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Will of John Cullimore of Baltimore Co dtd 17 Jan 1857

I John Cullimore formerly of the City of Baltimore and now son.ed in Patapsco Neck in Baltimore County State of Maryland to make and publish theis instrument of writing as and my Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say,

First I order and direct that all my just debts which I may owe at the time of my death together with my funeral Expenses shall be paid by my executrix hereinafter named as speddily as convenient and subject to these payments.

Secondly, All the residue and remainder of my Estate and property real, personal, and mixed, which I now own and all such property of every description which I may hereafter arquire and own at the time of death wheresoever the same may be situated, I give devise and bequeath without reservation or exception unto my dearl;y beloved Wife Harriet Cullimore during the period of her Widowhood, she may have and receive to and for her own use and uses and as her own property, the rents, issue, profits, interest, dividends, and annual produce of all the said Real, Personal, and mixed Estate with free power to my said wife Harriet Cullimore, from time to time and anytime whilst she remain my widow to change whenever and as often as she shall see proper all and any of the investments and securities of the said Real, Personal, and mixed Estate or anypart or parts of my estate, and to that end to execute any and all deed and deeds and other instruments of writing necessary and appropriate to convey, assign, transfer, and alien lease, mortgage, or in any way ir manner dispose of all or any part or parts of my said real, personal, and mixed estate and to receive the proceeds of any and al such sale and sales or other positions and to apply and dispose of the same and every part thereof in such manner and for each purpose and to such ends as she in her descretion shall think most advantegous for the benefit of the remainder thereof hereinafter devised and bequeathed.

Thirdly, and from immediately after the marriage or death of my said wife, which ever shall first happen, I give and bequeath all my Estate, real, personal, and mixed, wheresoever situated or being to be equally divided amongst all my children who may be living at that event or time.

Fourthly, I do hereby nominate, consititue and appoint dear wife Harreit Cullimore to be the sole Executrix of this my Will and Testament hereby revoking all other and former Wills by me at any time heretofore made and declaring this to be my last.

In Witness thereof, I do subscribe my name and affix my seal this seventeenth of January in the year of our Lord one thousand and seighteen hundred and fifty seven.

John Cullimore {SEAL}

It Appears the will was proved/recorded about August 1857.