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An Old Family Burying Ground Obliterated
The Hillen Family Cemetery

Published in the The Baltimore County Union of November 8, 1902

The old burial ground on the "Hillendale" estate of the Hillen family, situated on the Hillen road about 2 and 1/2 miles southeast of Towson, has been obliterated and the stones from the graves removed to Prospect Hill Cemetery, Towson. The farm was lately purchased from the heirs by Mr. Harrison Rider. Twenty stones were removed and the following is a synopsis of the inscriptions upon each:

Solomon Hillen, born October 22d, 1737; died March 27th, 1801.

Martha Hillen, relict of Solomon Hillen, died January 10th, 1769.

Martha Hillen, second relict of Solomon Hillen, died October 3d, 1777.

Thomas Hillen, died December 31st, 1847, aged 88 years.

John Hillen, born October 6th, 1761; died August 12th, 1840.

Solomon Hillen, born April 1st, 1770; died July 29th, 1811.

Catharine Hillen, relict of John Hillen, died August 13th, 1820.

Elizabeth Hillen, born March 1st, 1764; died March 27th, 1784.

Thomas J. Hillen, born July 6th, 1798; died January 22d, 1847.

John Francis Hillen, born July 8th, 1801; died February 15, 1834.

John Hunter, died November 15th, 1834.

Martha Hunter, relict of John Hunter, died October 3d, 1825, in her 54th year.

Henry Hunter, died August 12th, 1837, in his 23d year.

Edmund Hunter, born October 22d, 1828; died January, 1829, aged 3 months.

Robina Ann Hunter, born July 28th, 1826; died January 27th, 1840, aged 14 years and 6 months.

Elizabeth Rusk, died July 8th, 1814, and John Hillen, Jr., died at New Orleans, August 30th, 1811, aged 16 years, 6 months and 11 days.

Janet Wells, died March 4th, 1825, aged 82 years.

Lydia Wilson, died March 4th, 1846, aged 68 years.

Mary Armour, relict of David Armour, born February 24th, 1772; died August 10th, 1802.

Mary Rutter, died April 23d, 1820.

The first interment was that of Solomon Hillen's first wife, which occurred in January, 1769, and the last was that of Thomas Hillen, January, 1848 - nearly 55 years ago.

Transcript of this article provided by Mary Kerr

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