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Deed to George Pearce of 20 May 1858

Samuel Watkins and others
Deed to
George Pearce

This indenture made this twentieth day of May eighteen hundred and fifty four between Samuel Watkins and Emeline Watkins his wife, Jacob A Munnickhuysen and Charlotte E. Munnickhuysen his wife of Baltimore County and State of Maryland. consideration of the sum of one thousand dollars current money... paid in hand.. sold...see that part of a tract or tracts of land called "Young's Escape"

Beginning at a bounded stone set up between Josiah Clayton, James Johnson and said Pearce bounding on the Lands of said Johnson as per agreement of him and said Pearce the 7th April 1853 stone to be planted in the centre of the old road formerly running from the Fork Meeting House to Dr. Bonds in Harford...stone to be planted in Edward Claytons Line ...stone to be planed on a corner between Jacob H. Munnickhuysen and said Pearce's a small beach on the west side of the Little Falls...intersecting the corner in the said Falls and of the division line of said Josiah and distances as per agreement of John Guyton and Ishmael Day and recorded in the land records of Baltimore County Court in Liber TK #319 folio 202 dated 25th March 1842....containing and laid out for one hundred and eight acres...together with all and singular the buildings, improvements ways waters water courses etc...To Have and To Hold the said Land and premises with the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said George Pearce his heirs and assigns to the only use of the said Pearce his heirs and assign forever.



Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of:
Sanuel Watkins
Emeline Watkins
Stephenson Treadwell

$1000. Baltimore County May 20th 1853 Received of George Pearce the sum of on thousand dollars being the consideration expected to be paid in the foregoing Indenture witness: Stephenson Treadwell Samuel Watkins.

Received and Recorded 22nd February 1855 per Henry M. Fitzhugh, Clerk.

Hall of Records: Baltimore County Land Records HMF #11 (CR996) ff 28-29

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