In the Name of God Amen, I Zacheus Onion of Harford County, Gentleman, being Sick and weak in Body, but of Sound mind memory and understanding considering the certainty of Death and the uncertainty of the time thereof, am being desirous to Settle my worldly affairs and therefore be the better prepared to leave this world when it Shalt please God to call me hence do therefore make and publish this my last will and Testament. Imprimus my will and Desire is that all my Just Debts be paid and Satisfied by my Executors herein after mentioned as soon as possible after my Decease.

Item I give Devise and Bequeath unto my dear wife Hannah Onion, one half or moiety of the lower Merchant Mill on the little Falls at Onion Works also with one half of four hundred Acres of Land lying and being in Harford County called and known by the name of Onions Inheritance together with my Dwelling House where I now reside all during her natural life, and further wishing to do good to my said wife I do also Devise and Bequeath unto her the following Negroes, to wit, Jack, Lanoan, Jem, the waiter, Big Sam, Sampson, Lydia, Sall, big Jimmy and Ami-o with all my stock of all kind and Household furniture with a four wheel carriage. All those Bequeathed to her and her Heirs and assigns forever.

I give Devise and Bequeath unto my eldest son Stephen one half of a tract of land called Hethcote Cottage meaning that part of my plantation where my Dwelling Houses areBuilt and also half of another tract of land called Thompson's Choice with one negro Nance --------all those Bequeaths I give my Said Son Stephen, to him, his heirs and assigns forever.

[sic. Eliminating most of the repetitive language of the will, the bequests to the other children follow]
To second son Thomas Bond Onion the other half of the two tracts of land given to his brother Stephen, one mulatto man named Mo, one negro boy Isaac, one negro girl Jen who he has now in his possession .
To Son John Barrett Onion, the lower Mill together with my Dwelling Houses where Mr. Smith now resides with four hundred acres of land called Onions Inheritance to be laid out in such a manner as shall not Injure or hurt the upper Mill---and barring the one half bequeathed to my dear wife. Also, one negro boy called Sam. One negro boy Ben and one negro girl names Cass.
To sons Zachius Onion and William Francis Heath Onion the upper Mill with all the remaining part of my land called Onions Inheritance to be laid so as not to hurt the Lower Mill-that each Mill may have an equal advantage and benefit from the stream of water.
To Zachius one mulato boy called Peter, one negro man Dick, a negro boy Tom ---
to Willam Francis Heath, one negro boy Bob, a negro boy Jack, a negro child Lidd.
To son Corbin Onion all my tract of Land called Jerusalem where Thomas Hutchins now resides and a Tract called Rebeccas Lott together with negro boys Jacob and Job and a negro girl named Phebe.
To daughter Martha Onion two hundred and twenty-six acres of land called Onions Pasture -----(unreadable)-----near Joppa known by the name of (unreadable)----a negro Girl named Polle.
To daughter Susannah one tract of land called Belts Prosperity where Thomas Anthony (?) now resides, also one negro girl named Phyllis.
To daughter Hannah three hundred acres of land in Harford County including the place where Theophilus Baker have resided for some time, also one negro girl Jeney.
To daughter Eliz ^a Onion a tract of land called Prospect Hill lying in the fork of Gunpowder Baltimore County, also houses and lotts in Joppa with a negro woman named Grace.
To my daughter Sara Onion three hundred acres of land lying in Harford County being part of Homer (unreadable) ---where a certain Reese now resides next ----(unreadable) Masons land, also a negro girl named Ruth.
To daughter Charity Onion, a Tract or Parcel of land called Turkey Hills lying and being in Harford County where James Huggins now resides also one other tract of land called Onions Defense next adjoining Onions Mill on the little Falls with one negro girl called Rose.

Item - And further it is my will and Desire that all my lands in Maryland and Virginia or any other Lands that I have any right or title to not already Bequeathed in this my last will and Testament be as soon as convenient exposed to Sale by my Executors for the purpose pay my Just Debts and I do by this my last will Impower them my said Executors to sell and to give Deeds in fee Simple forever my lands not already Devised and Bequeathed and after my Just Debts are paid and satisfied and what money should remain, I desire may be Equally Divided between my twelve children and further it is my will and Inclination that if any my Sons should die without lawful issue or under the age of twenty one years that their part should be Equally Divided between my Surviving Sons my Daughters not to claim, nor to have no part thereof and if any my Daughters Should happen to die without lawful issue or before they arrive to the age of twenty one years then and in that case my desire and my will is that their parts should be Equally divided between my surviving Daughters my Sons not to claim nor to have no part thereof.

And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my dear wife Hannah Onion and my son Stephen to be my whole and Sole Executors of this my last will and Testament Revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made ratifying and confirming this and none other to be my last will and Testament in Testimony whereof I have here unto set my conclusion, hand and affixed my Seal this Third Day of November in the year of our Lord Christ Seventeen hundred and Eighty one.

Signed Sealed Published and Declared
By Zacheus Onion, the above and foregoing
Testators and for his last will and
Testament in the presence of us who at his
Request and in his presence have
Subscribed our names as witnesses thereto -------
J. Beale Howard
William Smith Buckler Bond
Thos. Howard
Thos. Bond

Harford County December 4 1781 came J. Beale Howard, Alex^r Cowan and Thomas Gasway Howard and made oath on the Holy Evangels of Almighty God that they did see Zacheus Onion the Testator herein named Sign and Seal this will and that they heard him publish, pronounce and Declare the Same to be.

WILL OF ZACHEUS B. ONION dated 3 rd Nov 1781; probated 4th Dec 1781. Source: Harford County Will Book 2 - 1781,[ Microfilm CR 44758]. Md HR at Md. State Archives

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