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Will of Christian Sauter of Baltimore Co.

The Will of Christian Sauter, as sent for probate in Baltimore Co from Louisville Ky: Louisville Ky May 26th 1853.

The last will & Testament of Christian Sauter of Baltimore County State of Maryland. I give and bequeath unto my wife, the first place, the cullery & furnature of the house. and in this all to her diposition long as she lives. after her death the first place shall be delivered unto my son William Sauter and in consideration of this he shall be obliged to pay his brothers Julius Sauter & Charles Sauter to each one the sum of $500.00 as soon as William Sauter is of age. in the case the mether should be alive yet, at this time then are the two above named sons obliged to wait untill after the death of the mother. I give and bequeath unto my son Christian Sauter the piece of land called "veisground" containing 72 1/2 acres of woodland and woods Shall be cut off & the proceeds thereof shall be applied to pay the debts due on said land in the case no other means for paying the debts are at hand. The furnitures of the house & cullery have after the death of my wife & mother of said sons to be delivered or divided in equal parts amongst the sons.

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Christian Sauter

In the Presence of four witnesses: Joseph Thomas, John Lerd(?) Dalle, Daniel Baker, John Braner

State of Kentucy, At a county court held for Jefferson County at the courthouse in the city of Louisville on the third day of June 1850. The Foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Christian Sauter, deceased, late of this county was --- produced in court and proved by the oaths of Joseph Thomas, John Gerd(?) Dalles, Daniel Baker, and John Braner the subscribing witnesses thereto. and the paper filed with the same. was proven by the oath of NT Basler to be a correct translation of said instrument. Whereupon the same was established by the court to be the last will & testament of said Christian Sauter and ordered to be recorded and is recorded in my office as clerk of said sourt

Atd. Curran Pope, clerk

In testimony whereof and that the foregoing is truly copied from the original as recorded in my office and that the said witnessess made oath that the testator at the time of signing was of sound mind & disposing memory. and that he requested them to witness the same as his last will and testament I the clerk of said county have hereto set my hand and affixed my seal of office this Seventeenth day of June one thousand and eight hundred and fifty. Curran Pope

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